Essay On Surgical Strike In English

Essay On Surgical Strike In English

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Essay on Surgical Strike (Surgical Strike Essay in English) Introduction

Surgical strike means a sudden attack or war on a surprise target. In surgical strike, the person does not even get a chance to handle and these attacks are not done, they are imposed. This statement is true, because no human being wants to suffer the tragedy of war. The person has got the value of peace by birth. But still wars happen. The only reason for this is that there have been wars. Wars are imposed by bad people and wars are accepted by middle people to counter it.

India dislikes surgical strike or war.

Surgical strike is a planned attack to cross the borders of your nation and destroy the camps and weapons and kill the terrorists. In the surgical strike, no powerful person causes any damage to innocent people and public property. The Army performs this with proper guidance and instructions from the Defense Ministry and Army officials. This surgical strike was done by the Indian Army against Pakistan on 28 and 29 September 2016. India has always been a spiritualist and peace loving nation.

What is surgical strike?

A surgical strike is a military action in which one or more military or terrorist targets are damaged. This action is done secretly. Usually there are two parts of this army, which is through the coordination or one organ of the Army and the Air Force. In this, an attempt is made to destroy the target in this attack, for which this operation has been done. In the surgical strike, it is also kept in mind that it does not cause any harm to non-military or non-terrorist bases and civilians. This is a special type of attack. The strategy made in this attack is made very intelligently and with special care. In this, special care is taken of the time, place, number of commandos. Information about this campaign is kept strictly confidential. The information of which is known only to the selected people.

How is surgical strike done?

How surgical strike is done and how it is planned is as follows. The place where the attack is going to happen, complete information is gathered and accordingly further planning is done. Commando squad is prepared to carry out the surgical strike. In a very secretive way, the commando squad is transported to the target by helicopter. Then there is the attack on the enemy from all sides. Without giving the enemy a chance to recover, he is surrounded and piled up. After carrying out the attack, the commandos return at the same speed as they had gone. During the surgical strike, special care was taken that the people living nearby should not cause any damage to their buildings, houses, vehicles, animals etc. Fearless and fearless, special care is taken to carry out their work with bravery. Surgical strike is a sudden attack.

When - when did the surgical strike happen

9 times in our country India, the Indian Army has carried out surgical strike operations across the LoC and taught a lesson to the Pakistani Army.

Surgical Strike on 1st May 1998

In 1998, Pakistan itself complained to the United Nations about this operation of the Indian Army and this complaint is recorded in the annual book of the United Nations in page 321 of 1998. According to this book, Pakistan in its complaint on May 4 said that 22 people were killed in Bandala Seri, 600 meters across the LoC in PoK. It was also told by quoting some eyewitnesses present in the Pakistan village that about a dozen people came in black clothes in the middle of the night, they also left some pamphlets on which one changed the brigade and on the other leaflet the bad result of bad deed was written. In this way, many pamphlets were left by Pakistan, on which some or the other wrong thing was written. When the finger was pointed at the Indian government for this attack from Pakistan, So New Delhi refused to take responsibility. However, at that time it was believed by some US officials that this action was taken in retaliation for the killing of 26 Indian citizens in the villages of Pathankot and Dhakikot.

Surgical Strike in 1999 Summer

During the Kargil War in the summer of 1999, a contingent of the Indian Army crossed the LoC from the Munawar TV river near Jammu. Because of which an entire outpost of Pakistan was blown up in this operation. Only after that BAT was formed in Pakistan. In this, Pakistan had included the commandos of SAG. The reason for beheading an Indian soldier was believed to be BAT.

Surgical Strike in January 2000

In January 2000, 6 months after the Kargil war, 7 Pakistan soldiers are claimed to have been captured during a raid at a post in Nadala Enclave, across the Neelum River, on 21-22. According to Pakistan, these seven soldiers were injured in the firing of Indian soldiers. Later the bodies of these soldiers were returned to Pakistan. According to Indian Army sources, the surgical strike was carried out by the Indian Army after the martyrdom of Captain Saurabh Kalia and 4 Jat Regiment soldiers Bhawar Lal Bagaria, Arjun Ram, Bhikha Ram, Mula Ram and Naresh Singh.

Surgical Strike in March 2000

This surgical strike by India on Pakistan was fought after the Kargil war, Captain Gurjinder Singh of the 12 Bihar Battalion posted on the LOC, along with the team of Infantry Battalion commandos, was done on the Pakistani post. This was a retaliation for the earlier attack by the Pakistani Army.

surgical strike in september 2003

Since the imposition of ceasefire in both the countries along the LoC in 2003, little information is available about the operation on the other's land. But the complaint lodged by Pakistan with the UN dispatch team monitoring the LoC shows that the cross border operation continues unabated. Pakistan claimed in a complaint that Indian troops attacked a post in Baroh sector near Bhimber Gali in Poonch on 18 September 2003. In this incident 4 jawans including Pakistani JCO were killed.

Surgical Strike in June 2008

The incident happened twice in 2008. This was the year when incidents of confrontation on the LoC started increasing. According to the records of Pakistan's complaint, on June 19, 2008, four Pakistani soldiers were killed in action by Indian troops in the Bhattal sector of Poonch. Earlier on June 5, 2008, there was an attack on the Kranti border in Poonch Je Salhotri village. Jawaishwar, a soldier of 2-8 Gurkha regiment, was martyred.

Surgical Strike in August 2011

On 30 August 2011, Pakistan filed a complaint that four of its jawans, including a JCO, were killed in action by the Indian Army near the Neelum river valley in Kel. The newspaper 'The Hindu' had quoted sources on this incident as saying that this was done in return for the killing of two Indian soldiers and mutilation of their bodies in the attack on Indian soldiers in Operation Karnah.

surgical strike in january 2013

On the night of 6 January 2013, 19 Infantry Division Commander Gulab Singh Rawat attacked the Pakistani post after cross border firing. Pakistan was told that its post located in Sawan Patra was attacked by Indian soldiers. But India had denied this at that time. The then spokesperson of India Jagdish Dahiya said that none of our soldiers has crossed the LoC. But due to the heat of tension, this continues and it has been going on since the beginning of the war of Jammu and Kashmir in 1990.

How is surgical strike done?

In the surgical strike, all the three military teams are used very strictly and cautiously. And it is used through air strikes or by landing a special troop in enemy territory or by sending a military contingent through the land route. All the three military teams of India have their special troops prepared for surgical strikes. So that when the time comes, work can start on it immediately.

Who are the commandos in surgical strike?

C4ISR is specifically required from Operation Command in surgical strike. Which means Command Control Communication Computer Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance. The Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army has a contingent of highly trained para commandos, who are specially prepared to carry out similar targets or missions. Similarly, the Indian Navy has marcos and the Air Force has troops named Garuda. Is. Who is always ready for situations like surgical strike. A lot of damage can be done to the enemy army even by dropping bombs with the help of fighter planes for surgical strike. And it is mostly used in densely populated areas. Where there is more danger to the army squad when going from land, then dropping bombs from the ship proves to be more effective.


Our country India does not like any kind of war or terrorism and neither does it start any war from its side. But it is also true that whenever anyone attacked in our country India, the soldiers of our India have given a surgical strike to those countries.

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Essay On Surgical Strike In English