Essay On Sikh Guru Ki Balidani Parampara - Sikh Guru's Sacrificial Tradition In English

Essay On Sikh Guru Ki Balidani Parampara - Sikh Guru's Sacrificial Tradition In English

Essay On Sikh Guru Ki Balidani Parampara - Sikh Guru's Sacrificial Tradition In English - 1000 in words

Today we will write an essay on the sacrificial tradition of Sikh Guru (Essay On Sikh Guru Ki Balidani Parampara in English) . This essay written on the sacrificial tradition of Sikh Guru has been written for kids and students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college. This essay written on the sacrificial tradition of Sikh Guru (Essay On Sikh Guru Ki Balidani Parampara in English) you can use for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Sacrificial Tradition of Sikh Guru (Sikh Guru Ki Balidani Parampara Essay in English) Introduction

Sikh Gurus spread the propagation of peace, good ideology and unity in our country. Everyone is aware of the popularity of Sikh Gurus. We can never forget the sacrifice i.e. sacrifice of Sikh Gurus. Sikh Gurus are respected by the followers of all religions. Guru Nanak ji first propagated this religion. The Sikh Guru always followed the path of truth and also made sacrifices to protect the religion. He made many such sacrifices to develop his ideals. One has to make many sacrifices while moving forward on the path of truth. Guru Nanak went to many places to spread his Sikh religion and taught the lesson of peace to the people. There are many Gurus of Sikhism, who spread the religion without caring about their lives.

Contribution of Guru Arjun

Sikhs propagated such a religion in the country that people of other religions were also influenced by them. Guru Arjun was killed by King Jahangir of the Mughal dynasty. Guru Arjun had propagated Sikhism among the people. Guruji made a lot of efforts to take Sikh culture from door to door. He has contributed immensely in the construction system of Guru Darbar. Some anti-social elements had complained to Akbar about the editing of the Granth Sahib. It was said that the scripture is written against Islam. But this thing turned out to be false and later Akbar came to know of its goodness. He was brutally murdered at the behest of Jahangir. Guru Arjan Dev who was the fifth Guru of Sikhism did not compromise with Jahangir. The Guru of Sikhism never bowed before the Mughal dynasty and faced them fearlessly. With this, Guru ji had started that great tradition of martyrdom,

Amazing ability and contribution of Guru Arjun Dev Ji

Guru Arjan Dev Ji edited the Guru Granth Sahib. It was established as an inspirational source of humanity and unity. Guru Arjan Dev had a wonderful and unique ability, which made Sikhism more influential and powerful. Some people could not bear so much respect for Guru ji and progress of Sikhism. His contribution will be remembered.

Conspiracy against Guruji

Prithichand who was Guruji's brother, but he was jealous of his brother. His father did not put him on the post of Guruji. That's why he always wanted the bad of his brother Arjun Dev ji. He started instigating the Nawab of Lahore against Guruji. Dewan Chandu of Lahore had also spread wrong things against him. At that time there was Mughal rule. After the death of Akbar, Jahangir sat on his throne. Jahangir wrote things against Sikhism and used wrong words in his autobiography Tujk-e Jahangiri. Nothing like this happened during the reign of Emperor Akbar. He laid emphasis on secularism. Some people started provoking Jahangir against Guruji.

Jahangir's Conspiracy

Jahangir's son Khusro raised his voice against his father. Jahangir ordered the arrest of his son. Khusrau approached Guru Dev and Guruji blessed him as per his religious tradition. Seeing all this, Jahangir became enraged and made false allegations against Guru ji. Jahangir told everyone that Khusro went against him at the behest of Guruji. Guruji left after handing over his place to Harigobind ji. Jahangir took the help of Chandu to harass Guruji. Chandu placed a condition before Guruji that he should make some changes in his Granth. Guru ji did not accept his words and he had to suffer a lot. Guru ji was severely tortured and for five days he suffered atrocities on himself. After that Guruji's body was thrown into the river. People still remember these sacrifices of Guruji.

Renunciation of Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh

This was the tradition of Sikh Gurus that they did not bow their heads in front of anyone. The Sikh Guru was forced by Aurangzeb to convert to Islam. Tegh Bahadur Singh ji did not accept his point. He did not allow Aurangzeb's nefarious intentions to succeed. Aurangzeb said that he should either adopt Islam or be ready to sacrifice his life. Then Aurangzeb killed him. Like Tegh Bahadur Singh, Guru Gobind Singh had also built his religion according to the peace, unity and security of the country. Seeing this, even the Muslims of that time were scared. The military organizations of Guru Gobind Singh ji tried to remove the atrocities committed by the Muslims. Many soldiers were also killed in such conditions.

Sikhism and its role in the progress of the country

When the Mughal rulers started committing a lot of atrocities. Then the great Khalsa was established. Guruji Arjun Dev Ji had given place in the book to the great thoughts and teachings of all the Gurus of Sikhism. The great works of Guru Gobind Singh ji hold special significance in Sikh literature. During the sacrificial tradition, the followers of Sikhism started putting lions in front of their names. Guru Gobind Singh contributed a lot in making Sikhism a great religion by his sacrifice. He was very courageous and fearless. Many wars were fought under his umbrella. He had ignited the iron of fearlessness and courage in the followers of Sikhism. He was always ready to protect the country in difficult circumstances.


Guru ji endured countless hardships and protected his religion, nation. We are all aware of the sacrificial tradition of Sikhism. Everyone appreciates the sacrificial tradition of Sikhs. He also contributed a lot in the freedom struggle. Many Sikhs had to lose their lives later, but still the tradition of their courage and sacrifice continued.

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Essay On Sikh Guru Ki Balidani Parampara - Sikh Guru's Sacrificial Tradition In English