Essay On Plastic Mukt Bharat - Plastic Free India In English

Essay On Plastic Mukt Bharat - Plastic Free India In English

Essay On Plastic Mukt Bharat - Plastic Free India In English - 1000 in words

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Essay on Plastic Mukt Bharat Essay in English Introduction

In today's time plastic is used in abundance. Many things used in the house are made of plastic and we use these things more and more. Whenever we go to the market, we buy vegetables or goods in plastic itself and keep the plastic easily, so that it can be reused. But it is necessary for us to know that plastic is very harmful for our health. We have to minimize the use of plastic, so that our health can be good.

plastic free india

In today's time, many efforts are being made to make the country plastic free. But it was first started by the Central Government on 2 October 2019. It was first started from a place where more plastic was being used. Such as Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Lucknow. Such an effort is being made that the entire country should be made plastic free.

plastic problem in india

According to the latest surveys it has been found that plastic is being used more and more in India. Due to which people can suffer a lot. It has been seen that plastic does not expire for years and it proves to be fatal for all living beings. According to a survey, 16000 tonnes of plastic waste is produced daily in India and 10000 tonnes of plastic is collected. Many types of materials, such as plates, cups, packing bags, etc., are made from this collected plastic. From this we can guess that the use of plastic manufactured in India can lead to many problems and it can create a deep crisis.

This is how a pledge can be taken to make India plastic free

If you want to make India plastic free, then for this you have to take a pledge and protect the entire human race. For this you can try these main things, which are mentioned below.

  • It is necessary to use at least plastic, if you use plastic bags, then it would be better to use cloth or paper bags instead. In addition to plastic plates, if clay or copper utensils are used, then this can be a very good option to remove plastic. Because it is believed that using clay and copper utensils does not harm our health as much as plastic does. Whenever you go to get some items from the market, always carry a bag with you. With which you can stay away from plastic bags and use them sparingly. Plastic can be recycled, so instead of throwing plastic here and there, we should give it to recycle. By doing this, nature will not be harmed much.

Plastic damage to living beings in water

In general, it is seen that whenever any plastic item is thrown into rivers, streams or ponds, it creates a situation of great harm for all the living beings in the water. Many times it is seen that animals living in water take plastic inside their body. Due to which they get many types of diseases and they die in the water itself. This also causes a lot of damage to our environment and many types of animal species also become extinct. In such a situation, to keep yourself safe, use less plastic and do not put that plastic in water. With which we can also take better care of the animals living in the water.

Some special measures to stop plastic pollution

To make a plastic-free India, the initiative will have to be taken by oneself and its use will have to be reduced to a minimum, so that pollution can also be reduced. For that we can do the following steps.

  • To stop plastic pollution, products made of plastic have to be used at least, so that we can get rid of plastic. Awareness has to be spread among the people, so that people also start reducing the use of plastic. Minimize the use of bottled water, so that plastic will not be exploited. Do not order much food online from outside, because that food always comes packed in plastic which is harmful for our health. By banning plastic items, we can easily reduce its use. Use only steel and earthen utensils in food items, which will reduce health damage and use of plastic will be useful.

disadvantages of plastic

We always use plastic extensively, but it is harmful for us. Whenever plastic is burnt, it pollutes the air and its smoke is poisonous. This smoke is very harmful for children and adults. The smoke produced by burning plastics can cause a dreadful disease like cancer. We have always found chowk intersections to be chaotic and polluted through plastic. Plastic is non biodegradable. Through this the environment around us is getting polluted to a great extent. Which is having a direct impact on our health.


In this way we have learned that plastic is harmful to us to a great extent and it is used more and more in India. In such a situation, we have to start to make India plastic free. So that we can build a better future for the coming generation. We have to think seriously about this, so that we can reduce the trouble to come and also make people aware. Unless we take concrete steps, we will not be able to keep India safe. In such a situation, it is considered necessary to keep trying to make India plastic free.

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Essay On Plastic Mukt Bharat - Plastic Free India In English