Essay On Vigyan Vardan Ya Abhishap - Science Boon Or Curse In English

Essay On Vigyan Vardan Ya Abhishap - Science Boon Or Curse In English

Essay On Vigyan Vardan Ya Abhishap - Science Boon Or Curse In English - 1100 in words

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Essay on Vigyan Vardan Ya Abhishap Essay in English Introduction

New inventions of science have made our life happy and comfortable. Due to the new techniques and inventions of science, we can complete many tasks in less time. In the olden times, man had to do everything with his own hands. Science has made every task simple and hassle free. Science has invented countless devices ranging from means of transport, telephone, washing machine, computer, television, mobile phone, mixer grinder, air-conditioned device etc. We do not have to work very hard to do any work. If we want the news of the country and abroad, then we can see the news by simply running the television. Nowadays news is available on people's mobile. Science has changed the life of man so much that he would have never even thought about it. Science has made so much progress that at the press of a button, many facilities are available.

Science has proved to be a boon due to many features

The inventions of science have brought the progress of the country and abroad to great heights. Eighty to ninety percent of the items used at home are the result of science.

fans and air-conditioners

Science has made our summer days comfortable. As soon as we press the button, the fan and cooler air starts coming. Nowadays, there is such an air conditioner in homes. This brings cool air and the person can do all his work comfortably in summer.

washing machine

Washing dirty laundry made simple by washing machine. Because of this we do not need to wash our own clothes. In a short time the clothes get dusty and the happiness also goes away.

radio and music speakers

Because of the radio and speaker, we can listen to countless songs. All this has been possible only because of science.

The means of transport made the journey easy

Earlier man had to face difficulties in traveling from one place to another. But science has invented from motorcycle, bus, car, rail to airplane and has made travel easier.

use of domestic machines

Earlier, women used to do everything from cleaning the house to grinding spices, but now science has made everything possible. Inventions like mixer grinder, freeze, vacuum cleaner have made the household task easier.

profit in agriculture

The credit for the development of agriculture goes to science. Science has invented tractors, chemical fertilizers and new methods, which have brought immense benefits to agriculture. Science has played an important role in the agriculture sector.

contribution to the medical field

Science has contributed to the medical field. New technologies are used in all hospitals for the treatment of patients. In hospitals, many instruments are used for testing and better treatment of patients, such as AKARA, SAG, ultrasound, CT scan, etc. Serious diseases like dengue, malaria are treated with good and quality medicines. The credit for this only goes to science. Scientists are always doing research, so that they find good advanced medicine, so that we remain healthy. Due to science, we have got freedom from infectious and dreadful diseases.

setting up large factories

Many types of machines are installed in big factories. All this has been possible because of science. Many daily necessities are made in factories. In ancient times man used to roam as primitive man and faced many difficulties. Then there was no clothes to cover the body and no vehicle to travel. But as soon as man understood the importance of science, he made new discoveries and the result is in front of all of us. Today man has many types of clothes for every season and vehicles to travel.

advancement in communication

Science has made so much progress that we no longer have to use old wired phones. We can send our message in few seconds by mobile phone, fax, email etc. Nowadays many types of work can be done by mobile. We can send calls, messages from mobile to any person sitting in any corner of the world. Online payment and shopping made easy through mobile. All this has been possible because of science.

progress in education

Science has made significant contribution in the field of education. Computer and Internet is a great invention in the field of education. Nowadays e-books are available on the internet, which students can read easily from home. Nowadays laptops are also available. It is easy to take it anywhere. With a laptop, a person can easily do his office related work from anywhere. harm from science (curse Where science has proved to be a boon, it has proved to be a curse due to some reasons. Where science has made the life of human beings better and easier, there has also been a catastrophe due to science. Air pollution has increased due to continuous vehicles plying on the roads. Due to this, humans and other animals are facing many types of diseases. Nowadays, due to the devastating accidents caused by missiles and atom bombs in wars, the environment is being harmed. All these things release poisonous gas, which is harmful to humans and animals. This causes health related diseases. Science is such a unique power, by which humans can make and break. If a man is of violent nature and if his intention is not good, So he misuses the power like science. World wars have also happened because of these atom bombs. The credit for the safety and progress of the people goes to science. Science is such a power, which can also harm humans and other creatures.


There is no limit to the facilities that science has given to the people. It would not be wrong to say that science has also called for many crises. Science is both a boon and a curse. It is up to the man how he uses this power. Correct and proper use of scientific power provides happiness, progress and prosperity to man. If seen, science has given man more boon than curse. So we can also say that science is a boon, if it is used properly.

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Essay On Vigyan Vardan Ya Abhishap - Science Boon Or Curse In English