Essay On Save Water In English

Essay On Save Water In English

Essay On Save Water In English - 1600 in words

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Essay on Save Water (Save Water Essay in English)


Nature has given us everything that we need. For food, fruits, grains, green vegetables, all kinds of fruits and flowers, water to drink, river, pond, well, have been given, through which a person can quench his thirst. We use all these things in our daily routine. Nature has given us everything, the need of which can be fulfilled very easily. This is the easiest and simplest act of nature. Due to nature, the arrangement of drinking water is also done very easily. In fact, our life is very easy due to nature and water is the most important of all for life. We cannot even imagine working anywhere without water. Water is an important means of our daily routine, without it life is not possible.


The climate of India keeps changing through the seasons and this water remains in three phases. Of which the first is the solid state, the second is the liquid state and the third is the gas state.

solid water

The ice which falls in cold areas, that ice in solid state is called solid water.

liquid water

The water which remains in liquid and liquid state, which we all use, that water is called liquid water state.

gas water

When the earth heats up in the summer season, there is a lot of heat, then a cloud is formed above the water vapor. And that cloud falls in the form of rain when the monsoon arrives. These are the same gas, which becomes cloudy in the form of steam in the heat and it is called gas water. This water goes into rivers, ponds, earth, wells, canals and seas and is taken out through wells, hand pumps etc. Along with quenching our thirst, it is very useful in our daily routine.

lack of water

The availability of water has become the biggest challenge on the basis of increasing demand for water, overuse and decreasing supply due to pollution. Water is a cyclical resource that is found in abundance on Earth. About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water. But the fresh water used for use is only about 3 percent. In fact only a very small part of the fresh water is available for human use. The availability of fresh water varies according to the place and time. Tensions and fights over the allocation and control of this scarce resource have become a matter of dispute between sects, regions and states. Evaluation, efficient use and conservation of water has become essential to ensure development.

India's water resources

India has about 2.45 percent of the world's surface area, 4 percent of the water resources, about 16 percent of the population is found. The total amount of water obtained from the description in a year in the country is about 4,000 cubic km. 1,869 cubic km of water is available from surface water and replenishment from ground water. Out of this, only 60 per cent of the water can be used profitably. Thus the total useful water resource in the country is 1,122 cubic km.

terrestrial water resources

There are four main sources of water on the earth. Which is something like this:- (1) Rivers (2) Lakes (3) Talaiya (4) Talab The total rivers in the country and those tributaries whose length is 1.6 km. There are more than 10,360 rivers, including them. The average annual flow across all river basins in India has been estimated to be 1,869 cubic km. However, due to topographic, hydrological and other pressures, only about 690 cubic km (32%) of surface water can be used. The flow of water in a river depends on the size of its catchment area or the river, basin and the rainfall received in this catchment area. In India, the catchment area of ​​some rivers like Ganga, Brahmaputra and Indus is very large. Ganges, Rainfall is relatively high in the catchment area of ​​Brahmaputra and Barak rivers. Although this river is found on about one third of the total area of ​​the country. In which 60 percent of the total surface water resources are found. South Indian rivers such as the Godavari, the Krishna and the Kaveri receive most of the annual water flow. But this is still not possible in the Brahmaputra and Ganga basins.

Water demand and its use

India has traditionally been an agrarian economy and almost two-thirds of its population is dependent on agriculture. Therefore, a very high priority has been given to the development of irrigation in order to increase agricultural production in the Five Year Plans. Multi purpose river valley projects like Bhakra Nangal, Hirakud, Damodar Valley, Nagarjuna Sagar, Indira Gandhi Canal Project etc. have been started. In fact India's present water demand is more than the irrigation requirement. Surface water which is mostly used in agriculture. It uses 89% of surface water and 92% of ground water. Whereas in the industrial area only 2% of ground water and 5% of ground water is used. For domestic use, surface water is used more than ground water. Nevertheless, with the development in the future, there is a possibility of increasing the level of water for industrial and domestic use in the country.

degradation of water

We save water only when we can maintain its properties. Water quality refers to the purity of water or water free from unnecessary foreign substances. Water is polluted by Brahma substances like micro-organisms, chemical substances, industrial and other waste materials. Such substances reduce the quality of water and do not allow it to remain fit for human use. When toxic substances enter lakes, streams, rivers, oceans and other water bodies, they dissolve or become suspended in water. Due to this water pollution increases and water systems are affected in reducing the quality of water.

water conservation and management

If our country India has to save water, then first of all we have to think about its conservation. For this, effective policies and laws have to be made. Effective measures have to be adopted for water conservation. In addition to the development of water, technology and methods, efforts will also have to be made to prevent pollution. There is a need to encourage watershed development, rainwater harvesting, recycling and reuse of water and joint use of water for long-term water supply. Water is the basis of life and we all know this. Its protection means that it is very important to save. The availability of water is decreasing and the epidemic is increasing. Therefore, the solution to the water crisis is the need of the day. It is necessary for every human being to save it and this is for our our nation, Responsibility for the country. We can save water by keeping the sources of water safe. For this we have to curb our indulgent nature and save water as far as possible.

Some ways to save water

(1) Excessive use of water has to be curbed. (2) The water used for cooking should be used to a minimum. (3) Waste of water in unnecessary washing of vegetables etc. will have to be stopped. (4) Wash the car etc. only once a week, or if possible only once a month. (5) Use bucket in bath etc. Do not damage water by using savar etc. (6) Use as much water as you want to drink. (7) Instead of washing clothes separately, wash everyone's clothes together, so that less water is spent. (8) If there is water then there is tomorrow, always keep it in mind. (9) Use less water in coolers etc. (10) Do not use unnecessarily water for unnecessary excuses. Thus if there is water then there is tomorrow. Otherwise we humans will find it difficult to live without water, so take small precautions and save water. The Government of India has made many projects for water conservation. Its name is Save Ground Water.

save groundwater

The National Aquifer Management Project is being run by the government to collect more information about groundwater and save it across the country. It is based on the Helibonner Geophysical Survey System. India is the seventh country to have this technology. Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana are included in the first phase. The ground water condition here is very bad. Mapping has been done in six places of Bihar, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu. Between 2017-2022, a target of mapping an area of ​​​​14 lakh is targeted.


We need water for the sustenance of our life. Once we can live without food for 2 to 3 days, but without water we cannot survive. If there is water, there is tomorrow and only water is necessary in life. We have to always keep this in mind, otherwise, just as we have to pay more money to buy gold, so will the price of water and those people will be killed in that too who will not be able to provide water. Therefore, its conservation and water saving is the only solution. So save water and be ready to deal with future problems. Otherwise, if we do not do this, then nature will also refuse to give us water. So save water and save your life and your life. If there is water then there is tomorrow… otherwise you all know it? Also read :- 10 Lines On Save Water in English Language So this was an essay on save water, I hope You must have liked the essay written in English on Save Water . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Save Water In English