Essay On Wonders Of Science In English

Essay On Wonders Of Science In English

Essay On Wonders Of Science In English - 1400 in words

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Wonders Of Science Essay in English Introduction

There is definitely some science behind every event, whether it is natural or man-made. Even if we boil water, there is a science behind it too. Science is behind whatever happens not only in the earth but in the universe. Science is very old on our earth, our ancestors have created the modern world today with the help of science. Science is like a miracle for us, but it also becomes a curse if it is overused. From the discovery of fire used by primitive humans to today's digital miracles, it is all a result of science. Today there are different types of branches of science all over the world and living among these branches we also study. Types of Science Natural science, biology, physics, chemistry etc. are all types of science. In the early period, human came only in the form of a monkey, which did not exist on earth. But as the monkeys started developing, they started coming in the form of humans. Human beings belong to Homo sapiens race. It is the most intelligent of all the living beings on earth. Talking about history, for millions of years, only dinosaurs ruled the earth, later changes started to happen in the earth, but dinosaurs could not make any changes in themselves and the dinosaur era ended there. In the meantime, Homo sapiens kept changing itself according to the seasons and they continued to exist. Today he is the most intelligent creature on earth, which we call man. Human beings first needed food and used to depend on other animals to get it. But hunting was not easy, then they made weapons through stones for hunting. Since then a science was born. This story is millions of years old, Now man keeps on discovering new technology through science day by day and protects his life. Man learns from the wonders of science. These miracles sometimes cause harm and sometimes there is also loss. Which is compensated by all the living beings on the earth.

Meaning of Science

Science is the word through which one can directly or indirectly believe. There is no imagination or superstition in this. Only experimentally proven studies are considered as evidence. This is what we all believe in. Science is made up of two words. Science means to obtain experimentally proven results for the attainment of a particular knowledge. In science, there is a prefix "Vi" which means special and Artha means knowledge.

gifts of science to man

Man has made many such discoveries, which are benefiting mankind. Not only humans but all those animals which are affected by it, they all benefit from the things discovered by these sciences. Which acts like a gift to us. The following are the gifts of science to mankind, which are as follows:-


The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Today it is an important instrument used in every corner of the world. Today the world seems incomplete without it. Through the telephone, we can reach our voice to the ears of the person sitting at another place. It is the best gift of a science to mankind.


By the way, the earlier discovery dates back to 3500 BC. But after that time wheels were also used for agriculture and transportation. But today they are used in many other works besides these. Today, by putting the wheel in a machine, setting a new technology in it, it is also used for grinding grains. The wheel is used today in our daily life used in cars, motors, cycles etc., without this it is almost impossible to use all the machines.


American inventor Thomas Edison failed about 10000 times while inventing the bulb. But he did not give up and invented the bulb. Today's invention is such a gift of science that everyone uses it. Today in the light in which we do studies and other important work. Do it in the light of the same bulb. It is one of the best inventions of science, with the help of which this world has been completed.


Without electricity the whole world goes into darkness. If there was no electricity, we would work only during the day and it was almost impossible to imagine any work at night. But our scientists worked continuously on electricity and created this miraculous thing. Whatever tasks we want to do today, whether it is riding a bike or computer or any other device that moves from one place to another. All of them require electricity, that's why we can say that it is nothing less than a miracle for us.

Atomic bomb curse due to invention of science

Everyone wants the security of his country and adopts every method for the security of his country, so that the citizens living there are safe. But there are also some such powers, which can become a terrible threat along with security. Whose name is atomic bomb. Atomic bomb is extremely dangerous. If it explodes somewhere, then no kind of flora and fauna is produced at that place for centuries. On 6 August 1945, the US dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Even today no kind of vegetation grows in that place and the human race that is living there is still disabled.


There are two types of pollution. One is natural pollution and the other is artificial pollution, but today artificial pollution is increasing in comparison to natural pollution. It is the waste material spread by man, which mixes with nature to form a new substance. Due to which pollution spreads in nature. There are many types of pollution, such as noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution are the major types. Due to the new discovery, waste materials get mixed in the earth by these types and other means and harm the living beings there, which completely destroy the ecosystem of the earth. Which causes a lot of damage.


Robots are also like a curse for humans, because the use of robots is increasing day by day. Due to which the unemployment rate is also increasing. A robot can do the work equal to 10 humans, that's why big industries and companies get the work done by robots instead of humans. There is no chance of any kind of mistake by getting the work done by robot. The gift of science is acting like a curse for man.


In today's time everyone is using mobile. Mobile has reached every corner of the world, but due to this, we hardly know about how much damage is being done to nature and human beings. Waves emanating from mobile which is harmful for humans as well as birds. Today many birds die because of these waves, because the birds act on a direction determination. Due to these waves, this direction goes astray and the birds are not able to reach the fixed place in their fixed time, so it will be the biggest discovery of man as well as the biggest curse of the coming time.


The fertilizer used in the field of agriculture gives good nutrients to the crops, but its side effects spoil the human body as well as the cultivable land. Fertilizer is a science after science, in which more than 1 chemical element is mixed. build it. Which provide nutrients to the plants by using them in cultivable land, but in return the earth also has to pay its debt. Due to this the soil becomes acidic and due to some fertilizers, it is released. In which the plants do not grow properly, when the water of these fields goes to the rivers through the drains and gets into the sea from the rivers. Then the chemical-rich water also has an effect on the animals living in the sea. It is one of the gifts of science, due to which all the living beings of the earth are harmed.


Using science is a good thing, but using it in excess proves to be destructive for humans as well as nature. That is why we should believe in the miracles of science and also learn to use it properly.

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Essay On Wonders Of Science In English