Essay On Pollution In English

Essay On Pollution In English

Essay On Pollution In English - 2700 in words

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  • Essay on Pollution (Pollution Essay in English) Essay on Pollution (Pollution Essay in English)

Pollution Essay in English


Pollution is such a particle of the earth which is harmful to all human beings, living beings and animals living on the earth. Pollution is very harmful for our body. Pollution is found everywhere in our country, but its quantity is more in the metropolis. The real reason for this is That we all know that there are many factories in Mahanagar and those factories cause huge amount of pollution. The reason for pollution from the factory is that work is done in factories and some of its goods are thrown here and there due to deterioration. We see the factory making some goods and the chimney making it, how bad its smoke comes out. All these are pollution emanating from factories. If we see people in a small town or rural area, then some garbage is thrown here and there. The same garbage gets spoiled after a few days and then its smell also starts coming very bad. And there is a lot of pollution from that, it pollutes the air around us. That is why after collecting all the garbage in one place, we should put it inside the soil or in the garbage box, This will keep everyone around us safe and we will also be safe. If the garbage stays in one place for a long time, it starts rotting. Because of which many insects and viruses become on it. In such a situation, very dangerous diseases can also spread. Nowadays we know this thing very well and also see that today it does not rain from time to time. Earlier all the farmers were making their harvest time and they knew how much rain would be in which month. According to the same discipline, all the farmers used to plant their crops and used to irrigate their crops with the same rain water. Because of this there was no need to give them water separately. But now hardly any farmers are able to harvest the crop due to natural rain at the time of harvest. Today, due to pollution, the weather also lasts for a long time in the summer and sometimes the cold season lasts for a long time. No season comes on its own time and no season ends with its time. The reason for all this is the polluted environment, till we do not try to reduce pollution, we and our future generations will have to face all these problems. There are different types of pollution and all of them spread in many ways. So we know and understand all these pollution in detail in turn. Till then we and our future generations will have to bear all these problems. There are different types of pollution and all of them spread in many ways. So we know and understand all these pollution in detail in turn. Till then we and our future generations will have to bear all these problems. There are different types of pollution and all of them spread in many ways. So we know and understand all these pollution in detail in turn. Types Of Pollution Air Pollution This pollution occurs due to air pollution, air is polluted when harmful gases, dust, particles etc. are mixed in the air. This polluted air is harmful to the human body and similarly polluted air causes air pollution. We know how important it is for ordinary human beings to breathe to live life and when we breathe, our body needs pure oxygen. But due to dust particles in the air, the air becomes polluted and this air enters our body through the nose. This causes a lot of damage to our body and we have to face the disease. That is why air pollution is very harmful for our body. When it rains in the polluted area due to air pollution, the rain water is not able to remain clean due to getting dust particles of polluted air in the rain water. And when the impure water enters the farmer's crops, the crops get spoiled. Due to this the farmer also has to face heavy loss. Most of the air pollution comes from the smoke coming out of vehicles and from burning things like plastic. If we want to avoid increasing air pollution, then we should pay attention to all these and try to keep the air pure. Water Pollution In simple words, water pollution is called water pollution. When any harmful chemical foodstuffs and dust particles mix with water, it is called water pollution. Due to the increase in water pollution, we all are facing shortage of clean water for drinking. Many rivers and ponds have polluted water and fish farming is done in that water. But eating that fish is very harmful for the body. When the farmer grows his crops with polluted water, then the virus goes inside our body under that fruit and vegetable etc. So due to this we have to face many diseases and our body gets harmed. Polluted water threatens the health of humans, animals and birds, diseases like typhoid, jaundice and cholera occur due to polluted water. Avoiding these diseases is very important in our life. Water pollution mainly comes from rivers, Because all the waste from the factory is found in the rivers. Nowadays, the drains of big cities are also mixed with rivers and canals, which increases water pollution. Most of the dirty water of factories is mixed with rivers. To prevent water pollution, we should consider all these and should be cautious with ourselves. Soil Pollution Land pollution occurs due to the mixing of harmful chemical substances in the soil. There is a lot of increase in water pollution and air pollution due to land pollution. With the increase of land pollution, our farmer is getting short of good land for farming. Crop grown in polluted land causes pollution due to soil and using that polluted crop causes many problems in our body. Land pollution is mainly caused by the use of chemicals and pesticides in the fields. To save their crops, farmers use insecticidal chemicals and this has a huge impact on land pollution. At the same time, the waste and plastic emanating from the house and factories, which are very difficult to find in the soil, pollute the land. There is also a shortage of food grains due to land pollution and if the grain is grown and eaten in the polluted land. So this also harms our body Arrives. That's why we should save the land from pollution. Noise Pollution: The more loud sound and louder sound which is difficult for human to hear, the pollution spread due to such sound is called noise pollution. Due to noise pollution, our hearing starts decreasing. Noise pollution has a lot of effect on the health of children and it increases the heart rate. It is very important for us to avoid this. Noise pollution is mainly caused by the sound of vehicles and loud speedcars are used to make loud noises in festivals, rallies or any event.


We should try to avoid all these pollution. Together we can stop pollution, for this we all have to inform and explain to all the people around us. So that together we can stop these pollution from happening in the environment and save the environment from getting polluted. If pollution is not stopped now then the environment will be very harmful for us and for our coming generation. Also read:-

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Essay on Pollution (Pollution Essay in English)


The biggest problem people are facing in the country is pollution. Nowadays everyone is troubled by pollution, some people have respiratory problems and some animals and birds have problems. Because as pollution is increasing, people are facing problems. Even the life of small animals is in danger. We all know that the deforestation of forests is increasing gradually. Due to which the animals are not getting a place to live and they are dying. Similarly, the smoke of vehicles is spreading pollution in cities, dirty factories around are spreading pollution. Due to which social diseases, diseases related to ear are being born. Nowadays air, water, Soil pollution has spread everywhere. The ozone layer of the earth is gradually depleting due to pollution. Because its ability to absorb ultraviolet rays is decreasing. Due to the pollution spread by the people, the water is getting contaminated and people are also getting skin diseases due to coming in contact with the water.


Most of the pollution occurring in the world is air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution. Today everyone is troubled by these pollution. The surrounding dirt mixes with the air, causing air pollution. This dirt gradually goes into the water through the drains, due to which there are some substances inside which are not absorbed in the land, due to which water pollution, land pollution keeps happening. The sound of vehicles disturbs the people which is the cause of noise pollution. Air Pollution Nature and people have to face problems due to the chemical and poisonous gas and dust particles in the air. They spread pollution in the air, due to which people get health related diseases. Such a condition is called environmental pollution. The following are the causes of air pollution in the environment:-

  • Smoke from vehicles. Smoke and chemicals emanating from large chimneys of industries. Carbon and its smell from the making of plastic bags. Smoke from felling of trees and burning of coal and burning of carbon. The water vapor released when a volcano erupts is filled with poisonous gases and pollutes the environment.

Water Pollution Nowadays due to the carelessness of the people, dirty water is getting mixed in good water. Due to which the water is getting polluted and water pollution is happening. The reason for water pollution is due to human being in the river, sewage in the canals or immersion of dirty things, there is no proper management of the cleanliness of the water. Along with this, mixing the dirty water of factories in the rivers, mixing of chemicals and food items used in agriculture, dumping the garbage inside the water by humans, leaving the dirt around the river pond. Due to which that dirt gets mixed in the water, and due to this the fish found in the water die. noise pollution One of the biggest negligence of people is that they play loudspeaker music in their surrounding areas. Due to which there is noise pollution, it disturbs the people a lot. Because it makes people deaf. Sometimes, because of the loud voice, we can't even hear each other's words. Nowadays people play music very fast in wedding parties. This causes a lot of trouble to the people around and all of them create noise pollution. The following are the causes of noise pollution in the environment:-

  • Noise pollution is mainly caused by playing loud mics and music on festivals and celebrations in the village. Rallies by politicians during elections and playing music with loudspeakers. Noise pollution is caused due to the loud noise coming from the vehicles due to not being maintained properly. Unnecessarily blowing the horn in the market, due to which the people around get headache. Running of diesel pump alternator due to which the loud noise coming from them disturbs the people a lot.

Land Pollution Due to the carelessness of the people, toxic chemical substances are released into the ground and they gradually get mixed in the soil. The people coming in contact with which diseases spread and this negligence of the people is increasing the land pollution rapidly. The cause of land pollution is the carelessness of the people, such as mixing the chemical pesticides used in the fields in the land.

  • Mixing the garbage lying on the road with the land. Mixing material from factories into the land. The black oil of vehicles getting mixed in the land. Excess use of plastic bags, which try to smelt by pressing them in the ground but that is not a mistake and causes land pollution. Throwing the smelly material, plastic bags, clothes, wood on the ground like this also causes land pollution.

damage caused by pollution

  • Humans and birds have to face serious problems due to pollution in the air. Humans have to face diseases like breathing problems, asthma, cough, skin diseases etc. Many times people get lung related diseases due to air pollution. During winter there is fog, due to which people are not able to see and there is a burning sensation in the eyes. The ozone layer is being depleted because its ability to absorb ultraviolet rays is now decreasing. People are getting skin diseases, cancer diseases due to the rays coming from the sun. Due to air pollution, the temperature of the earth is increasing and due to the heat of the sun, the effect of carbon dioxide gas, nitrogen oxide gas etc. is increasing in the environment, which is harmful for all of us. The rain caused by pollution in the air is also causing acid rain, which is a matter of problem for human life.

Disadvantages of Water Pollution

  • The life of humans, animals and birds has come in danger due to pollution of water. Animals and birds die due to pollution in water. Water pollution causes diseases like typhoid, cholera, jaundice etc. This causes damage to trees and the extinction of plant species. Canal water gets spoiled due to water pollution. Due to the pollution inside the water, the living organisms that are born die.

land pollution damage

  • Due to land pollution, the land remains uncultivable. Due to this, both water pollution and air pollution increase. Due to this the problem of landslides arises. Due to the dirt inside the land, animals get diseases, because animals come in contact with these dirt.

Damage due to Sound Pollution

  • Due to noise pollution, a person becomes addicted to headache, hearing loss, irritability. Noise pollution increases the heart rate and due to which there are many diseases like headache and blood pressure.

Measures to prevent pollution

  • People have to be aware to stop pollution. In order not to spread pollution in the air, people will have to maintain the vehicles properly and wear a mask on their mouth to protect them from dust and soil. People should not spread garbage here and there so that there is no air pollution. To prevent water pollution, people should prevent dirty water from mixing in good water. Chemicals released from factories should be prevented from getting into the water. To prevent land pollution, the garbage should be burnt to ashes in a vessel, they should not be burnt on the ground like this. To stop the loud noise coming due to fault in your vehicles, vehicles should be properly operated and horns should not be sounded unnecessarily.


Pollution has become one of the problems of the country. Nowadays pollution is spreading more in all the areas around us. Due to which people are facing huge problems. Pollution has been found to be the cause of death of animals in our surrounding areas. Human beings also have to face problems due to pollution. Many times people have problems like breathing problem, ear problem, heart problem. Human life is responsible for all this. Humans have completely filled the environment around them with pollution, due to which diseases are increasing. The government has also contributed on its part to stop this. Fines have been imposed to prevent the pollution emanating from the vehicles if the vehicles are not properly maintained. If the person makes a loud noise, So the police has been allowed to complain so that noise pollution can be stopped. So this was the essay on pollution, I hope You must have liked the Hindi Essay On Pollution written in English . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Pollution In English