Essay On Plastic Ban In English

Essay On Plastic Ban In English

Essay On Plastic Ban In English - 1700 in words

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Essay on Plastic Ban (Plastic Ban Essay in English) Introduction

The problem of pollution in our country is getting worse day by day. We are facing a lot of challenges to deal with this. Because people lack awareness. However, pollution is increasing due to many reasons. One of the reasons for them is the use of plastic bags in daily life. Be it fruits, vegetables or any other items, in general we use plastic bags only. By throwing plastic bags and plastic bottles in the land, reaching the lower surface of the land, they spread land pollution. In the same way, water pollution spreads when thrown in water and air pollution when burnt. Some animals accidentally eat plastic, due to which serious diseases start to develop in them. Which harms our health a lot. Plastic has a major role in increasing the problem of pollution. Plastic causes many types of pollution. Plastic that is obtained through fossil fuels such as oil and petroleum. It is most commonly used to make plastic bags, kitchen staples, as well as furniture and doors, even bed linen and packaging. People generally find it quite convenient to carry household items in plastic bags. One reason behind this is the reduced weight of plastic bags. The excessive use of plastic bags has resulted in a significant increase in the waste generated. Plastic is a type of non biodegradable material. It breaks into several pieces, begins to rot. But does not mix with soil. It remains on the lower surface of the land for hundreds of years, causing damage to the land. Same if it is burnt, So poisonous gas comes out from this burnt plastic. Due to which many diseases are born. The biggest challenge for us is to dispose of plastic waste in this way. You must have understood that plastic bags are very dangerous for our environment. This is the reason that many countries have banned the use of plastic bags. If restrictions are imposed, this problem can be overcome to some extent. But to solve this problem completely, you should avoid using plastic items. We should take a pledge in our mind that we will free the whole country from plastic. Many countries have banned the use of plastic bags. If restrictions are imposed, this problem can be overcome to some extent. But to solve this problem completely, you should avoid using plastic items. We should take a pledge in our mind that we will free the whole country from plastic. Many countries have banned the use of plastic bags. If restrictions are imposed, this problem can be overcome to some extent. But to solve this problem completely, you should avoid using plastic items. We should take a pledge in our mind that we will free the whole country from plastic.

Plastic ban begins in India

In view of the harm caused by plastic, manufacturing and use of single-use plastic has been banned in many countries. In India too, this initiative was taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Independence Day. During the discussion on several issues, it was decided that plastic products, which cannot be reused, should be completely banned. Such a target has been set that in the year 2022, India should be counted among the single-use plastic-free countries. Since then, many states of India have banned the manufacturing of single-use plastic, with 18 states who have contributed immensely in this important initiative.

Advantages of plastic ban

By banning plastic, our environmental pollution problem will end. These include air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. The danger to the life of aquatic animals can be reduced by throwing plastic bottles and plastic bags in the sea. By banning plastic, we will get rid of the problems related to our health caused by drinking water in plastic bags and bottles.

The need and consequences of plastics

The utility of plastic is also the most because its purchase is very cheap. According to the need of today, people like the policy of use and throw very much. He is oblivious to the fact that this policy of his can bring ruin to the whole country. The environment has so far recycled only 9% of the world's 9 billion tons of plastic. From this you can guess that by throwing the remaining plastic here and there, nature is harmed a lot. Like most of the plastic waste affects the ocean by going into the ocean through waterways. Plastics do not have the characteristic of degrading naturally. It gradually breaks down into small pieces in nature. Despite this, it does not perish. Because it contains a kind of chemical element, Which enters the reservoir through the waterway along with the soil and it causes a lot of damage to the aquatic fauna there. Plastic is neither found in the soil nor does it rot inside the soil. This is the reason that plastic is considered very dangerous for the environment.

plastic in daily life

Even a small infant is fed milk in a plastic bottle. After this the child goes ahead to eat food in a plastic tiffin (box) and consume water in a plastic bottle and later on, he gets all the necessary things made of plastic. Man should stop using it in time. Otherwise he himself is responsible for his downfall. It is up to us to use natural things instead of plastic. As in the olden times, on the occasion of marriage, people used to use a leaf made of big leaves to serve food. The food served in these leaves was good for our health. But in today's time people use fiber or plastic instead of leaf. Which is harmful to both our health and the environment.

Bags to be used in place of plastic bags

In view of the increasing pollution problem, polythene bags have been completely banned. In such a situation, people have some other better options, which they can use in place of polythene bags. This bag will also be eco friendly and your work will also be done with it. Cotton Bag – You can use cotton bag. Its weight is less and it is also considered good from the point of view of fashion. Jute Bag - The bag made of jute is very eco friendly. It is slightly stronger than cotton. It doesn't break quickly and looks great. You can use it very easily. bamboo bag - As the name suggests, it is made from bamboo wood. In a way, it is completely eco friendly. It is very attractive to look at and you can use it for a long time. Hemp Bag – The specialty of this bag is that you can easily carry liquid in it. In this, you can carry heavy items very easily. It looks very beautiful and durable. This bag is manufactured with the help of ration and cotton.

Other alternatives to plastic

You can use paper straws instead of plastic straws. Apart from this, you can use a bottle made of metal, copper and ceramic instead of a bottle made from plastic. At the same time, you can use a cup made of clay instead of a plastic cup. Apart from this, you can use a paper cup. You can use a jute bag instead of a plastic bag. You can use a stainless steel knife instead of a plastic knife or spoon.

plastic damage to animals

About one lakh animals die every year due to ingesting plastic bangs. With this, you can get an idea of ​​how dangerous plastic is for animals. Talking about the utility of plastic in India, about 9.7 kg of plastic is used by every person every year. Most of it is thrown into the sea using plastic. By this you can understand how many problems we can face with this in future.

Awareness among people about the ill effects of plastic

To put an end to any bad thing, awareness in people is very important and it should be started from childhood. From childhood, we should tell the children that excessive use of plastic has a dangerous effect on our health and the environment. From school to other educational institutions, students should be made acquainted about the harm caused by plastic. So that they become aware of it and in time they become conscious.

Some measures to prevent the ill effects of plastic

Humans should use less and less things made of plastic, only then the pollution caused by plastic can be curbed. With our small efforts, we can eliminate the utility of plastic. For example, you can use paper and jute bags in place of plastic bags. While buying the same in the shop, use paper or cloth bags. To drink tea, drink tea in an earthen kulhad instead of a plastic glass. Carry water with you while travelling. Do not eat water or closed food in plastic bottles.


In view of the increasing pollution, we should avoid using plastic. Plastic does not only harm our environment, but it also has a bad effect on trees, plants, animals, sea water creatures and the entire human race. When we throw it in the soil by using plastic, it reaches the soil layer and destroys the fertility of the soil. When plastic is burnt, the smoke coming out of it proves to be very toxic for our health. Thus it is very important for us that we should stop using plastic completely.

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Essay On Plastic Ban In English