Essay On Save Trees In English

Essay On Save Trees In English

Essay On Save Trees In English - 1200 in words

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Essay on Save Trees (Save Trees Essay in English) Introduction

Human existence is because of trees and environment. Trees are very important for human life. We get many types of material from trees and plants. We get oxygen from trees. Oxygen is needed by humans and many living beings to live. We cannot survive without oxygen. Oxygen is produced by the process of photosynthesis. Trees help in preventing pollution. It is the duty of man to save trees and plants. As the population is increasing, their needs are also increasing. In this cycle, human beings are cutting trees without thinking to build factories, houses, offices and shopping malls. Due to such cutting of trees, pollution is reaching its high level. Saving trees is essential for the survival of human beings.

Numerous materials are obtained from trees

Various things are made from trees. Such as paper, furniture and medicine etc. We get fruits and food from trees. Every day people cut trees to make big buildings. The furniture that is made for the decoration of the houses of the people is possible because of the trees. People get fuel from trees. Man makes food from the wood that man gets from trees. Many things are made from trees. Humans also cut down millions of trees to make furniture. Where trees are cut so much, they should be planted regularly.

Trees are beneficial in preventing pollution

Pollution has increased significantly due to industrialization and urbanization. Smoke coming out of factories and continuously coming out of vehicles pollutes the environment. This has a bad effect on the health of the people. Pollution disturbs the balance of the environment. Pollution has harmed the environment. It is heartbreaking to see the plight of the environment. That is why it is very important to have trees on the earth.

Tree plantation is necessary

Where a man cuts down one tree, he must plant ten more trees. Trees keep the environment green. Conservation of forests is also important. If the forests were cleared, then even the animals would not be able to survive. If we destroy their house, where will they live and what will they eat. Therefore conservation of forests is important.

logo awareness

All the people and students together should plant more and more trees and spread awareness among the people about saving trees. Man has become so blind in the intoxication of progress that he is cutting trees for his selfishness. Man is inviting his own destruction. If there are no trees, we will also not survive. This feeling and awareness should be there in the people of every country.

It is necessary to save trees

To save the earth, it is very important to save trees. People are not giving importance to trees even after knowing everything. Along with the means of convenience and the construction of big buildings, it is important to have trees around us. We get fresh air from trees, which is good for health. If humans do not understand the importance of trees in time, then surely destruction will come near. School administration, students and all types of associations are trying their part to save the trees.

photosynthesis and formation of oxygen

It is a process by which plants make their own food. They make food by using water, sunlight and carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. We need oxygen every moment to live and we get this oxygen from trees and plants. We cannot survive without oxygen. If man did not save the trees, then even nature would not be able to give oxygen. Protecting from global warming or global warming Trees remove the problem of global warming. Earth's temperature is increasing day by day due to pollution. Green house gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, are responsible for global warming. If this continues, then terrible destruction can knock on the earth. It is necessary to plant trees in time and take care of tree plants.

needed for rain

Large trees and plants maintain moisture in the atmosphere. Trees cause rain. If there are no trees, then the rays of the scorching sun will reach the earth in the summer months. The way humans are cutting down trees, the lack of rain can be seen in many places. So every year, humans and especially farmers have to face natural calamities like drought. It has become very important to save the trees.

protection against soil erosion

The roots of the tree hold the soil by force. Due to trees, fertile soil does not get washed away in flood-like situation. In this way it can stop soil erosion. Trees hold not only the soil but also the water contained inside the earth.

manufacturing of natural fertilizers

Natural manure can be made from the twigs and leaves of the tree that fall on the earth. Natural fertilizers are much better than chemical fertilizers. Some animals are herbivores. Like cow, elephant, goat, monkey. Who is dependent on trees for his whole life. If there are no trees, then the existence of these animals will also be in danger.

make the environment clean and beautiful

Big trees near the roads in cities protect us from the strong rays of the sun. Sitting among trees and plants in parks and gardens fills the mind with happiness.

worship of trees

In our country people worship trees like Banyan, Peepal, Tulsi, Mango, Banana etc. There is an important spiritual reason behind worshiping.

bad effects of cutting down forests

We can see the bad effect of cutting down forests. In which global warming, melting of snow with greenhouse effect are included. After all these, every year we face natural calamities. Due to this we all have to suffer heavy loss of life and property. To maintain the natural balance, it is very important to save trees and plants. Due to increase in population, human beings are fulfilling their needs. For large and wide spaces, trees have to be cut for factories. This leads to natural calamities like floods, droughts and earthquakes. Due to natural calamities, terrible accidents are happening every day.

air pollution

Due to the cutting of trees, the number of trees is decreasing. They are cutting forests to make roads. Millions of speeding vehicles on the roads are polluting the air. The toxic gas released from it pollutes the environment and spoils the health.


We all have to take a pledge together that we will save trees and plants. If humans keep cutting trees in this way, then there will be a cataclysm on the earth. So that such a day does not come, we all should plant trees and take care of them. We should plant trees around us and everyone should be made aware of this subject.

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Essay On Save Trees In English