Essay On Road Safety In English

Essay On Road Safety In English

Essay On Road Safety In English - 1100 in words

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Road Safety Essay in English Introduction

Man has made progress in every field in his life. Human beings need means of transport to reach their destination for their daily work like office, school, college, hospital etc. Road safety is very important. Many families and people lose their lives in road accidents every day, or they get badly injured. Necessary rules have been made to prevent accidents on the roads and this is called road safety. Pedestrians and people driving on the roads should follow the road rules. By following the road safety rules, road accidents will be reduced and we will all be able to travel on safe roads.

Population growth, private vehicles and accidents

The population of the country is increasing day by day and the number of vehicles on the roads is also increasing. Everyday there are traffic jams on the roads for hours. The crowd of vehicles increases so much that it becomes difficult for the traffic constable to handle them. Traffic constables give many types of signs, which all drivers have to imitate. Nowadays people want to reach their destination with private vehicles. All people have their own bike and car, due to which people use public vehicles less. Due to this, the situation like traffic jam persists every day. Many times people drive at high speed and violate the rules, which leads to many road accidents.

Important Road Safety Rules

All pedestrians on the road must walk on the left side of the road. The driver of the vehicle should not speed the vehicle on the road. When we drive, we should always keep our speed under control. We should drive carefully at road junctions. People should not drive vehicles, bikes, etc. at high speed on very busy roads. Bike and scooty riders should wear a good and strong helmet. This is necessary for their safety. Vehicles should be driven carefully on public places like school, college roads and should control the speed of their vehicle so that there is no accident. Whenever we drive our car, we should keep distance from other vehicles, so that there is no possibility of any kind of accident. Pedestrians should know all the rules related to road safety. Always wear a seat belt while driving a car. All the rules must be followed while driving.

road safety precautions

The footpath should always be used for walking. People should use zebra crossings and over bridges to cross the road. Many times one vehicle gives rise to accidents in the process of overtaking another vehicle. Whenever the car has to move forward or someone is coming in front of the road, then it should be alerted by giving a horn. The vehicle should always be turned or rotated carefully. It should be indicated so that other drivers and pedestrians can understand it.

Vigilance is necessary on the road

People nowadays like to be connected to mobile all the time. Many people talk on mobile phone while driving. This diverts their attention from driving and due to this, there are also serious road accidents. If people ignore this while driving, then serious accidents can happen. It is the responsibility of all of us to drive carefully on the road.

Drunk driving is a crime

Some citizens are careless and drive their vehicles in an intoxicated state. this is unfair. Drunk driving is a crime. Due to this, the driver not only puts his own life but also the life of others in danger. Drivers should not drive under the influence of alcohol. Many terrible road accidents happen in the state of intoxication. Sometimes people carelessly drive in reverse manner. This is very wrong. People should always be alert on the road.

bad condition of roads

Road condition is very bad in many cities. It is the responsibility of the government to improve the condition of the roads. It is also our responsibility to keep the roads good. Sometimes accidents happen due to bad roads.

It is important to educate children about road safety

Children are innocent and knowledge about road safety must be given to them. Knowledge related to road safety should also be included in the curriculum. Many times, children come in front of the vehicles without thinking while playing and a big accident takes birth. Children are fickle by nature. Sometimes drivers do not understand their intention whether they want to cross the road or not. They should learn from home and school how to cross the road. Sometimes children get nervous seeing the vehicle coming in front of them at high speed. Children do not know how to cross the road. They do not know the speed of vehicles, so it is necessary to explain them road safety and rules.

road safety knowledge for kids

Children should learn to look left and right while crossing the road. The elders should always accompany the children while crossing the road. Children sometimes run away from the hands of their parents, which is very unfair. Children should always cross the road carefully. Many times children lose their focus while playing and parents should explain to them that they should never go towards the road. Parents should teach children that they should walk on the sidewalk only. Sometimes some children listen to songs on earphones while cycling. They should not do this. They should not go on the road without the permission of the parents. Children should never leave their parents' hand and run on the road. Pedestrians must also obey all traffic signs. The importance of traffic signals and traffic signs on the road should be understood and children should also be explained.

important traffic signs

When a red light is on on the road, she signals everyone to stop. Whatever situation people are in, they stop. The yellow light turns on after the red light. This means that now you can walk in no time. As soon as the yellow light signal is given, the vehicles are started and ready to go. Green light means you can leave now. People move on after the green light, because the road remains the right way to proceed. We should be aware of these simple signs. Road safety is not only for the drivers but also for the pedestrians.


The government has become very serious about road safety. For the safety of its countrymen, the government is correcting the condition of the roads. The government is also ensuring that people also follow the rules of road safety.

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Essay On Road Safety In English