Essay On Vigyan Ke Chamatkar - Wonders Of Science In English

Essay On Vigyan Ke Chamatkar - Wonders Of Science In English

Essay On Vigyan Ke Chamatkar - Wonders Of Science In English - 1500 in words

Today we will write an essay on the miracle of science (Essay On Vigyan Ke Chamatkar in English) . This essay written on miracle of science is written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this essay written on the miracle of science (Essay On Vigyan Ke Chamatkar in English) for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Miracle of Science (Vigyan Ke Chamatkar Essay in English) Introduction

Today man is standing on the pinnacle of progress, so the credit goes to science. Science is a great force, which has made human life convenient and comfortable. If we water the earth through the power of science, then this science is a boon and miraculous power. If science is used incorrectly, it can become a curse. There is no comparison to the wonders of science. Science and technological advancement has given a different look to the whole world. Science has made every difficulty of man easy. There are many branches of science, such as biology, physics, chemistry, etc. Scientists from all fields have made countless inventions, Due to which the life of man has become simple. Every field of science is a storehouse of knowledge. Today's world is the world of science. Science has not only given knowledge to man, but has also given power to man. Science has brought unlimited and positive changes in the life of man. Science has fulfilled the needs of man as expected.

great achievement of electrical science

Today, if we are able to do all the work at night, then the reason is electricity. Our home is lit up by electrical appliances. With the help of electricity, all the medical centers, offices, schools etc. run smoothly. The greatest achievement of science is electricity. Electricity has given us such wings that it has made impossible tasks possible on earth. If the power goes off due to some reason, then science has found its solution too. High power generators are also present in the market. We also get upset when the power goes out. We have got used to electricity and the means running with its help. Human life is difficult without electrical appliances.

Science made travel easy

Before the invention of science, people used to take hours or even days to reach from one place to another. The inventions of science have solved all the difficulties. All means of transport have been created due to science. Such as cycle, rickshaw, bus, tempo, car, truck, rail, airplane which were built by Wright Brothers. Due to these means of transport, man can travel from one place to another without any hassle. Nowadays people use private car to reach from one place to another. Science has made the journey of man easy and convenient. Many types of essential goods are also transported by these means of transport.

role of science in agriculture

Science has played an important role in the agriculture sector. This has increased the fertility of the soil. Farmers are doing farming by using new and modern techniques. Science has discovered advanced seeds. Efforts have been made to improve crops by inventing tractors etc. Farmers have benefited from this. Science and technology has contributed greatly to the development of the dairy business.

Rescue of mankind from natural calamities

Every day we have to deal with natural calamities. Sometimes earthquake, sometimes flood, sometimes tsunami etc. Nowadays science has made such miraculous inventions, through which we already know about these disasters. Through these devices, the nearest areas are informed and information is conveyed through news. Earthquake can be predicted by instruments like seismograph. Anemometer is a storm measuring instrument, which can be detected before the arrival of tsunami.

heat recovery

Science has given many types of equipment, so that we can work comfortably at home and office. Press the button once to turn on the fan and just the cool air from the fan gives us relief from the heat. Nowadays people are using air-conditioned devices in their homes and offices for the purpose of getting relief from the heat in the cities. Today science has made so much progress that people are using air conditioners in private vehicles.

Unique gift: Mobile phone

This is a wonderful miracle of science. Mobile phone is the best invention of science. We can talk, message and video call with people sitting far away. We can do many important tasks through mobile. With mobile, we can capture our important memorable moments through the camera. Nowadays camera is available in all mobiles. There are different types of apps in mobile, with the help of which we can listen to music and do online shopping from many places. We can also do important office work through mobile and tab. We can easily do mail etc from the phone. Nowadays mobile phones are available with innumerable features that solve all our problems.

Fridge and washing machine made daily life easier

We use fridge to keep our food fresh and drink cold water. Fridge is a unique gift of science. We can eat fresh dishes and fruits etc. We need fridge the most in summer. Nowadays people do not need to wash clothes with their hands. Science has created a machine like washing machine, with the help of which clothes are not only washed clean in no time, but they are also given half dry.

Achievement of science in the field of entertainment

Television ie Doordarshan is a wonderful gift of science for entertainment. We can watch all kinds of programs through television. From TV serials, daily news in every language, live cricket matches to cultural and religious programs, you can watch on various channels. Cartoon channels are available for kids. All the news of the country and the world are broadcast on TV in a few minutes. TV has eradicated the tiredness and boredom of man. TV is a unique entertainment provider. Radio is also a unique communication medium. We can listen to different types of programs on the radio. From news to different language songs we can enjoy by radio. Nowadays people can buy LED TV according to their budget to get better picture quality. Science has given us tape recorders, video, VCR, photo cameras, Video games etc. have provided interesting means of entertainment. Science has provided more convenience and pleasure to man.

Contribution of science to the medical field

Science has also presented a great achievement in the field of medicine. From X-ray machines to many machines are used for the treatment of patients. Today if we are getting good treatment, it is because of science and technology. The treatment of serious diseases like cancer, tetanus, heart disease, diabetes etc. has been found to be meaningful through scientific medicine. Science has invented good medicines to cure many deadly diseases. Now a new modern surgery has been discovered, with the help of which a person can change his face.

contribution of science to education

Science has also played an important role in the field of education. Various types of teleprinters, printing machines, computers like modern machines have been discovered by science. The education world has benefited greatly because of all these tools. Computer is an essential thing for the students. Computer education has been made compulsory in every school.

Conquering Space and the Moon

Today man has reached the moon due to the miracles of science. Space Research Centers have been set up in the country and the world to understand all aspects of space. Rockets and satellites that go round in space and provide new information to scientists. Astronauts i.e. Astronauts train to go to space and study science deeply. Then they are allowed to leave. Now man is not limited only to the earth, but has also taken his right on the moon. Now man is trying possible to fly the planets like Mars, Venus etc.

discovery of nuclear power

Science has also discovered nuclear power. Machine guns, tanks, bombs, etc. are equipment for destruction. It is used in the field of war. The achievement of bombers and other types of war materials is considered a disastrous achievement of science. If science falls into the hands of people with wrong intentions, then the earth can be destroyed. Power like science should be used wisely and in the right way.


Science has provided many types of facilities to mankind in the form of gifts. Man cannot even imagine his modern life without science. Science has provided innumerable pleasures to man. Which has more benefits, yes, but its wrong use can lead man towards destruction. Science is a magical miracle that has made every impossible thing possible. It depends on man how he uses science in the future.

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Essay On Vigyan Ke Chamatkar - Wonders Of Science In English