Essay On Soldier In English

Essay On Soldier In English

Essay On Soldier In English - 1000 in words

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Soldier Essay in English Introduction

Soldiers sacrifice everything to protect the country. Soldiers face every problem firmly on the border. The soldier treats the countrymen as family. The soldier is stationed on the border of the country and prevents the enemies from coming inside the country. A soldier protects the country day and night. He protects the country by playing on his life. For them nothing is bigger than the country. We are proud of our country's soldiers and their bravery. The soldiers of the country play an important role in the security of the country.

Soldiers and their patriotism

The soldier plays an important role in the security of the country. The soldiers of our country are attached to their motherland. There are many types of military organizations in our country, such as Air Force, Army and Navy. The country's army is well aware of its responsibilities. Soldier fights till the end for the defense of the country. He is ready to sacrifice his life to save the country. We are all familiar with the soldiers and their patriotism. His patriotic spirit inspires all the countrymen. The youth of the country are also impressed by this zeal and patriotism of the soldiers and want to join the army.

away from family

Soldiers are stationed on the country's border for months and years. He fearlessly rushes from the enemies to protect the country. He cannot go to his home on any festival, because nothing is more important to him than service to the country. He can write letters and phone calls to the family in joy and sorrow. They have to stay away from the family, because their main duty is to protect the country. When the soldier is called to war, he does not take his family with him. There is a lot of danger there, so he does not take his family there. Soldiers live for many months without seeing their families.

face countless difficulties

Soldiers are very brave. Soldiers have to endure many calamities, such as summer, winter (severe cold), natural calamities, etc. Soldiers help people trapped in natural calamities. Rescue them and take them to safe places. Soldiers are stationed on the borders even during summer, winter, rainy days and are ready in every situation. Soldiers leave their homes, families, children and protect our country.

proud of soldiers

Countrymen are proud of the soldiers of their country. There have been many wars for the defense of the country and the country's armies have contributed in that. The families of many soldiers lost their son in the war. His family members are proud of him. For the martyrs of the country, we the countrymen respect them wholeheartedly. We get inspiration from them that nothing is more important than the country.

combat with enemy countries

The soldiers of the country always have to be alert. The soldiers of the enemy country attack the country at any time. The soldiers of the country are always alert at all times. The feeling of patriotism is filled in the soldiers of the country. That's why he always protects the borders of the country, the valuable assets of the country and the citizens. He understands his responsibility towards the country very well. He is ready to face any kind of danger.

disciplined living

Soldiers always lead a disciplined life. The life of a soldier is different from the rest of the profession. There are more dangers in their profession. His family members always worry about their soldier sons. He is always worried about them. The life of a soldier is full of difficulties. He always controls his emotions and protects the property of the country.

bear the pain and suffering

To protect the country, soldiers keep on suffering and suffering continuously. Forgetting his sufferings, he serves the country wholeheartedly. He bears sorrows and does not let anyone feel his pain. Soldiers fight wars by climbing high mountains. He walks for more than fifty kilometers in snowy areas.

life threatening

The life of a soldier is full of risks. He always fights bravely in war. Meanwhile, many soldiers lose their lives. Soldiers have fought many wars to protect the country. One of them was the Kargil war, where many soldiers had sacrificed their lives to protect the country. All the soldiers showed valor and won the war.

hard training

Soldiers have to undergo rigorous training to become soldiers. This is not just a matter of an ordinary person. To become a soldier, one has to get up at four in the morning and exercise. You have to run for several kilometres. They have to learn to shoot a gun. He undergoes arduous training so that he can protect the country. Whenever the soldiers get a call to go to any place, they leave. Soldiers take so much training so that when there is any danger on the country, they can protect the country. Whenever the soldiers get a call for any emergency and war, then they leave.


The soldier is the protector of the country and the countrymen. He can even lay down his life for the security of the country. If there were no soldiers, we would not have been able to sleep peacefully at our homes. The soldier is always present for the security of the country. That's why we feel so safe. He serves the country selflessly.

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Essay On Soldier In English