Essay On Women Empowerment In English

Essay On Women Empowerment In English

Essay On Women Empowerment In English - 1600 in words

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Essay on Women Empowerment (Women Empowerment Essay in English) Introduction

Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra deity. Yatrastu na pujyante sarvastudafila: verb. The general meaning of this tactic is that where women are respected and respected, God resides there. And where women are humiliated, there are various kinds of obstacles. The woman is portrayed as a great goddess and is said to be one with faith and reverence on the grounds, how to accept the revered and revered form. Poet Shri Jaishankar Prasad has written in his epic Kamayani that woman, you are only reverence, trust in Rajat Nagyagatala. Flow like Piyush's source, in the beautiful plane of life. On the basis of this view, woman is revered and great. By which life becomes like nectar. The honorable form of woman has been very powerful and attractive in ancient times. Sita, Maitriya, Anusuiya, Sati, Savitri, Damayanti etc. Indian women are proud on the world stage. But the matter of concern is that since the expansion of the alien state on our country, our Indian women became oppressed and degraded. In today's history, except Meera of the evening and Rani Laxmibai of the modern era and Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the rest of the women are seen as exploited and suffering today. Today she has to live under the man. He is being banned from freely expressing his feelings today. That is why today women are analyzed in the name of abla and poor. Seeing the woman lying in all this sad and plightful condition, being sensitive to her, a poet has said. Woman's life is like a swing, sometimes on this side, sometimes on the other side. Sometimes there are tears in the eyes, sometimes a sweet smile on the lips. And this seems very worthwhile and appropriate. Hin to woman, Social evils are traditional conservatism in reaching helpless and oppressed condition. Our ancient texts have a big role to play for the woman to remain in the screen and remain her follower. Due to foreign invasions and atrocities, woman to woman had to be a victim of terror again and again. He was kept locked in four walls. To avoid this, the woman had to take the help of curtains. Depriving her of all rights, she was made a slave of men. The word Ardhangini used for a woman was changed to unlucky, and she was accepted as a proletariat. Dowry system, Sati system, child marriage etc. are its ill effects. Since then till now women are seen with selfish eyes. He is treated like an animal while harassing him. This is the reason why today women are forced to commit suicide, surrender and self-mutilation. Child marriage etc. are its consequences. Since then till now women are seen with selfish eyes. He is treated like an animal while harassing him. This is the reason why today women are forced to commit suicide, surrender and self-mutilation. Child marriage etc. are its consequences. Since then till now women are seen with selfish eyes. He is treated like an animal while harassing him. This is the reason why today women are forced to commit suicide, surrender and self-mutilation.

Meaning of women empowerment

In simple words, empowerment of women means giving freedom to women to decide their life. To create such capabilities in them so that they can establish their rightful place in the society. The ability of women to contribute to creating a greater social and economic order is priceless. A woman has the ability to do all that work on her own and she is capable of looking back and not needing any male dominated. She can move forward on her own.

Features of women empowerment

(1) Women empowerment empowers women, which helps them to lead a better life. (2) Women empowerment gives them more confidence and a sense of independence. (3) Women empowerment helps women to understand their rights and fulfill their responsibility towards others and themselves properly. (4) There comes the power to oppose the tyranny that takes place in a male based society. (5) To develop confidence in oneself. (6) Women empowerment means material resources, Women have better control over ideology and intellectual resources. (7) Through women empowerment, there is a change in the traditional balance of power and relations. (8) There is a reduction in gender based inequality in the structure of society and in all institutions. (9) Women empowerment means participation of women in policy making and decision making process at domestic and public level. (10) Rise of opposing force in the face of existing social and gender based relations. (11) Empowerment enables women to face the struggles of life and helps them overcome disabilities, inequalities and disabilities. (12) Empowerment is an ongoing process, which empowers women to change the shackles and ideologies that keep them upholding.

Status of women after independence

After independence, there has been some improvement in the condition of women in our country. Our social reformers and the karmic streams of the nation implemented many rules and regulations to bring women at par with men. Social workers have established Mahila Mandal and through the women's organization have given many facilities to the victim women. Today women are successful in taking equal rights as compared to men, yet women are still more of men's slaves and slaves. Even in the developed age, the intellectuals and the conscious beings of the society are very worried about not improving the neglected and exploited condition of women. Woman has to do something herself, she has to create her own path of favor and the truth is that she is strong and capable for this. She is not strong, she is not only day but she is the form of Shakti, she is the goddess, she is Durga, she is Shiva and she is the life-giving, Therefore a woman has the potential to do everything. So he became the flame and spark of revolution to end immorality, tyranny and oppression, because he has faced partiality. Even in this ferocity of education and civilization, women today have the same place as they were years ago. Today she is bound to live a life confined to the kitchen, curtain Naseem. Presenting nothing but Babu, a poet has written very well. Now on the head of falsehood, go out on the path of truth-searching, woman. You were made of a lamp hut for a long time, now become the spark of the flame of revolution. By taking more such steps, this woman can establish her independent existence, otherwise she continues to be harassed for ages. Till the condition of women's upliftment and progress is not achieved, Till then women will not get the respect which is expected and necessary today. And till then the immortal lines of the national poet Maithilisharan Gupta, alluding to the upliftment of women, will continue to soak us in the parts of sensitivity. Woman life is your story. There is milk in the lap and water in the eyes.

status of women today

At some point of time, the place of woman had increased so much that instead of father's name, mother's name became the main source of introduction. But gradually due to the change of time, some wonderful changes have taken place in the condition of women. She has come in the category of equal to the male, not being important. If the man has accepted the responsibility of maintaining the family, then the woman has started bearing the burden of all the work inside the house. Cooking food, taking care of children, serving the husband, thus there has been a huge difference in the work of male and female. Despite this, the women of ancient times have created a beautiful and attractiveness of their personality by being healthy even at night, being independent and not suffering from inferiority complex. Women and society are getting respected and respected. She is no more the Lakshmi of the house, Right now, outside the house, it has started moving forward to fulfill the responsibility of the society. She is working to improve the handicapped condition of the society by increasing her steps from the boundary wall of the house. For this she attains the position parallel to the male, the authority is challenging the male. Along with making the male feel that he is instilling consciousness in him, that there is no lack of any kind of power and ability in the woman, it is only late to get the opportunity. In this way the place of women is more valuable and prestigious in our society today.


There is a big difference between the women of the past and the women of today. Yesterday where the woman used to play only the form of a slave. Today, not only the kitchen and the house, along with handling the children, it is also waving its supremacy outside the house. Where there is no quantity in the male, there are two quantities in the female.

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Essay On Women Empowerment In English