Essay On Summer Season In English

Essay On Summer Season In English

Essay On Summer Season In English - 1600 in words

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Summer Season Essay in English Introduction

The pastimes of nature are unique and in a way it is called an artwork or a resemblance which has to be seen. God is the architect of the creation of this nature, and in our country, nature gives a glimpse of the beautiful image of the earth in its divine form. God's blessings are there in our country, because we get to see all kinds of seasons. This good fortune is only available to us, whereas we do not even get to see all this anywhere. Six seasons come here alternately and decorate the earth according to its own accord. This is a priceless gift to man, therefore man and nature are beautyless in the absence of each other. There are six seasons in our country India, in which spring season, summer season, rainy season, autumn (Autumn season), hemant season (pre winter season), winter season (winter) season) is included.

cause of summer

The summer season in our country India generally lasts from 15 March to 15 June. At this time the Sun moves from the equator to the Tropic of Cancer. Due to which the temperature starts increasing all over the country. At this time, along with moving towards the Tropic of Cancer, the maximum point of temperature also increases gradually from south to north and at the end of May it is 48 centigrade in the north-western part of the country.

summer season

India has special blessings of nature. This is the only country in the world, where the arrival of six seasons occurs regularly in a year. Nature has a unique shade in all the seasons and each season has its own importance for life. After the spring season comes the summer season. According to Indian calculations, the months of Jayeshtha-Ashadha are the summer season. With the onset of this season, the softness and intoxication of spring ends and the weather starts heating up. Gradually the heat increases so much that it becomes difficult to get out of the house only after eight o'clock in the morning. The body starts bathing with sweat. Throat keeps getting dry due to thirst. Bitumen melts on the roads. Heat wave starts in the morning. Sometimes there is heat even at night. On a hot summer afternoon, the whole creation wakes up in agony. She also finds shadows. In the words of the poet Bihari, I was sitting in a very dense state, I saw my brother in the afternoon. Want to wish On the one hand, in the couplet, the poet Bihari says that in the summer afternoon, the creatures disturbed by the heat forget the feeling of animosity. Animals with conflicting feelings lie together. Seeing them, it seems as if there is no ill-will towards anyone among the creatures living in this world. The doha of Bihari is as follows…. Ekt vasat to be called, ah Mayur marg-tiger. Jagat tapovan sleep, long dagh nidagh. In summer the days are long and the nights are short. Having lunch is the time to sleep and rest. The coal tar of the paved roads melts. The roads heat up like a pan. It is raining, Ravi Anal, the ground floor is burning like a tawa. Sun-sun wind is blowing, Sweat pouring out of my body. In sandy regions like Rajasthan and Haryana, sand flies into the eyes. When a strong storm comes, the vision of apocalypse is present. Rich people go to the mountains to escape the wrath of this fierce heat. Some people drive away the heat by installing fans and coolers in their homes. India is a poor country. More than two thirds of India's population lives in villages. There is no electricity in many villages. Farmers have to work in the scorching sun and laborers in cities. If you do not work, then there is a situation of starvation. Summer is painful, but crops ripen only by the heat of the sun. We also enjoy the melon, mango, litchi, vine, pomegranate, watermelon etc. in the summer season only. false, Cucumbers and cucumbers are eaten only in summer and try to escape their heat. Lassi and sherbet are like nectar in summer. In the afternoon, in the street, children also surround the person with Kulfi and ice cream. Schools are closed due to the deadly heat of May and June. There is a fear of heatstroke in summer, so people stay at home. In summer, people look at the sky and think when the clouds come and rain water. After the summer, the queen of the seasons, the rainy season arrives. The reason for the arrival of rain is the summer season itself. Because rivers in summer, The water of the oceans etc. dries up and goes into the sky in the form of a vapor and that same cloud becomes a cloud and gives rain from the clouds. Summer season gives us the strength to bear the pain. This gives us the inspiration that human beings should not be afraid of sufferings and difficulties. Rather, one should conquer them and remember that just as sweet rain comes after a scorching heat, in the same way, after sufferings in life, the time of happiness definitely comes. By the grace of science, the townspeople have now almost succeeded in escaping from the fierce wrath of summer. Electric fans, coolers, air-conditioners, (air-conditioned means) etc. have made it possible to ward off the heat. The enjoyment of cold-drinks and ice cream etc. comes only in summer. In summer, many of our cereals, fruits, nuts etc. ripen. Hundreds of different types of flowers bloom. Mango bears fruit in the orchards, Coal starts talking. In summer, sleeping in the afternoon is a lot of fun. The joy of bathing and swimming is also there in summer.

tips to prevent summer

In the summer season, we should take many precautions to stay healthy, which are as follows. (1) To survive the summer season, first of all, your body needs plenty of water. Therefore, drink more water than usual, otherwise the problem of dehydration arises. So drink more water. (2) In the summer season, choose such clothes, which protect our body from heat. For this, wear comfortable cotton clothes and use the right color of the clothes according to the summer season. (3) We should consume cold foods to avoid heat. (4) To remove our heat, if we live in hot cities, So one should go to cold and hilly areas. (5) We should also drink a lot of water to avoid heatstroke. (6) To protect from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, one should not leave the house and if you have to go out, then leave only in the morning or in the evening. To avoid the heat, go out with a scarf, sunglasses, water bottle and sunscreen. (7) Along with our protection, we should keep water and grains for the helpless birds. So that he does not wander here and there for his hunger and thirst and gets them all at one place. (8) Also, take care of big pets like cow, dog, horse etc., do not forget to give them food to eat and plenty of water to drink. (9) We should always ask water to those people who work for us. In the hard afternoon like employees working online, postmen etc. (10) Resources that save heat should be used, such as coolers, air conditioners, Fans etc. Also, try to reduce the use of electricity. (11) We should avoid wastage of water and electricity. (12) If we want to avoid heat, then we have to keep the environment around us green. For this we should plant more and more trees and plantation should be done.

summer and kids

Even though the summer season brings many troubles and troubles for the elders. But children take advantage of this season by entertaining them with a lot of fun. First of all, happiness is summer vacation for them. which is provided to them by the school. In this season, where we do not go near the water in the afternoon for protection from the heat, the same children go not once but many times to take a bath and have fun in the water. At this time, children's favorite ice cream and kulfi are eaten. Most of the children go with their families to the cooler areas to enjoy the holidays. Children who do not eat fruits, they like to eat seasonal fruits of summer. In villages, children also enjoy swimming in ponds, lakes etc. You do fun-filled activities like plucking from mango trees, swinging on trees. Where this heat stings us adults, it becomes the season for children to have fun and celebrate holidays.


Soft shade can be arranged on streets, markets, roads, highways by plantation. For this, tree plantation should be done at different places. Arrangements can be made to quench the thirst of summer by putting pots of cold water at places and making games (water ponds) for the animals. We should make arrangements in advance for protection from the wrath of summer, so that the heat can be saved. Because any season leaves by giving us something. That's why we should thank nature, which has given us the opportunity to see all kinds of weather in the form of seasons. Whereas if you say all this is not even luck and you have to live in the same conditions, which nature has given to them.

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Essay On Summer Season In English