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Essay On Television In English

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Television Essay in English Introduction

Television is the most unique and unique gift of science. Science has brought a revolution in the field of entertainment. Science has given an important gift to mankind through television. Television is called Doordarshan in English. Telly means 'far away' and Vishan means sight. It means to see all the distant scenes and events up close. Man needs a source of entertainment to remove the fatigue of his busy life. It is nothing more than television. In earlier times people used to listen to the radio more. Due to inflation, there was no TV in everyone's house. But when slowly people started understanding the importance of TV, So he started buying TV according to his budget. Today TV is present in everyone's house. We can not only watch but also listen to programs on television. Television has become an integral part of people's life. People cannot even imagine their life without watching television. If television was taken out of people's lives, then their life would be completely lifeless. Television was invented in 1926 by James Baird. Doordarshan Kendra was established in the country in 1959. Earlier, black and white image was seen in television. Then after a few years, the era of color i.e. color TV came. Today is the era of color TV. Then his life would be completely lifeless. Television was invented in 1926 by James Baird. Doordarshan Kendra was established in the country in 1959. Earlier, black and white image was seen in television. Then after a few years, the era of color i.e. color TV came. Today is the era of color TV. Then his life would be completely lifeless. Television was invented in 1926 by James Baird. Doordarshan Kendra was established in the country in 1959. Earlier, black and white image was seen in television. Then after a few years, the era of color i.e. color TV came. Today is the era of color TV.

best medium of entertainment

There are countless channels available on TV. People can watch TV channels as per their choice. Whether someone wants to watch sports or listen to music, he selects the channel according to his choice by pressing the button of the remote. Television is not only entertainment but also provides daily news and knowledge to people in every field. People can watch and listen to different types of events from the country and abroad on television. Today people like to watch news less in newspapers but more on TV. Women watch their favorite serials on TV every day after their household chores. Adults who did not understand what to do in their spare time, now they sit in front of the TV.

develops our knowledge

It increases our knowledge. We get to learn something new every day from television. It would be quite right to say that the most unique achievement of science is television. Television pleases the human mind with entertainment. The daily serials in Indian television reflect the tradition and culture of the country. The whole family can sit together in front of the television and watch film and sports programs. Through television, people can watch programs related to social, politics, religion, spiritual, education etc. People can watch whatever program they want whenever they want. You can see all the news not only of the country but also from abroad. Television has had a major impact on children. Various programs shown on television increase the general knowledge of the children and ours. Channels related to religion and faith are also available to the people on TV. agriculture, Channel related to science and new inventions is available on TV. Available on TV from business channel to automobile channel.

best medium of instruction

Nowadays, children are taught the English language on television. There are many such informative channels on TV through which children can easily understand their courses. Titles related to every topic are given on such channels. Children can understand them according to their choice. Informal education is taught effectively on television to youth and adults. The History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and many other scientific channels are available on television that cover countless aspects of life. Classes on subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology etc. are organized for the students through television. These classes are informative and interesting. Courses related to other social events and examinations are shown on television. home remedies, Many types of handicrafts are taught on television. Not only education, but various types of training are given through television. If you want to exercise, you will get yoga and workout channels on TV. Which people can learn by seeing every aspect and keep themselves fit.

Instant broadcast of news from abroad

The activities of the country and abroad are broadcast live on television. Due to television, people do not have to go to the playgrounds to watch sports. People can watch live and live telecast of the game on television. One need not go till Red Fort and India Gate to see Independence Day and Republic Day. People can watch those programs comfortably sitting at home. If for some reason people do not have time, then people can record these programs and watch them later as per their convenience. Entertainment available in different languages ​​and in all regions In television you can enjoy songs and news in different languages. In today's time, movies play day and night on TV. People can watch their favorite movie anytime. People don't always need to go to the cinema hall to watch movies. People can easily watch these movies on television. Nowadays people can put film on VCR and watch it on television screen. Religious programs like Mahabharata, Ramayana are liked not only in the country but also in foreign countries. People should watch by fixing a fixed time for watching television. After watching TV for some time, the mind of the people becomes calm. Some people watch television so much that they get used to it.

Some side effects of watching TV continuously

Too much addiction to watching TV in children is not good. It is not a good idea to watch over-the-top cartoons and programs with parents in excess. This reduces their concentration. His attention is less in studies. Constantly watching TV on the TV screen spoils the eyes of children and adults. Continuously watching TV in the same place can cause problems like hyper tension. Regular TV watching can cause health problems. Due to excessive TV watching, we forget to eat time. We sit down to watch TV only after working and do not pay attention to other activities. Due to this people become victims of diseases like obesity etc.

amusement equipment

TV is the cheapest and most economical means of entertainment. Television is the best medium to increase and develop the knowledge of man. Nowadays LED TV is available in the market. People can buy according to their ability to get the best picture quality. Once every day, people need a daily dose of television. In general, it has become a necessity for TV people to watch every day. People live different emotions on TV. Sometimes he jumps with joy, sometimes sad after seeing some scenes and sometimes he laughs with laughter.

Unique tool to remove emptiness

Television is nothing less than a boon in removing the emptiness of man. Man has to go through many stresses in his life. Television has proved to be a great help in removing these tensions. People's mood becomes very good by watching TV.

opportunity for new talent

Nowadays reality shows are organized in many channels on TV. In which new talents of the country get a chance. There are many such talent shows which give a chance to the common people to show their talent. This is a positive effort.

profit in business

Business has been greatly benefited by television. By advertising in this, any business man can progress overnight. Various types of products are promoted through advertisements. Whatever happens in any corner of the world, at that very moment we get information through TV. The business world has benefited greatly through television. People are influenced by those advertisements and buy the products, from which the companies profit.

effects on youth

The habit of watching excessive TV among the youth has also shown them the wrong path. Many researchers have come to know that they have learned the measures of crimes through TV. This is a downright bad effect. Television sometimes kills the power to differentiate between good and bad. Watching extra television is not only doing wrong things but also a waste of time.


The advent of television is a source of entertainment. People watch various programs on TV like drama, nautanki, children's programmes, detective and gory stories etc. A coin has two sides. TV has its advantages and disadvantages. If we use the entertainment of TV in the right direction then surely we will be able to build a beautiful and civilized society. TV has proved to be an effective and essential medium in the right way. Which has had an impact on people all over the world.

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