Essay On Republic Day In English

Essay On Republic Day In English

Essay On Republic Day In English - 2300 in words

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Essay on Republic Day (26 January Essay in English)


Every year 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day i.e. Republic Day in the country. This day is a national festival and on this day there is a holiday in the country. The Constitution of the country came into force on 26 January, since then this day was celebrated as Republic Day.

republic day celebration

The celebration of Republic Day is visible all over the country. Wherever one looks, everyone seems to be immersed in the color of patriotism. Many cultural programs take place in all the schools of the country on the occasion of Republic Day. In which students actively participate and dance of patriotism, Music and speech etc. Flag hoisting program is organized in all government offices on Republic Day. In this, all the staff together hoist the flag. But if we want to see the true color of this day, then we get to see it in Delhi's Rajpath and Red Fort. Here the Prime Minister of the country presents himself and hoists the flag and addresses the country. The main center of attraction in Delhi is the parade from Rajpath to Red Fort. To see which people come from different parts of the country and enjoy this parade. This parade instils a patriotic feeling in every beholder. All three parts of the country's army, the Navy, the Army and the Air Force participate in the parade. The President of the country is also present on this occasion. Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the three armies. These three armies salute the President. Along with this, every year the country invites the President of any other country, the Prime Minister or the head of its friendly country to attend the Republic Day. On the day of Republic Day, everyone starts gathering in Rajpath from the morning itself, whether it is a common person or a politician, everyone comes there from morning itself. During the parade, the country's armies also keep many types of equipment in front of the country. In this, many modern tanks, missiles as well as many types of state-of-the-art machinery are shown. Every year something new is shown, so that the message goes to the world that the country is capable of protecting itself. Along with fighting equipment, there are also army bands, who play many different instruments. Listening to them increases the feeling of patriotism even more. Police force and NCC are also part of this parade. The most exciting feat in this parade is performed by the country's army on a motorbike, which one would like to miss seeing. In the parade of Republic Day, not only the power of the country is displayed, but the tableau of the cultural merits of different states is also taken out. As our country is made up of many states and each state has its own distinct culture, Language and history. These few special things of every state are the main center of attraction on this day. The unity between each state is shown in this parade. Many people are wearing the state's special attire. Together they also perform some traditional dances of that state. All these scenes look quite captivating to see. Around 1200 school children dance. Balloons made in the color of the tricolor are released into the air.

history behind republic day

The country got independence from the British Raj in 1947 but there was no constitution of the country. The framework of how the country will work is made from the constitution itself. On August 28, 1947, a committee was formed whose task was to give a permanent constitution to the country. The chairman of this committee was Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. On 4 November 1947, this committee placed this draft of the constitution before the Constituent Assembly. The assembly made many changes in this draft and after waiting for 2 years, 11 months and 18 days, on 24 January 1950, 308 members of the assembly signed in two drafts. One of these drafts was in English and the other draft was in English. After 2 days, this draft was implemented in the whole country and the whole country got its own constitution. Since then 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day across the country. Because from this day the people of the country had got the right that they can choose a leader of their own free will to run the country. On this day the first President of the country, Dr Rajendra Prasad, was appointed.

Importance of Amar Jawan Jyoti

Amar Jawan Jyoti has been built on one side of Rajpath. Any Prime Minister comes to Amar Jawan Jyoti before hoisting the flag. Amar Jawan Jyoti is a symbol of those who have laid down their lives for the sake of the country. The Prime Minister comes here and observes a silence of 2 minutes in his memory. After that they move on to all other programs.

gallantry award

On the day of Republic Day, gallantry awards are given to such people, who have done heroic deeds. Ashok Chakra and Kirti Chakra are given for this. This award is given to such brave soldiers who have done any work on the strength of their courage and skill which is not less than exaggeration in sight and hearing.

feat of air force

The Indian Air Force also attracts the attention of the people in this parade. A variety of feats are performed through the jets and helicopters of the Indian Air Force, one of which is to make the national flag of our country in the air. Apart from the acrobatics in the air, the second biggest center of attraction is the rides on the motor bikes which the soldiers of the army do. Everyone is waiting for this ride, because seeing the feats done in it, everyone's breath stops.

Beating Retreat Ceremony

We all think that Republic Day ends on 26 January, but officially this national festival starts from 26 January and ends on 29 January. Republic Day culminates with the Beating Retreat on 29 January. On this day the bands of the three armies i.e. the Navy Band, the Army Band and the Air Force Band perform together. During this, His Excellency the President is present as a guest. The Beating Retreat ceremony is held at Vijay Chowk and Raisina Hills .

chief guest of republic day

In its very first Republic Day celebrations, the country has been inviting the heads of friendly countries to attend the ceremony. There is an atmosphere of tension with China in the country today, but India has also invited China and Pakistan as chief guests. Apart from these, India has also invited Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Mauritius to its neighboring countries. While the US has also been the chief guest after the USSR and the Cold War. Along with this, many countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Yugoslavia, France, UK, Nigeria have been the chief guests in this ceremony. In 2015, US President Barack Obama was the chief guest. Whereas in 2016 he was the President of France. In 2017, the Crown Prince of UAE attended the ceremony as the chief guest.

Republic day in different states

Every state brings out some special types of tableaux here, which show how much progress the state has made since independence. The cultural glimpse of the state is also seen in those tableaux. In many places this festival is celebrated through singing, dancing and musical instruments.


India is a country where people of many religions live together. Where the dialect changes after walking a short distance and then the dress changes every 400-500 km. In such a situation, the constitution is that link which binds all the people of the country in the thread of unity. This is a festival which is celebrated with the same spirit by all the people all over the country. Republic day is a day that increases the loyalty of the people of the country to the constitution and increases the feeling of patriotism.

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Essay on 26 January Republic Day (Short Essay On Republic Day in English)

Republic Day is an important national festival of our India. Republic Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm on 26 January. 26 January is considered to be a very special day, on this day Sabidhan was implemented in our country. That is why many programs are held in our country on this day and everyone takes part in it. Republic Day is celebrated with great pomp, especially in government offices and schools. Many programs are organized in the school on this day and children perform plays, speeches and many other programs. On January 26, some schools take out a rally of children, in which the tricolor of India is given in everyone's hands. On this day all the brave leaders and brave soldiers of our country are remembered. Everyone remembers him in their own way. All these brave soldiers have lost their lives for the freedom of our country. The British ruled our country for a long time. At that time the citizen of India had to face difficulties for a long time and when the British ruled, Then the rules made by the British had to be followed. And those rules were not in the interest of our countrymen. For this reason, after independence, the leaders and countrymen of our country had demanded a regular constitution in India. On August 28, 1947, in the meeting of the Drafting Committee, a draft of a constitution was prepared keeping a watch on the residents of our country. And in this meeting all the subjects of our country were discussed and after that on 4th November 1947, under the chairmanship of Dr. Bhim Ram Ambedkar ji, the resolution was placed in the house. And in 2 years 11 months and 18 days, India's solution was prepared. There were many problems in between, but all the people who wanted our India were engaged for it and on 26 January 1950 this constitution was implemented in our country. On 26 January, the demand of the residents of our country was fulfilled and our country started running according to the rules of the constitution. This helped our country to move towards development and this day is very much appreciated by all. Was waiting. That is why this day is welcomed by all the people of our India by waving the tricolor and even today we all celebrate this day by waving the tricolor and introducing ourselves as Indian with the national anthem and this makes us feel proud. To make Republic Day more special, special programs are organized in New Delhi, the capital of India. The President of our country also participates in this program and our President of India starts this program by hoisting the flag and singing the national anthem. Indian Navy, Army and Air Force participate in this program and all present their art. On 26 January, people from many different places of India come to Delhi to increase the morale of the army and take part in it. On this day the President of the country also gives awards to the army of our country for its performance. On this day the Air Force performs special performances, They show their weapons in the sky. And the tricolor colors saffron, white and green flowers rain, which makes the event more interesting. On 26 January, the soldiers present on all the borders of our country do a special parade and on that day they also get pregnant on their own. While protecting Mother India, on this day the army chief also organizes a program with his army comrades. And in it all the armies also show their weapons and hoist the flag. Along with this, the entire surrounding area resonates with the national anthem. The army protects our country but on the day of Republic Day, we wish more for the development of our country. The preparations for 26 January are started a month in advance in the schools, colleges and government private institutions of our country. To make this day a special day, the dances of our country, Young children all take part in singing and various programs and games. And its practice is started a few days in advance. Nearby people are also called in the program organized on the day of Republic Day and they all enjoy this event. Prizes are also distributed to boost the morale of everyone for participating in this program. The event begins with the hoisting of the Indian tricolor and is accompanied by the distribution of various types of sweets. Along with this, specially the national sweets Jilbi are also distributed. On January 26, all the people who came to the program tell something good about this auspicious day and give speeches and tell the story of the country to the children. We all should take a decision to do something good for our country, big or small, on 26th January. The national festival of our country is celebrated on this day. Therefore, we should support the work done for the development of the nation. We should openly participate in the Republic Day, if there is any person around who is unaware of it, then he should tell and explain the importance of this day. So this was the essay on Republic Day, I hope You must have liked the Hindi Essay On Republic Day written in English on the subject of Republic Day . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Republic Day In English