Essay On Spring Season In English

Essay On Spring Season In English

Essay On Spring Season In English - 1500 in words

In today's article we will write Essay On Basant Ritu in English . This essay written on spring has been written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this Essay On Basant Ritu in English written on spring season for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Basant Ritu Essay in English Introduction

In the spring, new life is transmitted to every particle. The sound of birds can be heard on the branches of the tree. The wind starts tampering with the fragrance. The passing of the winds is like the ringing bells tied around the neck of an elephant like wind. Flowers like the water of an elephant drip from the flowers blooming all around. Bihari writes. Ranij Bharan Ghantavali, Jharit Van Madhu Neeru. Play slowly, Kunzru Kunj Sameer. After spring, the same season cycle starts again.

nature's delight

Every form of nature is cheerful and the nature dancer shows new ways every moment. Whatever form of nature you see, it binds the heart in the loop of its delusion. Nature comes close to human beings for liveliness, fascination, curiosity and fills them with a wink. Then man does not want to imprison himself in the narrow limits of human beauty by abandoning nature's spring-flowing rivers, sky-mounted mountains, palate-like trenches, trees giving shade, sparkling fireflies, flowers sprinkling their all, smiling buds. That's why Pant has said that .. "Leave the shadow of the drums, you like it even more than nature, how can your hair get entangled in the net." Therefore, it is clear that the beauty of nature is more beautiful than human beauty.

spring is called the king of seasons

The season of spring is called Rituraj because it is the king of all seasons. Nature is in full swing in this season. With the arrival of this season, the winter subsides. The weather becomes pleasant. At this time, the five elements leave their wrath and appear in a beautiful form. The five elements – water, air, earth, sky and fire – all show their seductive form. New leaves start coming in the trees, you fight with the burrows and the fields look yellow full of mustard flowers. Yellow mustard flowers announce the arrival of Rituraj. The swelled mustard in the fields, shaken by the gusts of wind, looks as if an ocean of gold is swaying in front. The cuckoo sings in the fifth voice and mesmerizes everyone with the sound of kuhu-kuhu. In this season, his sixth is made on sight. Many major festivals are celebrated in this season, such as Vasant Panchami, Mahashivratri, Holi etc. The spring season is called Rituraj, Because its effect and importance is greater than all the seasons. If we consider the importance and influence of spring season, we see that it is really the pinnacle of the seasons.

the arrival of spring

The first is the arrival of spring. The mythological spring is said to be the son of Kamadeva. Nature dances as soon as she receives the news of the birth of a son in Kamadeva's house of beauty. Various flowers act as its ornaments. The greenery becomes his clothes and the cuckoo's sweet fifth heaven cook becomes his heaven. The rich nature, flaunting and swaying, welcomes the son Basant to the decorum. You come and have made a stage for you in Vasudha's heart. Beautiful feet of greenery have also been laid on the path. New veils of pollen filled flowers have been installed all around. Rituraj! Mustard lamps have been lit in your welcome. beautiful - pleasant, attractive, The most interesting season is spring. Its timing is from 22 February to 22 April. According to Indian calculations, its time is from Falgun to Vaishakh month. Truly the beauty of this season is greatest. In this season all the parts of nature start laughing in fun. The whole atmosphere erupts with fun. In the forest, in the garden, in the garden, in the pond, in the street - in the street, in the village - house and everywhere, the shade of spring is made on seeing it. The new form of nature appears attractive, pleasant and full of fun in every way.

Importance of spring season for farmers

Spring brings a message of happiness to the farmers. The farmers jump in joy on seeing the thriving crops in their fields. Mother Earth spews gold for the sons of the earth. The farmer is taking beautiful dreams of tomorrow. The land is the property of the farmer. Seeing the fruits of his labor in front of his eyes, he does not swell. His mind dances like a peacock. Mustard in the fields appears as if the earth has covered it with a yellow veil. The earth thus looks like a new bride.

major festivals of spring

The spring season is called Ritupati. It is during this season that the new cycle of the Samvat and the solar year begins. Holi and Ramnavami, the two major festivals that fall under this season, have great importance and respect. Both these festivals are popular and the mind becomes happy after celebrating them. From the point of view of poets, this season is very inspirational, encouraging and interesting season. Many works have been composed in its praise. How can we really forget the joy of this season. Not only humans, even the gods yearn to get the joy of this season. Navratri fasting, fasting and many types of deity worship are done under this season. God powers are affected in them. They make their contribution to human beings in improving the gathering of this season full of their happiness. In fact, it is worthwhile to name the spring as Rituraj, Ritupati etc. The festival of spring is not only a seasonal festival, It is also considered to have religious significance. People consider this day auspicious and many ceremonies are fixed on this day. Spring arrives and brings with it a colorful Holi, in which children, young people, young girls and even the elderly also feel the urge to play colours. The beauty of spring is doubled by it. This season holds special significance for improving health. There is agility in the body, Neither the shiver of winter nor the shiver of summer. The charm of such a beautiful day and cool night compels everyone to admire the spring. The beauty of spring is made on sight. Everywhere is full of greenery and beautiful flowers. People also enjoy traveling a lot during this season. When there is natural beauty on the earth, then who would not want to see this beauty up close. That's why people are seen roaming from place to place. Mustard yellow-yellow chunri as if a new bride. Truly the beauty of the earth fascinates all of us.

Vasant Panchami

Vasant Panchami is celebrated as a celebration of the arrival of Rituraj. On the day of Vasant Panchami, people play, swing and express their happiness. Vasanti Halwa in every house, Saffron Kheer is made. On this day people wear yellow colored clothes and children fly yellow colored kites. The festival of Vasant Panchami is held on the Panchami of Falgun. On this day people keep flying kites from morning till evening. Holi is also considered as the festival of spring. On that day the whole atmosphere becomes colorful and everyone rejoices with joy. On this day, wearing yellow clothes, Goddess Saraswati is worshiped in temples and homes and seeks blessings from her that the goddess of learning should give us education. Also on this day your pen book is worshiped by all. After all, it is the goddess of learning that makes us knowledgeable. Everyone celebrates this festival of Vasant Panchami with gaiety and worship Goddess Saraswati. On this day, the aarti of Maa Saraswati is recited etc.


Therefore, it can be said that man cannot keep himself indifferent to the beauty of nature. If man looks at the beauty of nature with the eyes of the heart, then he will see happiness scattered everywhere. Otherwise he will remain imprisoned in his own homes. Nature beauty is for every creature who comes in the lap of nature. Therefore this statement of Mahadevi Varma is literally true that a starry moonlit night can give more pleasure to the patient than a nurse, if he is able to understand her language. Rituraj spring comes as a representative of innovation in the universe. This is a very pleasant season. This season is neither too hot nor too cold. This angel spring gives inspiration to the people to keep moving forward on the path of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha through new creation and luxuries. Never do any wrong thing by following your path and welcome the spring season wholeheartedly and enjoy it.

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Essay On Spring Season In English