Essay On Yoga In English

Essay On Yoga In English

Essay On Yoga In English - 1700 in words

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Essay on Yoga (Yoga Essay in English) Introduction

Yoga is that action to keep our health healthy, by doing which not only we remain physically but also mentally healthy. Yoga is done by continuous practice. When we come to the process of doing it in the right way, then understand that we have become proficient in yoga. Major diseases can be ended by yoga. But the way to do it should be right and accurate. Otherwise, sometimes there is no right knowledge and right teacher, then the wrong effect of yoga starts showing on our body and health. Therefore, yoga should be done only on the basis of right Guru and right knowledge.

meaning of yoga

Yoga means to unite, that is, the union of a soul with the Supreme Soul, to become completely one is called yoga. Chit means to establish one's mind in one place and not to allow it to wander anywhere is called yoga.

definition of yoga

Many great personalities have defined yoga in different ways. The word Yoga is a very important word, which has been defined in different ways. The names of some of those great persons are as follows. The founders of the Yoga Sutras are Maharishi Patanjali, Maharishi Yagyavalkya, Maitrayanaupanishad, Yogpikhopanishad, Yogeshwar Shri Krishna in Shrimad Bhagavadgita, Rangaya Raghava, Lindaga Purana, Agnipuran, Skanda Purana, Hatha Yoga Pradipika. “Thus the word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root 'yuj'. The meaning of yoga is to unite, the meaning of connecting the body with the mind with the body and soul with the soul is called yoga. We cannot define here the knower of all great yogas. Some of these are defined as follows.

Maharishi Patanjali, the founder of the Yoga Sutras

“Yogachittavratinirodha” means to stop the movements of the mind is yoga. Chitta means conscience. When Brahmakarna's sense organs receive the objects, then the mind transmits that knowledge to the soul. The soul watches with a witnessing attitude. The intellect and ego decide the subject and bring a sense of duty to it. The image formed in the mind by this whole action is called Vrati. It is the result of the mind. The mind is like a mirror. So the subject is reflected in it. That is, the mind becomes toxic. Stopping the mind from becoming toxic is called yoga.

importance of yoga

In the olden times, yoga was considered as a means of salvation for the sannyasis. And for the practice of yoga, the seeker used to leave the house and go to the forest and live in solitude, so yoga practice was considered very rare. Due to which it was understood that not everyone can get the practice of yoga and no social person can get this sadhna. Due to which yoga education became extinct. But in view of the stress, trouble, anxiety, competition, people have started using yoga again and are getting many benefits from it. Yoga Vidya is again becoming popular in the society. Man has fallen under a lot of stress due to today's lifestyle. Due to this reason, he is again turning his face towards yoga and it is not only in the country of India but the effect of yoga is happening in the whole world. Many research works are being done on this and getting benefits from it. Just as yoga was done to attain salvation,

specialty of yoga

Good health is a blessing. Many types of comforts can be obtained only from good health. The person who denies the importance of good health and healthy body and disrespects this boon of God. He does harm not only to himself, but also to the society and the nation. A healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body. A person whose body is not healthy, then how can his mind remain healthy. One can easily imagine how paralyzed a person is in the absence of a healthy mind. The condition of man is like that of that hour. Which if kept properly can give work for many years and if taken carelessly then it gets spoiled quickly. Exercise is necessary for a person to keep his body healthy and functional. The bodice of exercise and health is with the Daman. Yoga not only strengthens our body, But also stays mentally healthy. A healthy mind cannot reside in a sick body. If the mind is not healthy then the thought cannot be healthy either. And when thoughts are not healthy then how will the practice of karma be. How the duties will be performed, yoga is necessary to make the body fit and strong. So you have to make your thoughts strong. So definitely do yoga. A person who does not do yoga becomes lazy and indolent. Laziness is said to be the biggest enemy of man. Lazy people fail in every sphere of life and remain immersed in despair. In the absence of yoga, the body seems like a burden, because it becomes unformed and invites various diseases. Obesity is a disease in its own right, which gives rise to diseases like heart disease, diabetes, stress and blood pressure. Therefore, by ignoring laziness, one should take the help of yoga. Because even if we do not get any benefit from yoga, But this rarely happens. So there is no harm at all. That's why we should be healthy by taking yoga in our life.

benefits of yoga

(1) By doing yoga, the body remains healthy. (2) Yoga not only provides mental but physical benefits. (3) Yoga increases blood circulation. (4) Old age does not surround our body quickly with yoga. (5) By yoga, the body remains agile and dynamic. (6) The ability to exercise increases with yoga and the body remains healthy. (7) Yoga makes a person hardworking. (8) Life is joyful and happy with yoga. (9) The person doing yoga remains cheerful, confident, enthusiastic and healthy. (10) The best yoga is exercise. (11) A different radiance remains on the face of the person doing yoga. (12) There will be benefit from yoga only if you do it properly.

disadvantages of yoga

(1) By doing yoga for a long time, there is a strain in the muscles and blood vessels. (2) Practicing yoga more than necessary causes harm to the body. (3) There is a strain on the muscles. As a result, there is pain on that part of the body and if attention is not paid, then that part can become paralyzed. Therefore, yoga should also be done according to some time. (4) If you need a nap while doing yoga. So it means you are doing yoga more than your capacity. (5) Dizziness, feeling tired, excessive weakness if all this happens due to excessive yoga. So it means you are doing yoga more than the limit. (6) For some people, yoga becomes a habit and if that person does not do yoga, then his mind does not seem anywhere else. The yoga junkie can also make him ill.

Who is the originator of Yoga?

Maharishi Patanjali is believed to be the father of Yoga. But it can also be true or it can be said that it is not known properly. Yet whenever it comes to yoga, the name of Patanjali is taken in the predominant form. This is because Patanjali was the only person who had given Yoga a systematic form by taking Yoga out of faith, superstition and affiliation. Whereas yoga has been done since ancient times in the monasteries of sages. Adidev Shiva and Guru Dattatreya are considered the fathers of yoga. Seven disciples of Shiva had propagated yoga on earth.

types of yoga

When our sages and sages used to go to the forests in search of spirituality. So for many times he used to wander in the forests and used to do yoga practice. But when he used to see the animals and birds, he used to see the action of yoga in them. Seeing them, they used to think that these birds have neither cold nor fever etc., just like we humans. Then he looked deeply and found out that his way of sitting, eating and drinking water is very different and correct. Which we humans should also do. On the other hand, we are now carrying out their own process in yoga and in our lives. Look what we call animals. How much knowledge is there without telling them or teaching them. He drinks the water slowly. If you eat, you eat by chewing. This is not taught to them and their act of living like this gave birth to many yogas. By the way, we can divide yoga into 6 parts, which are as follows.

(1) animalistic posture

Peacock Asana, Bhujangasana, Sihasana, Shalabhasan, Matyasana, Bakasana, Kakasan, Ulluk Asana, Hansasan, Garunasan, all these asanas are the act of seeing animals and birds getting up and sitting and the name is also based on their name.

(2) Objective Yoga Asanas

Dhanurasana, Halasana, Vajrasana, Tolasana, Nokasan, Dandasana, Shilasana, Ardhdhanurasan, Udhvadhanur asana, Viparita Nokasan, these types of asanas are made by looking at inanimate objects.

(3) Nature Yoga Asanas

Some of the postures associated with the beauty of nature in our surroundings are as follows. Latasana, Padmasana, Vrikshasana, Tadasana, Mandukasana, Ardhachandras, Talabasana, Parvatasana, Downward Vrikshasana, Anantasana.

(4) Anga or Mudravata Yoga Asanas

The posture of human beings and their sitting and rising is given the name of yoga. She is like this. Sarvagasana, Padahastasana, Salamba Sarvagasana, Shirshasana, Viparnikarni Sarvagasana, Merudandasana, Suptapadasana, Gustasana, Katichakrasana, Malasana, Pramuktasana, Bhujapidasana.

(5) Yoginama Yoga Asanas

This type of asana is based on the name of a yogi, saint or any deity. Such as Mahavirasana, Hanumanasana, Brahmamudrasana, Bharadvajasana, Virasana, Virabhadrasana, Vashisthasana, Dhuvrasana, Matsyendrasana, Bhairavasana.

(6) Other types of asanas

Virasana, Pawanmuktasana, Sukhasana, Yogamudra, Vakrasana, Swastikasana, Vatyanasana, Pasasan, Upavistha Konasana, Bandhakonasana.


Thus yoga is the best factor for our health. By adopting them, we can keep our health healthy. Yoga is that priceless heritage of our life. If once we have come to do it in the right way and in the right way, then yoga can not only keep our life healthy but also there will be no trace of diseases. But there is a condition of yoga that it should be done in the right way and in the right way, only then we get the full benefits of yoga. So this was the Essay on Yoga, I hope you liked the English Essay on Yoga . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Yoga In English