Essay On Women Education In English

Essay On Women Education In English

Essay On Women Education In English - 1100 in words

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Essay on Women's Education (Women Education Essay in English) Introduction

The importance of education cannot be denied. Today education has been accepted as an integral part in everyone's life. The hardships of an uneducated person's life cannot be described at all. An uneducated person has to face challenges at every step of life. In today's era both men and women have been given equal rights of education. In a developing country like India, there is often no special emphasis on women's education. This is the reason why India's progress gets curbed somewhere. Since independence, there has been a lot of progress and development in almost every field. Talking about the old times, the life of those women was limited to the responsibilities related to the house. He had to take care of the house, take care of the children. There was no special emphasis on educating women. In a way, she lived a life of scarcity. But with the change of time people's thinking also changed. Now people are paying special attention towards educating women. To educate women, new schemes are issued by the government every day, so that they can be educated and they can become self-reliant in life. Educating women has also been considered necessary because if an educated woman progresses by reading and writing, then she will insist on educating the coming generation also.

Educating women benefits the country

Education is also necessary for women, because there are different types of injustice done on women. Do not know how many women die untimely due to wrong practices like domestic violence and dowry system. People look at uneducated women as a burden. To solve all these problems, it is very important for a woman to be educated. An educated woman can bring up her children well even in difficult circumstances. She is full of confidence. By making proper use of education, she can maintain her household.

Role of government in educating women

In today's time, people have started giving special emphasis on women's education. Various programs are also run by the government, so that people can become aware and they can contribute in educating women. Apart from textbooks, uniforms, basic needs like bicycles to go to school are being met by the government to the girls studying. So that there should not be any kind of obstacle in front of them in the way of education. Cash prizes are provided by the government to the girl students who have scored good marks in the examination. At the same time, in many cities, special facilities like buses are being provided by the government to take girls to school.

Awareness among people towards educating women

Understanding the importance of education, there has been a lot of awareness among the people of India than before. According to one figure, only 73% of the total population of India is educated. According to the provision given in Article 45 of the Constitution of India, it is one of the duties of the state to provide free education to children up to the age of 14 years. Only 64.6 percent of women in India are educated. After independence, education has been widely promoted and spread in our country. In some states of India, the percentage of educated people has increased significantly. Kerala is the first state where 100 percent educated people reside in districts like Kottayam-Enarkulam.

Reasons for hindering women's education

There have been many reasons behind women being uneducated, the biggest reason being the subjugation of our country to the British. Due to the British, the girls of India were not allowed to go out of the house. As a result of which he had to watch the stove of the house and the elders of the house. As soon as our country became independent. There has also been a change in the mindset of the people. They started sending women to schools to educate them. Jotiba Phule and Savitri Bai Phule have contributed for this.

status of women in society

In ancient times the place of women in the society was very important. Women used to participate in the yagya along with men. Women also used to come to debate, but gradually the place of women came after men. At the same time, men started imposing arbitrary rules on women. She was forced to take the support of father, husband and son to lead her life. In ancient times, women were given a lot of freedom at that time. Centuries ago, women had the right to choose their husbands. The father used to organize a swayamvar meeting for the marriage of his daughter. In which the daughter used to choose the groom according to her wish. This type of freedom was given to women because at that time they were given an important place in the society. He had the wisdom to understand the good and the bad. But as soon as the Mughals arrived in India,

modern day women

She has earned name and fame in the country and abroad also due to her achievements by being educated women. In today's era, women are waving the flag of success in almost every field. By giving her best in every field, she has covered the distance to the moon with her ability and efficiency. After getting higher education, girls are fulfilling the responsibilities of the household very well. Today's educated woman has been instrumental in eradicating various evils of the society. Crimes like dowry system, purdah system and infanticide are being curbed due to women's education.


Women have an important contribution in making India a progressive country. Half of the population of a country like India is considered to be women. Therefore, it is very important that the women of India should be educated. If women remain educated, then she will be able to help in educating the coming generation also. Various types of injustice are being done to women, so today's woman needs to be educated. To empower women, scholarships up to the college level are given by the government, so that women can be encouraged towards education.

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Essay On Women Education In English