Essay On Rainy Season In English

Essay On Rainy Season In English

Essay On Rainy Season In English - 1600 in words

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Essay on Rainy Season (Rainy Season Essay in English) Introduction

Nature has always been a companion. Since the beginning of creation, human beings have been embodying nature in a pure, sattvic loving core. Nature has swung it in the cradle of cool winds. He has sung the melodious music of birds, bathed in Chandrika Sudha. The field of nature is limitless, morning sun, evening moon, dark clouds moving in the sky, blue amber, high mountains, trenches, waterfalls, waving fields, chirping birds sitting on the branches of trees, every moment new to us- Gives a new message. Some "Secretly understood to hear the pun of this cool Fiza" The nature of beauty of nature is indescribable. Nature keeps on flaunting its form at every step in the world. But in all this season, the rainy season is such a season that we do not believe without making our mind happy.

rainy season scene

The rainy season comes with Sudha-Varshi. There is joy everywhere and the fields start waving. Trees start singing the songs of Jhum Jhoom, the closed buds open. Dew drops start shining like pearls. How beautiful is the lightning in the sky in the rainy season. Describing the beauty of nature in the rainy season, Tulsidas ji has said. During the rainy season, the clouds did not rain, the cost of thunder was very pleasant, the money was shining, the love of Khal did not stop.

beautiful view of the rainbow in the rainy season

Friends, whatever the weather is, but the rainy season is the only season in which you get to see the rainbow. And believe it, seeing it, it seems as if it is that beautiful view of nature that we are waiting for this season to see. Were were The rainy season in our country India lasts from July to the end of September. According to the Hindu calendar, it lasts from Shravan to the end of the month of Ashwin. It brings a sprinkling of hope and relief to everyone in life after the unbearable heat. Along with humans, trees, plants, birds, animals all eagerly wait for this rainy season season. A lot of preparations are done to welcome it. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief as soon as this season arrives. The sky looks very beautiful, bright, clear and light blue. Sometimes a rainbow of seven colors is also visible. The whole environment looks beautiful and attractive, As if there is an adorable picture that everyone would like to take a picture of. And indeed such a wonderful view of the rainy season is made on seeing.

arrival of rainy season

After spring, the sun turns completely north. Due to this there is severe heat. At that time the earth starts burning, trees and plants get scorched, all the animals and birds etc. get disturbed. Due to the scorching heat of summer, rivers, lakes, ponds and seas start drying up. This water takes the form of vapor and goes into the sky and due to the falling coolness, this vapor becomes cloudy and starts raining in the form of rain. When the roaring blue-blue clouds start giving new life to all the animals with their life (water), then the rainy season begins and the water of the word life becomes meaningful. The rain that falls from the clouds in the rainy season is the first rain. Its fragrance or fragrance fills the mind. Grass and plants are planted everywhere in the plain area. Everywhere there is water. dry river, pond, Water fills up in wells etc. Water is essential for agriculture and rain brings its water abundantly in this season. The atmosphere becomes clean, in many places there is a tradition of singing folk songs on the arrival of rain. The kitchen gardens of the houses become green. Due to which vegetables are easily available at home.

Information about the rainy season as well as other seasons

First of all, along with the information about the rainy season, we should also know what are the seasons. There are mainly three seasons or seasons: rainy season, summer and autumn. According to the autumn and other Hindu calendars, the names of the seasons are based on the names of the months, which are as follows.

  • Chaitra (March-April) Vaishakh (April-May) Jyeshtha (May-June) Ashadha (June-July) Shravan (July-August) Padarpaksha (August-September) Ashwin (September-October) Kartik (October-November) Margashirsha ( November-December) Poshmas (December-January) Maghamas (January-February) Phalgunmas (February-March)

In this way, in our country, the six seasons respectively spring, summer, rain, autumn, hemant and shishir come and make the atmosphere of India cheerful. The talk of seasons like scorching heat, intense winter, more rain, beautiful autumn, and spring are unique. Distraught by the scorching heat of the summer season in India, all the living beings forget their enmity and live together fearlessly and after the summer season comes the rainy season. After the rainy season comes autumn. In autumn there is mist and fog all around. The air that cools the soul also blows. The rays of the sun seem to be very pleasant. Chakori takes the sun as the moon and enjoys it like night even in the day. Flowers start blooming in autumn, as nature turns the cycle of seasons, then the throbbing Hemant Ritu is seen. She also presents her complete pastimes. Thus the cycle of seasons continues according to the months mentioned above.

damage from rainy season

Although the rainy season is very useful for us. At this time, due to the outbreak of air, severe diseases like cholera, malaria, chikungunya, seasonal fever etc. In which many human beings go into the mouth of time. Sometimes heavy rains cause floods and wash away villages, houses and chopays. Roads are cut, railway moments break and many works are postponed. Sometimes, due to excessive rainfall, agriculture is killed, houses collapse. Sometimes many human beings die prematurely due to lightning strikes. Due to the presence of water and mud on the roads, it becomes very difficult to move out of the house or move from one place to another. Children can't even jump. Mosquitoes do not even sleep at night. The truth is that where there is happiness from rain, there is also sorrow.

benefit from the rainy season

There are many benefits from the rainy season. Our country India is an agricultural country and agriculture is the basis of our country. Rain does not only produce food for human beings, fodder for varna animals becomes so much that there is enough fodder for the whole year. At some places, suitable benefits are taken by stopping the rain water from dams etc. Water is collected at such places so that later it can be used for drinking. Due to the scorching heat of summer, the lethargy gets absorbed in the people. She gets away with the arrival of the rain. The pleasing scenery of the rain makes the mind happy.

Increase in employment during the rainy season

In the rainy season, when the rain arrives at the right time. So money comes in the field and many other works. The forest becomes green due to which many wooden furniture and household items are manufactured. Fabrics are made in factories. Food items are sold. In this way many avenues of employment are opened.

Importance of rainy season for farmers

The rainy season is important for everyone. But the most important thing is for the farmers. Because agriculture requires a lot of water, so that there is no shortage of water for the crops. That's why farmers generally keep many pits and ponds. So that rain water can be used at the time of need. In fact, the rainy season is a boon given by God to the farmers. When there is no rain, they pray to Lord Indra for rain and eventually they get the blessings of rain. There are clouds in the sky, because black and white clouds roam here and there in the sky. These clouds bring water with them and when the monsoon comes, the rains follow.

enjoy the rainy season

With the arrival of the rainy season, you all know that the beauty of the rainy season goes away. And in this season, the joy of walking outside in such a place is something else where greenery is covered with green sheets everywhere. Often the joy of visiting Nainital, Kashmir and all those mountainous areas where the monsoon is a beautiful sight in the rainy season is something else. In such weather, Nokian also has a different fun of its own.


Someone has said, “A moonlit night full of stars can bring more happiness to a patient than a nurse, if he can understand her language. That is to say, in the season given by nature, the rainy season fascinates the mind very much. With the rainy season, the environment becomes clean and there is greenery everywhere. So we should plant more and more trees and enjoy the season like rainy season.

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Essay On Rainy Season In English