Essay On Social Media In English

Essay On Social Media In English

Essay On Social Media In English - 1400 in words

Today we will write Essay On Social Media in English . This essay written on social media has been written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this essay written on social media sites for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Social Media/Network Essay in English Introduction

Social network sites are dominated all around. Social networking sites are made for making connections and establishing contacts with people from all over the world. Although people believe that social networking sites are harmful, but they are also very beneficial. We cannot even imagine our life without social networking. Science has made great progress. Social media has become an important part of our life. Today everyone has their own mobile. There are many social network apps available in mobile. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can contact any person present in the world by message or call at any time. All this has been possible because of social media. People can make friends through social media. You can also share your photos and your thoughts related to life on social media. These have both advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss this through the following points.

Important benefits of social media

Through social media, we can connect with any person present in the world. We can chat with them and send them messages. You can even make video calls. Live news is heard through social media. People share videos related to music, dance and any art on social media. They take great pleasure in getting positive feedback from other people.

progress of business

The contribution of social media in the development of society. Many businesses have been encouraged by social media. Social media helps a lot in reaching businesses to the people. Social media plays an important role in spreading awareness among people. Through social media, people get to know about the events that happened some time ago. It has become easier to reach customers through social media marketing.

Looking for a job

Searching for a job through social media has become easy. Those who want job can send application through social network. Through social media, we can establish contact with different people according to our need.

Social media is a powerful medium

Despite being a long distance, we can keep in touch with friends and relatives on social media. Social media is very adept in spreading awareness related to various social issues. People can get teachers through social media. Students and teachers can establish contact with each other through social media. Classes can be done on video call. Students get a wide range of information. Through LinkedIn, people create their impressive profiles to get jobs. Through LinkedIn, we can connect with many people and discuss and apply for jobs.

answer questions

People can ask any question through social media. Those who know the answers to those questions, they answer them. People can express their independent opinion on any issue. Ideas are exchanged through social media.

upload photos

In today's modern era, people like fashion, going out, celebrating. He wants to store all these memories. For which he takes photos. Take photos with yourself and your friends and relatives. It's the age of selfies and groupies. They put these photos on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

sharing videos

Today's youth make entertaining videos. Those whose videos are good, people start liking them. Soon the video becomes viral. Every day people do not forget to make videos and share them on social networking sites. Nowadays, in this situation of lockdown, all the examinations are being done online.

profit to business

The business world benefits a lot from social networking sites. Companies can use social networking to better connect with their customers and business partners. People in search of jobs use these sites. This gives them a good opportunity to find better jobs and to reach their business to the customers.

live video chat

Through social media, teachers can teach students sitting at home. There are many such applications in social media, with the help of which teachers can teach their students. Teachers provide learning materials to their students online. Classes on social media are disciplined. Many people are present here.

side effects of social media

When many students do not prepare well for the exam. Then try to copy through social media. Revealing everything about your personal life on social media kills privacy. Any person's identity can be stolen here. Crimes like phishing and hacking are on the rise. A lot of people get frustrated when they get negative feedback on social media. this is not right. Don't let social media dominate your life. There is a need to use social media in the right direction. One click of social media can make or break life. People should use it wisely.

Effect of social media on youth

Information is obtained online through social media. Most of the youth are active on social media. He believes that it is important to be active in the digital age. The craze of social media has often been seen among the youth. He makes videos of hidden talents and puts them on social media. Soon he becomes popular. Many young people and young women can be active on social media for almost 72 hours continuously, due to which serious problems can occur. Being always present on so much social media can lead to anxiety and depression. Young people make videos on Facebook and Instagram to focus the attention of other people. By doing this their followers increase. He becomes popular on social media. In real life people do not have as many friends as they make on social media. He makes social media his world.

less time with family

People get used to social media like Facebook, Instagram so much that they start cutting off from their loved ones. They do not get much time for family. Always glued to the smart phone. Due to spending extra time with mobile, we are not able to give time to our family. Being very active on social media, it can also affect our sleep.

hacking problems

If social media has advantages then it also has some disadvantages. Sometimes our profiles and our personal data get stolen. This gives rise to security related problems. Bank details etc. personal information is hacked by hackers every day. Because of this many people have to face difficulties. Cyberbullying is also one of the serious problems that have been generated by social media.

bad effect on health

Continuous use of social media has a bad effect on health. Apart from this, use may cause irritation in the eyes, vision related problems. It can also lead to diseases like stress and depression.

use whatsapp

WhatsApp is being used for many years. People depend a lot on this. People use this app to message and call other people. Through this we can share messages, images, videos, audios, documents and much more.

Lack of attention in studies of youth and children

Youth are more active on social media. That's why they get less attention in studies. After some time he starts checking notifications on the phone. Due to this their concentration starts decreasing. Addiction to social media can also be seen in children. Parents also have to control themselves. If he gets more engaged on social media, then children will also learn from him.

social media boon or curse

Social networking sites are both a curse and a boon. It is up to us how we use it. Too much use of any item causes damage. Social networking sites are also similar. We need to use them to our advantage and control ourselves so that it doesn't control our lives.


If social media is used in a balanced and right way then it will prove to be a boon. People who are active on social media should know about both its advantages and disadvantages. This is because it should not have a negative impact on their lives. Controlled use of social media can make a person's life happy.

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Essay On Social Media In English