Essay On Samay Ka Sadupyog - Good Use Of Time In English

Essay On Samay Ka Sadupyog - Good Use Of Time In English

Essay On Samay Ka Sadupyog - Good Use Of Time In English - 1500 in words

Today we will write an essay on the use of time (Essay On Samay Ka Sadupyog in English) . This essay written on the use of time has been written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. This essay written on the use of time (Essay On Samay Ka Sadupyog in English) can be used for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Utilization of Time (Samay Ka Sadupyog Essay in English) Introduction

Time is a priceless wealth. The importance of time leads us to success in life. Once time passes, it does not return. If once we make curd from milk, it cannot be turned into milk again. Time is something that cannot be lost and regained. There is nothing more important than time. Utilizing time means doing right and right work at right time. Those who leave their important work for tomorrow, they do not get success. The wheel of time does not stop, but keeps on going. Disregarding it can be heavy for a person and also cause harm. The person who does not use the time properly, he is always disappointed in life. Such a person curses his fate, which is absolutely wrong. The waves of the ocean, the rotation of the earth around the sun, All this work does not stop. This earth natural law is an unmatched witness of time. The great men and scientists of the country have not wasted time. So these people have done a great job by utilizing the time properly. People who make good use of time do good work and achieve their position in the society.

time priceless money

Time waits for no one. He moves continuously and is never under the pressure of any force. We can also earn money back but we are unable to bring back the past. The person who works on time understands the importance of time very well. Time destroys one who misuses time. People who do not respect time, they are useless and lazy. In this world of competition how precious time is, it is well understood by those people who want to do something in life. Those who make good use of time climb the ladder of success quickly. Time is more valuable than money, money and wealth.

need to work on time

Do it tomorrow, do it today, do it today, do it now. There will be catastrophe in the moment, when will Bahuri do it. It means, we should do today's work today and finish tomorrow's work today itself. Because who knows what will happen tomorrow? People who misuse time always leave today's work for tomorrow. He looks for excuses for not working on time. Time is not a money or a jewel, which we can preserve and keep in the safe. The sun rises and sets on time. All the planets in the solar system are rotating regularly. Every year the weather comes at the right time. It would not be wrong to say that no one knows better use of time than nature.

importance of time in student life

Time is very important in student life. Children are taught to do every task on time from childhood. Getting up on time in the morning, going to school, going to school and completing class work on time, all these are taught to the students. Ideal students in student life understand that they should not waste even a minute of time. Students make time planning so that they can do all their work and other activities on time. Students make a well-organized time table, ie time table, so that they can do every work at the right time, without any mistake in it. Students do every important work in a planned and correct manner. Such a student is called an ideal student. Students should try to learn different tasks in whatever time is left in life. No one has seen the future, so time should be used continuously.

The need to understand the gravity of the times

If every work is done on time then progress of society and country is sure. If all the trains start running according to the time, then the work efficiency will increase in India. If all the work in the offices starts on time and the employees are punctual, then the progress of the office is sure. If a person uses the time properly then he can touch the sky. If the patient is not taken to the medical center on time, then his life can be lost. Understanding punctuality is essential. Parents should always teach their children the importance of time. By doing this, children follow the time themselves from childhood and prepare for a bright future. Nowadays some parents have become so busy that they do not give time to their children and do not see themselves following it. As a result, children also get spoiled. Parents should first teach their children to follow the right time.

it is important to do the right thing at the right time

Swami Vivekananda has said that Arise, Awake and move forward to achieve your objective. The time lost gives man nothing but remorse. Man should come to do the right work and test it at the right time. We should decide how to spend our valuable time. Time plays an important role in human life. When a person is not able to do any work on time in his life, then he keeps rubbing his hands. If everything in life is not according to the time, then life turns upside down. One should not be lazy. Laziness is the biggest enemy. Due to this, the person is not able to do the important tasks on time and wastes time. As a result of which he has to suffer later and he has nothing left to regret.

Key to Success: Timing

Time plays a big role in opening the doors of success. If the person does not work on time, then these doors and all the roads get closed. God has given all human beings their time. We get twenty-four hours every day, so that we can make good use of time in life to complete our tasks. Man should also do his hard work at the right time, only then the hard work pays off. Time should not be wasted without any reason. Just as time goes on continuously, we should also move continuously with the clock of time. Understanding the meaning of time and using it for achieving one's goal is the good of man.

time should not be wasted

Time is the most important aspect of life. Once the wheel of time turns, your desired time will never return. How we use the time in our whole life time, it completely depends on the human being. Every human has a fixed time and it ends after the end of life. The use of this time depends only on man. If a man makes good use of his time, he can become rich from poor. One who wastes time in vain can become poor from rich. Time destroys those people who do not give importance to time.

Loss of time and failure of man

We can neither buy nor sell time. Time is used by man. People who do not use time properly lead a lifeless and ineffective life. They waste their precious time in fun, the result of which they know later. Such people do not even know that they are using a valuable commodity like time in a wrong way. There is no loss of time due to this, the loss is of people with such mentality. Time is limitless. Time has no beginning and it has no end. Some people ignore the importance of time even after understanding it. People waste time by losing patience at the right time and take wrong decisions.


Time is a precious gem. If a person wants to be successful in the right way, then he should appreciate the time. The person who wastes time pushes himself to a downfall. Time is always in motion. Time does not stop for anyone, nor is it in his nature to wait. If a person wants to lead a successful life, then he has to take the right decisions at the right moment and work hard in the right direction, only then he is able to make good use of the time. Time is very powerful. It is not possible to beat time, but it is our responsibility to use it. Time gives people many chances to be successful in life. It is the duty of man to make use of these precious moments.

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Essay On Samay Ka Sadupyog - Good Use Of Time In English