Essay On Unemployment In English

Essay On Unemployment In English

Essay On Unemployment In English - 1500 in words

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Unemployment Essay in English Introduction

One of the many problems facing India is the problem of unemployment. India became independent many years ago. But the problem of unemployment is not leaving the country like this. The number of unemployed youth is increasing in India. Unemployed means a person does not get employment according to his qualifications. There are some unemployed educated in India, but they are not getting jobs according to their qualifications. Some people are illiterate and not even trained in any field, due to which they are not getting livelihood. Some people have got job but they are not getting monthly income according to their qualification and quality. Some people earn money, but it is so little that it is difficult to survive for two times. Unemployment is a serious problem, which needs to be solved.

Big industries affected the employment of many people

Millions of people in India are unemployed and are wandering in search of jobs every day. Due to industrialization, the country has created the problem of unemployment. Earlier in the country, people used to run their homes with happiness and peace from private industries. Agriculture, weaving, sewing, embroidery, weaving etc. were going on in an orderly manner. Father's small industry was run by son and all such industries were running. But the establishment and development of big industries destroyed small scale industries. Big companies like Tata, Birla, Ambani destroyed small companies. Due to this countless people who were running small industries became unemployed. Machines provided advancement to the industries but the employment of many people was snatched away.

types of unemployment

Disguised unemployment in which more people than needed are given employment at one place. Seasonal unemployment is seen in sectors such as agriculture and tourism. In this unemployment, a person gets employment for some months of the year and for the rest of the time he is not able to get work. Cyclical unemployment occurs when workers lose their jobs due to a decline in business in business centers. Technological unemployment is caused by the use of technical machines. Which takes away employment opportunities of many people. Structural unemployment is caused by changes in the economic structure of the country. Due to some changes in the market, the condition of the industries gets reduced. Due to this people become unemployed. Educated unemployment is that in which a person is educated but due to lack of skills and wrong education system, he does not get suitable employment opportunities. Open unemployment occurs when, When the number of workers is more and they do not get jobs. Here the labor force is very high and the growth rate is very low. Chronic unemployment is when people do not get employment due to the growth of population and lack of economic development. Voluntary unemployment is such unemployment in which the worker does not want to work at the available wage rate. Casual unemployment is such unemployment, in which people are never able to get employment due to lack of demand and lack of raw materials.

Reasons for Unemployment: Population Growth

There are many main causes of unemployment. One of them is population growth. As the population of the country is increasing, the employment opportunities are decreasing. Due to which the competition among the people is increasing. Some people are getting jobs and some are left rubbing their hands. Many schemes were prepared to reduce unemployment and all the schemes were ruined by population growth. Population growth is more than resources. As a result, the problem of unemployment has taken flight in the country.

Effect of wrong industrial policy

Small scale industries were not allowed to flourish in independent India. Had the small scale industries been established by relying on them, then so many people would not have become unemployed.

Old and directionless education policy

Lord Macaulay started the education policy in India with the aim of making Indians clerks. Due to the same old education policy, the youth of the country are unable to connect education with employment. Because of this they have to face problems like unemployment. Today's youth consider it an insult to do work related to labor. This thought is unfortunate. Some people do not get jobs according to their ability. He is ready for any job. They think that doing something is better than doing nothing. We should give priority to different skill related teachings. There is a need to give importance to practical education. Technical and work related education should be encouraged in schools. By earning this type of education, they can easily get jobs in factories. Education like business should be encouraged. Students should not focus on rote learning. real education It is also necessary to see it connected with life. There is a need for change in the education system.

Companies trust machines

Big companies have given more importance to machines, giving more importance to time. In a short time, machines can do the work of thousands of people in a short time. Companies have fired many people. This is also a cause of unemployment.

slow pace of economic growth

India is a developing country. The pace of economic development of the country is very slow. It is not that our country lacks capable and honest youth. The corruption and dirty politics prevailing in the country has stopped the development of the country. Due to this, youth are getting less employment opportunities.

farmers' problems

Our country is an agricultural country. Agriculture is a kind of seasonal trade. Farmers work on the fields for a fixed period of time in a year. For the rest of the month, they do not get some employment opportunities.

Effects of Unemployment: Wrong Association

Due to unemployment, youth become very upset and frustrated. He resorts to the wrong route to earn quick money. Due to this, youth commits crimes like theft, dacoity, robbery, for which they have to repent later. Many governments were formed in the country but the problem of unemployment still stands there. The government will have to take other steps to solve this problem.

Increase in crime due to unemployment

Unemployed youth get involved in illegal activities. In such a situation, the unemployed person gets upset and frustrated with his life and gets entangled in unnecessary fights. This leads to an increase in crimes in the country. Today, the unrest of unemployed youth is working behind the reservation protest in many states.

Measures to remove unemployment

India has started government schemes to deal with unemployment. In order to provide employment opportunities to the youth of the country, Mudra Loan Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana etc. have been started. All the youth will have to make new discoveries for the progress of the country, so that countries all over the world, influenced by it, invest in the companies and factories of our country. This will give employment to the youth. Educated youth are more inclined towards government jobs. If the youth get good employment in private industries by hand work, then the situation of such terrible unemployment can be ended. It is very important that the government should link education with employment. Employment related education should also be provided to the youth in the education system. Small scale industries making oil, leather should be encouraged. This will provide employment opportunities to many youths.

full stop on population growth

Now the time has come for people to become aware of it. The fewer family members, the more unemployment can be controlled. The lower the population density, the youth will not have to face difficulty in getting employment in companies.

encourage youth

Those youths who want to do employment themselves, the government should provide them loans. So that he can start his own private business. The establishment of small and medium industries in the country will have to be increased and youth will have to be provided better employment according to their qualifications. Corruption prevailing in the country has to be ended. It's not all that easy, but it's not impossible either. Enthusiasm has to be filled in the youth so that they can take some new and unique path. We should think about those people who are very poor. Such people do not get food for two seconds. Adequate education system should be made for them, so that they also get employment opportunities.

employment opportunities

The industrialization sector should be developed, so that many employment opportunities can be provided to the youth. The government should try to talk to foreign companies and provide employment opportunities to the youth through many industries in the country.


Unemployment is a problem that has persisted in our country for many years. The government has made many schemes to increase employment opportunities, but has been unable to overcome it. The government needs to formulate a good strategy for employment generation. If unemployment continues like this, the progress of the country will be in jeopardy. So this was the Essay on Unemployment, I hope you liked the English Essay On Unemployment . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Unemployment In English