Essay On Place Of Women In Indian Society In English

Essay On Place Of Women In Indian Society In English

Essay On Place Of Women In Indian Society In English - 2100 in words

Today we will write an essay (Bhartiya Samaj Me Nari Ka Sthan Essay in English) on the place of women in Indian society . Essay written on the place of women in Indian society has been written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. This essay written on the place of women in Indian society (Essay On Bhartiya Samaj Me Nari Ka Sthan in English) can be used for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Place of Women in Indian Society (Bhartiya Samaj Me Nari Ka Sthan Essay in English)

Respecting and protecting women is the ancient culture of India. Women perform all their duties from birth till death. She is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc., performs all relationships with full responsibility and loyalty. In this country where women are worshiped as goddesses, on the other hand they are also considered weak. In ancient times women were not given their due place. Women had to endure many atrocities to maintain relationships and keep the family comfortable. Even at home, girls were not given equal rights as boys. Women were also abused by many people in the society due to their wrong attitude. Even today, in many homes, the boy is considered as the lamp of the dynasty. In ancient times people used to understand, That the girl will go away after getting married and the boys will illuminate the name of the family and carry forward the lineage. Women were earlier considered as alien wealth. There was also discrimination between boys and girls. Boys had freedom in every respect and they had more rights over education. Girls were taught to do household chores. Then people thought that what girls will do by reading and writing, they have to get married and take care of the kitchen. There are innumerable forms of women! Sometimes Maneka is formed, then Shakuntala for Dushyant, Parvati for Shiva, Sita for Rama. Women sometimes become lioness, sometimes Chandi, sometimes the idol of luxury, sometimes the goddess of sacrifice. Woman is one, but she has many and innumerable forms. It has been learned from the scriptures and literature that in the Vedic age, women were highly respected. Women were free at that time, there was no restriction on women and women used to participate in yagyas and rituals. At that time it is said that “yatranaryastu pujyate, Rabhante tatra deityah. It means where women are worshiped, the gods reside there. But this statement has not been accepted well by the society of every era. The wheel of time turned and literature presented a different image of women. Sita was kidnapped by a tyrant like Ravana in Ramayana. For which Sita had given an ordeal to prove herself holy. In the Mahabharata era, a tyrannical and cruel person like Duryodhana had tried to make Draupadi unclothed in a gathering. It was a condemnable case. A man like Yudhishtar had put his wife Draupadi at stake to win in gambling. In this era women were humiliated and despised. Bhaktikal is said to be the golden period of Hindi literature. This period is seen as the downfall of women. In this era, Kabir had criticized women. Kabir told women to be a hindrance in the path of attaining God. On the other hand, Tulsidas respected the woman. In this era, Surdas presented the woman in the form of Radha. In Ritikaal, poets had described women as a means of fulfilling their desires. In the time of the Mughals, Meena Bazaars were set up and women were considered as an object of luxury. At that time women were covered with curtains, Bad practices like Sati had to be followed. Girls were married off at a very young age. At that time men used to keep their women locked in their houses and used to rule their own. Women were far away from education, they were not considered worthy. In the modern era, many poets tried to get rid of the atrocities on women. Gupt ji and Pant ji also expressed grief over this condition of women and expressed it in their own words. In Indian history, women also lost their lives due to the practice of Sati. In India and Nepal in the 15th and 18th centuries, about a thousand women were burnt alive after the passing of their husbands every year. After that this practice started spreading in states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. After the death of the husband, their wives were forcibly left to burn on the pyre. It was a painful and senseless practice. Some women used to do this willingly, But most women were forced to accept it. Earlier this practice was performed by Kshatriya families. Raja Ram Mohan Roy strongly opposed this practice. This injustice happened to his sister-in-law and she was also set on fire under the practice of Sati. Ram Mohan was greatly hurt by this. He made many efforts to end it and finally in 1829 Lord William Bentinck legally banned the practice of Sati. Widow system was prevalent in earlier times before independence. According to this custom, women had to wear white clothes after the death of their husbands. She could neither wear bangles nor did she have any right to make up her life. He was forbidden to go to any festival. Like clothes, his life was made colorless. A life full of simplicity and troubles used to be his fate only here. Sad thing used to happen then, When they were called wretched. In such a period, the position of widowed women in the society was negligible. Earlier, the evil practices like child marriage in which girls were married at an early age. Today they have been legally banned. Nevertheless, even today, in any corner of the village, evil practices like child marriage are going on. With the passage of time there was a change in the attitude of the society. Woman performs the responsibility of wife religion very well. There was a time when after marriage, from cleaning the house, cooking, in-laws' work and taking care of children, it became the ultimate duty of women. At that time their husbands did not like women to work outside. The wife had to obey the orders of her husband. For the benefit of the family, women sacrificed their dreams to become house brides. Even today, in some homes, women are leading such a life. As the spread of education increased in the society, Many works were done for the upliftment of women. Due to the change in the thinking of the society with time, girls started getting educated. Dreams of being self-reliant started awakening in his mind. As before, ignorance and superstition began to disappear from the society and the thinking of women was given importance. The thinkers and analysts living in the society have started giving equal rights to men and women. Today women are getting prestige and are also establishing themselves. Now women are going outside the office not only at home but crossing the four walls. They no longer need to be financially dependent on men. Today women are associated with every profession. Some successful doctor, some lawyer, teacher, policeman, At the same time, women have now reached space. India's daughter Kalpana Chawla had illuminated the name of India by becoming an astronaut. Mother Teresa did many things for the progress of the society. He did countless works for the poor and needy, he is an example. Sarojini Naidu was the first woman governor of the country. He had worked as a freedom fighter. He started writing poems from an early age. He did many things for the freedom of the country. She is known as Nightingale in India. Vijayalakshmi Pandit, Kasturba, Women like Kamala Nehru played their part against the British. Many social reformers played an active role in improving the status of women and changing the attitude of the society towards women. In the present era working women are running their home and office in a systematic manner. Now Indian women walk shoulder to shoulder with men. If there is no development of women, then there will definitely be a question mark in the progress of the country. Today women are educated and capable of taking every decision on their own. The government has also done many works for the advancement of women. Modi government has run successful campaigns like Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao. There is still a contradiction in the status of women in our Indian society. The reason for this is that on one hand women are worshiped and they are respected by calling them feminine power. On the other hand the woman is seen as a poor person. Women have played an important role in our society for generations. Is. According to Hindu mythology, whether it is Sita or Rani Laxmibai, Sarojini Naidu or the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, the powerful role of all of them has left a different mark in the society and taught a different lesson to the society. Rani Laxmibai was a strong woman who never allowed the nefarious intentions of the British to succeed. The nation is proud of all such women. Women have been the victims of many exploitation and tyranny since ancient times. Women have higher tolerance than men. Earlier women used to tolerate injustice silently. With the passage of time the society has become more aware. Now women do not tolerate injustice and have the courage to face the situation. Today women work in high positions, She plays her role in the family with confidence. The all-round development of the society will happen only when women will get their due respect and status. There is a demand for 33 percent reservation for women in Parliament. Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March, on this day the achievements and contribution of women in various fields are appreciated. They are rewarded in many rituals. This development of women is celebrated all over the world as Women's Day. The proportion of women in India's population is only 48 percent. Its decreasing speed is continuously increasing. This is a serious subject. Even now, in many provinces of the country, reprehensible crimes like female feticide are being committed. In today's modern society, Indian Constitution has given special rights to women. They have been given equal rights as men. From authority in father's property to high positions in various fields like police, Rights have been given on justice etc. Today women are working in all these positions. There is no work that women cannot do. Yet ironically, in some places in the country, there is sadness on the birth of a daughter and happiness on the birth of a son. The constitution has given equal opportunities to develop the personality of women. Gone are the days when women followed the orders of men. Women are no longer puppets in the hands of men. Now women have their own identity. She is touching the heights of the sky. Nowadays, parents take a vision to make their daughters strong and self-reliant. This is a positive and commendable thought. As long as there will be discrimination between boys and girls in our society and equal rights are not given, then the condition of women will not improve. Every daughter of the country will be educated, equal opportunities will be given to enhance their personality. Only then the upliftment of women is possible. The woman who gives birth to a strong man, now the time has come that the society should respect that woman and respect her thinking. Today the attitude of men has also changed a lot. Now he considers the woman not as weak, but stronger than himself. Today women have understood that if they are given more opportunities, then they will be able to prove themselves better than men. From birth, a woman has qualities like kindness, sacrifice, love. Due to this change in the society today, qualities like strength, courage, self-confidence have also developed in them. There is an imbalance in the progress of women as compared to men. Every sector be it health, education, employment, social, It is essential for women to get equal rights as men. The status of women has definitely improved in India. In metropolitan cities, women are employed in every work area. The society has also become aware and alert about the rights of women. Now in the family also women have importance in everything. Women have become financially and personally strong and independent, which is a positive change. The progress of women is not only important from the point of view of women's well being but it is also very important from the point of view of the whole society.

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Essay On Place Of Women In Indian Society In English