Essay On Plastic Pollution In English

Essay On Plastic Pollution In English

Essay On Plastic Pollution In English - 1400 in words

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Essay on Plastic Pollution (Plastic Pollution Essay in English) Introduction

Plastic is a material that does not decompose. Plastic bags seriously pollute the water of rivers, lakes and seas. Plastic does not mix with soil and remains undisturbed on land and under sea level for thousands of years. Plastics contain harmful substances, Which is not good for the environment and animals. Earlier, everywhere people used to use polythene bags i.e. plastic bags to buy goods. Today in some places, shopkeepers have stopped using plastic bags. In place of plastic bags, paper or cloth bags are used in places like shopping malls etc. The government has banned plastic bags. Still, in some places people are seen using it. Toxic chemicals are used in the manufacture of plastics. The place where plastic is thrown gives rise to many diseases. Humans start the day with a plastic toothbrush. From bucket to spoon and plate are also plastic. Often people go to the office and eat food in plastic plates and cups. Most of the people drink water from plastic bottles. It can be very harmful. Throw the plastic bottle in the trash. Millions of such plastic bottles etc. are thrown in the garbage. Plastic has become an indestructible part of human life.

Problems with using plastic

Human beings use plastic everyday. He finds it easy to use plastic as per his convenience. But some people do not even know how many fatal consequences it can have. Drinking water in a plastic bottle over and over again adds toxic elements to the water and can lead to life-threatening diseases.

Why does man use plastic

Human beings have made progress in many other fields along with science and technology. One side effect of this is that man has become extremely lethargic and lazy. Even knowing that, he uses plastic bags because it is easy to take them anywhere. Plastic bags can carry a lot of weight. Many people do not leave the house with clothes or paper bags. Therefore, the shopkeeper has to give the plastic bag to the customers even if he does not want it. Due to all these things the use of plastic is increasing day by day. Nowadays people are very busy and they do not get time to eat. He then eats fast food and it is often served in a plastic box or a plastic plate next to it. Man needs to control himself and he should boycott things like plastic.

Due to increase in plastic pollution

Plastic is very cheap. It does not decompose easily like other things. Nowadays people have less restraint and they throw plastic bags and bottles here and there using one time. Due to this, both the water and the land are getting polluted in a terrible way. These plastic things stop the rivers and drains of cities. Due to this people have to face a lot of problems in cities and metros. Plastic pollution is a serious problem in developing countries. Around seventy thousand plastics are thrown into rivers and oceans in the world. The chemicals released from it kill the fish and turtles. We throw plastic bags on the streets without thinking. Innocent animals eat it without thinking and they die. Due to throwing plastic here and there, uncleanliness increases and dangerous germs are born. It also spreads deadly diseases.

bad effects of plastic

Plastic is harming the environment like a leech. Human beings have become dependent on plastic in such a way that they are not able to give up plastic even if they want to. Pollution from plastic is increasing tremendously. Plastic does not perish for thousands of years. We use plastic in almost everything. Children also play with plastic toys. Plastic containers are used for packing many items and even food. After some time we throw away these plastic materials after using them. When it rains, all these things flow into rivers and streams and later go below the sea level. Rivers and drains get clogged due to plastic. Plastic does not degrade like other things. Its toxins dissolve in sea water and harm marine life. In addition, they pollute the water. Plastic decomposes for thousands of years does not occur and freezes at sea level. This releases harmful chemicals and pollutes the sea water.

soil pollution

Plastic also causes soil pollution. Even after the plastic is buried under the ground, it remains lying for thousands of years. The toxic substances that come out of plastic get mixed in the soil. This destroys the fertile power of the soil. Even if a crop is grown in such a land, it can make a person sick.

air pollution

Plastic takes longer to decompose. Most of the plastic items in the garbage, which people throw away. Some people burn plastic. They believe that burning plastic destroys. Burning plastic releases chemicals which cause air pollution. Inhaling that smoke for a long time can cause serious diseases to a person. Plastic is extremely dangerous for humans.

impact of plastic on human life

Human beings get used to plastic since childhood. From baby's milk bottle, nipple to his toys, there is plastic. Man has to solve it in time, otherwise he himself will be in trouble. Humans also keep their food items in plastic boxes. He may have other options, but still uses a plastic chair to a plastic bucket. Most of the people use plastic bottles to drink water. Man is now aware of how dangerous it can be. It would not be wrong to say that man is trapped in the things of his own making.

effect of plastic on animals

Sometimes when a cow eats grass, it reaches a place where there is a pile of plastic. Going there, she unknowingly eats plastic too. This leads to his death. Animals do not know about this. The death of living organisms in water is also due to plastic. Plastics are made from chemicals such as xylene, ethylene oxide and benzene. When this plastic goes into the water bodies and sea water, then the creatures there eat it as food and the plastic gets stuck in their throat and it kills them.

Some important ways to stop the bad effects of plastic

Human beings should reject the things made of plastic. Avoid using items made of plastic. Use paper and jute bags instead of plastic ones. Whenever we have to take things from the shop, we should always carry a cloth bag, so that we do not have to take things in plastic. Whenever you go to the shop, ask to give the goods in cloth and paper bags. People need to be made aware that they should avoid using plastic bags. Plastics like PETE and HDPE can be selected. This is because it can be recycled. Information about these terrible and bad effects of plastic should be spread among the people, so that they take it seriously. It is important to tell about the negative effects of plastic in schools and other educational institutions, so that they become aware from an early age. In such a situation, he will not use plastic and will be cautious.


Plastic is a kind of synthetic polymer. People have been using plastic for many centuries. Now is the time to put a complete stop on the use of plastic. No attempt should be made to destroy plastic. By this we ourselves will increase our trouble. In the pursuit of destroying plastic, we will encourage pollution which is absolutely wrong. We should give the plastic to the recycling organization or company and every effort should be made to curb pollution.

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Essay On Plastic Pollution In English