Essay On Stri Purush Samanta - Gender Equality In English

Essay On Stri Purush Samanta - Gender Equality In English

Essay On Stri Purush Samanta - Gender Equality In English - 1700 in words

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Essay on Gender Equality (Stri Purush Samanta Essay in English) Introduction

Men and women are two such wheels of the same car, out of which if one wheel wobbles even a little, then its effect is visible on the other wheel. Men and women are complementary to each other. One doesn't work without the other. But in the same equality, if the woman progresses even a little, the male caste does not like it at all. To say that man and woman are complementary to each other, but equality is liked by man only as long as the woman walks with him but does not stay ahead of him. Christine di Pizan (1364 to 1430), born in Venice, Italy, was a writer and political and moral thinker. Who gave his definition on the equality of men and women during the medieval period, which is given in his famous book The Book of Ladies.

meaning of gender equality

Equality means that every person has an opportunity for his progress, his growth and development of personality. And every person should be treated equally, no particular class has the right in this. On the same basis a woman and a man are also brought in the category of equality. But in the civilization and culture of our country, especially on gender equality, our society gives a demonstration of its participation. Due to which there has been a thinking in our society that women are always weak and men are always strong. And these differences have been going on for centuries.

Equality in every development of man and woman

It is the right of every child not to be discriminated against in his development. But due to the differences between boys and girls, even today children are not seen growing up well. Even today sweets are distributed in the birth of a boy and killed in the birth of a girl. Discrimination among them has been going on for centuries and the same tradition is being followed till date. Whereas in today's modern era, women are coming ahead in every field than men. She is moving forward with them shoulder to shoulder. Yet the survival rate of girls is higher in the world in terms of the time of birth. Whereas India is the only country, where the death rate of girls is high and they are not allowed to get education, or leave their school, all these Kurutiyas are found in our country of India.

What is gender equality?

Gender equality is that state when all human beings, irrespective of their biological differences, can get easy and equal access to all opportunities, resources etc. In developing their future, in economic participation, in social work, in the way of living, in decision making, in education, in any position or in any field, allow each other in every work, any Not having any differences is called equality of men and women.

Differences in gender equality since childhood

In our country of India, the lack of equality between men and women can be seen in their childhood. In childhood, boys can go outside and play. They are pampered more than the girl. The same is neglected with girls. It is put in the mind of girls that you belong to a female caste and you should come first in household chores and that is why they learned to do household chores like sweeping, cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes in their childhood. Are being given. If a boy does this work, then he is scolded that you are not made for this work, Your job is just to sit and eat at home and get all these things done by the female caste. Because you are a man and all this does not suit you and such mentality is more visible in the rural area of ​​our country. However, over the years, this kind of mentality has been declining. The old people thought that men have to work outside to feed the family and girls have to take care of the house.

Gender equality in the field of education

If you want to see the equality of men and women, then you can see it in the field of education. As of today, OECD is a development organization whose sole objective is to provide education at a glance to the individual. Through the organization OECD, formed in the 1960s, he observed throughout the country that the financial and human resources invested in education should help the government in improving the learning environment of the school, so that no inequalities arise between men and women. Can you And so has happened. According to him the level in the field of education is very high and the level in education is increasing continuously. These levels can be seen in every area. Today, not only a man is alone in the society, but a woman is also making a good place in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, statistics. Where the woman is piloting the plane, So it is touching the heights of the sky. Men and women are equal in every field. Today, if a man earns and brings him to the house, then the woman is also nothing less. Where she does household chores, takes care of children, even takes care of other members of the house, she also runs the house.

gender equality in the economy

In our country, work place in gender equality is the place where she goes out of the house and works to feed her family. There is also discrimination there. Even today the male society wants to see the woman at a lower level than itself. Whether it is our country or any other country in the world, this mentality is seen everywhere that a woman has to come less than a man always. Even if he is more capable than his colleague, he is not allowed to overtake. Even if the woman tries to move forward, then she is scolded behind her back, or she is also defamed by talking nonsense. Today when women are equal to men in every field, So why such mentality? The male caste should not question his ability and should bring clarity in his thoughts. Sometimes on the appointment and promotion of women, see them by encouraging them or once together for them, try to applaud them. There is no difference between us and them, think like this and see. Only then will it be experienced that yes today the gender inequality in the society will end. With this, progress will increase so fast not only in one house, one family but also in the whole country that there will be no evils like poverty, helplessness and hunger.

Gender equality in the four walls of the house

Today's woman where she is bringing out the name of the country by coming out of the house. The same man has made this thinking even today that the household chores have been made for the woman and the work outside the house has been made for the men. This is because if he did the household chores, people would make fun of him, the society would laugh at him. Why when a woman can work outside the house, why can't men do household chores? When a woman can take care of children, why can't a man? As many hands and feet are of a man, the same are of a woman or woman. Yet why only women are crushed everywhere. The reason for this is the tradition, customs and orthodox thinking created due to some old people of our country, Which is not taking the name of ending. But it can also be solved. If an educated man comes forward and creates a thinking in the society that men and women are equal everywhere, then this inequality can be changed. By the way, in this race of modernity, gender equality has started appearing, which is very good for the progress of the society and the country.

Too much gender equality is harmful

Equality of man and woman can be the most important cornerstone of his life. Which is essential for the society. Patriarchal thinking needs to end now. But only where it is necessary, because in extreme similarity sometimes a situation of difference arises, which is more shocking. Because equality does not even mean that by adopting western civilization and forgetting our culture and civilization. Because excessive discount can also be very harmful, which we can guess by looking at the boys and girls living in the race of our modernity. This information is available to all men and women and society.


Equality of men and women is necessary and this equality is visible everywhere. Whether it is the field of education or home or our workplace. Where there is modernity or new thinking, whatever is necessary should be there. It is said that too much of everything is harmful. I do not mean that women should not grow ahead, they should not illuminate the name of their country. A woman may move forward, but whether she is just a woman or a man, she must take care that in the pursuit of equality, she should not lose her culture, her customs, respect, honor etc. Therefore equality is necessary, but whether it is a woman or a man, it is also necessary to have a Lakshman Rekha between them.

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Essay On Stri Purush Samanta - Gender Equality In English