Essay On Rainy Day In English

Essay On Rainy Day In English

Essay On Rainy Day In English - 1500 in words

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Rainy Day Essay in English Introduction

We see many seasons coming and going in our life. Some seasons please us, some seasons do not please us. But it doesn't matter. Every season is important to us. In the same way, it is very important for us on a rainy day. Its difference reflects our need and that is also because just as we cannot live without oxygen, our day does not start without eating food, similarly without water, we cannot even see life being lived. Water is very important for us. Rain not only gives us water to drink, but it is the most important element of life.

beautiful rainy day

Rainy days are very beautiful and pleasant. Due to the annual motion of the earth, there are seasons and in these seasons the rainy days are life-giving. But this rainy day has two sides. Some people love this season very much. So some people do not like these rainy days at all and that is because they do not like mud and wetness everywhere. Nevertheless, the talk of rainy days is very good and fun compared to other seasons. In these days, even children do not agree without getting wet in the rain, they are very tempted to get wet in the rain and play. Even some games are fun to play in the rain. Just like games like football are made for rainy days only.

the arrival of rainy days

Its effect is seen as soon as the rainy days arrive and its importance is greater than all the seasons. The beauty of greenery is created everywhere. dancing like nature Every drop of rain falls like an anklet. As if a dancer is doing a very beautiful dance. During the rainy season, along with the mind, the body also gets excited and thrilled. During the rainy days, there is a variety of flowers and buds in the arrival of blooming. During the rainy season, the atmosphere becomes pleasant and charming. The rivers get filled with immense water in the ponds. Sometimes, during the rainy season, so much water gets everywhere that flood situation arises. During the rainy season, there is so much water that there is no tail and then all this water goes into the lap of the sea. Trees are covered with new leaves. New flowers and fruits start coming in them. A group of flowers-greedy Bhorau starts hovering over them and birds eager for fruits start making their nest on them. During the rainy season, the shade of the forest and the groves becomes unique. The attraction of colorful flowers is made on sight. around A gust of fragrant air gives such a sweet feeling to our feelings that we start humming. The surface of the earth begins to be adorned with the sprouts of seeds. Thin-growing, these shoots keep on trembling with fear even with the blows of the clouds, sometimes slow and sometimes intense water, as well as the scolding of thunder and thunder. Such are the days of rain. During the day and at night, the light of the lightning shining from the sky comes on the earth and does not know where it hides, to see which the mind becomes curious again and again.

Importance of rainy day for farmers

Farmers in our country India are still heavily dependent on rainy days. If the rains are good then the farmers of the whole country become very happy. If there is a slight decrease in the rain, then it definitely affects the agriculture and the result is that according to the farmers they do not get the produce. This is the reason why rainy days are of utmost importance for the whole country. And it is natural for this to happen. About 70 percent of the people in our country India are dependent on agriculture. 43 percent of the area is used for agriculture and on that 43 percent of the area the farmer sows food grains. Then the most important is water for agriculture, so water and rainy days are of utmost importance to the farmer. After all, on the strength of this farming, his house runs. And not only his house, everyone's house is run by food grains, So rainy day is important for everyone. The farmer waits day and night for the rainy season and discusses the rainy days. Newspapers, radio, TV everywhere, just in the hope of rainy days, the farmer's time passes. Sometimes it rains less and sometimes more. The effect of which is seen on farmers, traders, carriers, people engaged in processing, exporters. That's why for all these rainy days are very important and even if they keep importance, why not. The means of survival is only on rainy days.

story of a rainy day

It was time for the rainy season. When I woke up one day in the morning, I saw that the Sun God had appeared only for some time from outside the window and then did not know where to hide under the guise of clouds. At that time dark clouds had gathered. Before it rained, I picked up my umbrella and left for school. Because school was not too far from my home. At school, the prayer was just about to end when light splatters started falling on my face. Because our school prayers were held on the school grounds, we were quickly sent to our class. When it was raining less, then one or two periods passed like this. But as time passed, The rain also started increasing. Then our principal made an announcement that all the children should come to the school ground and we all picked up our bags and went to the ground. In the ground, the principal madam said that today due to rain, all of you are released. All of you children, go to your home as soon as possible. I too quickly went outside the gate, but it started raining very fast and seeing the road, it was filled with water and I was drenched in spite of having an umbrella. It happened because we kids were jumping a lot in the water, having fun. By the time I reached home, I was very drenched and started trembling. Then my mother quickly gave me other clothes. I changed my clothes and my father also came home soon after. My father loves to eat tea and bhajiya in this season. My mother made tea and bhajiya for all of us, Enjoyed eating it. Our school had declared a holiday for five days. Because of the rain, I think the lottery has gone out. That's why I like the rainy season more than any other season.

benefits of rainy day

Rainy days are considered better than any other season. The essence of these days is a day of rejoicing. Happiness fails all around. Everyone has their own style, to celebrate this season like a festival. People wait for these days throughout the year and people get happy as soon as it comes. Lord Indra is considered to be the god of rain and to celebrate him during the rainy days, many types of worship are performed as well as havan. When it rains and when the drops of rain fall on the mother earth, then as a thanksgiving to the god Indra, a havan etc. is also done. (1) Apart from us humans, rain is very important for trees and plants. (2) The need of rainy days is very important for the farmers. For his farming these days, Eagerly waiting for the grain. (3) People of all ages, big or small, wait for the rainy days. (4) The train of life moves forward only during the rainy days. (5) In rainy days, people with family send them to their homes and enjoy pakoras. This rainy day also works to reduce the distance in the families. (6) This water from rainy days is collected and kept for various purposes. So that when there is a problem of water, it can be used.


Everyone has a story about the rainy days. Be it small or big, after all, no one wants to forget the memories of these beautiful days. Whether it is school days, standing with friends, drinking tea or Bhutto's party, all take us back to our college days. In fact, on rainy days, distances in the family also reduce. Where its drops are very important for crops, the same rain strengthens the relationship with a sweet evening tea. So who will not wait for these rainy days?

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Essay On Rainy Day In English