Essay On Picnic In English

Essay On Picnic In English

Essay On Picnic In English - 1000 in words

Today we will write Essay On Picnic in English . This essay written on picnic is written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this Essay On Picnic in English written on Picnic for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Picnic (My Picnic Essay in English) Introduction

Everyone needs some time out of their busy life. He is constantly troubled by his busy life and wants to spend some time with his family. Everyone likes picnic. Everyone needs a little break and for this there can be no better option than a picnic. We all choose a good place to go on picnic, place like park, mountain etc. Whenever we think of picnics, we remember the names of many places. There is nothing more fun than having a picnic amidst the beauty of mountains, waterfalls and trees and plants. Human beings are under stress every day because of their work.

Everyone from kids to adults needs to go on a picnic

Kids also need a little break. Children are busy with their school studies, homework, project work and exams everyday. Going on a picnic refreshes their mood.

Everyone's enthusiasm in preparing for the picnic

Everyone gets busy in their preparations to go on a picnic. Mummy prepares delicious food and packs it in tiffin. Fruits, chips, chocolates and many other things that we kids like, she keeps in the picnic basket. Everyone's enthusiasm is seen on the picnic. Even adults become children in picnics. On a picnic, the whole family takes their favorite sports material. People often go on picnics on Sundays. Because this day is mostly everyone's holiday.

School Picnic

School picnics are also a lot of fun. I remember the first school picnic very well. My school picnic bus left in the morning. The trip was great and all of us classmates enjoyed the trip. After that we reached the picnic spot. From the school side we went to a beautiful park near Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. There my classmates and I had a lot of fun on the picnic. We played various sports like cricket and badminton etc. The weather was very nice that day. That place was very beautiful. Not only us students but teachers also got great pleasure from going on this picnic. All the teachers got along very well with us. We learned a lot from the teachers during the school picnic. He taught us new things in words. After dusk, we started the bus journey and reached our home laughing and singing.

cooking a picnic

Cooking food on a picnic has its own pleasure. When we go for a picnic in the mountains, we prepare food by making tents, making wood stoves. Food items like utensils, spices, etc. are needed for preparing food on a picnic. Cooking food on a picnic has its own fun. There are many places to visit in the nearby places, such as mountains, waterfalls etc. When we went on a picnic, we had prepared many dishes in the afternoon and everyone enjoyed the delicious meal. As evening approached, we collected wood and made arrangements for evening tea. On that day, on the picnic, everyone enjoyed tea and pakoras while telling funny tales.

enjoy antakshari game

On picnic we all play Antakshari for our entertainment. Be it school picnic or family picnic, people like to play Antakshari. We all sing songs and dance together. All these are memorable moments of picnic which we always remember.

Finding time for picnic has become difficult

In today's busy life it has become difficult to find time for picnic. Today people get so busy because of their office and business etc. that they are not able to take the family on a picnic. People should go on picnics with family occasionally to lead a stress-free life. One should plan picnics from time to time to be happy.

importance of picnic

Every human goes through some trouble or the other. Because of this, there is mental pressure on him. Going on a picnic with all the people makes them happy. He gets happy. Picnic is also very important for the students. Due to this their mental development and concentration increases. Most of the people like to go on picnic to the middle of nature, greenery, waterfalls and mountains. It connects them with nature.

Important Precautions

We get to know new places of nature due to picnic. There are some important precautions to be taken before going on a picnic. A good place should be chosen to go on a picnic. One should choose such a place, where there is natural beauty and where there is peace. A safe place should be chosen to go on a picnic. After the picnic is over, we should clean that place well. Garbage should not be thrown here and there, because it is our responsibility to keep our nature clean.

freedom from worries

Picnic is a wonderful way to get rid of worries. We all get bored living the same life everyday. People lead a life full of worry and tension because of their work problems. Planning a picnic can help relieve depression and stress. Be it school picnic or office or family picnic, it fills the mind with joy. Picnic brings intimacy in relationships. Going on a picnic makes the mind happy by spending time with friends, family and loved ones.


The main purpose of a picnic is to go away from this busy world and spend some time with loved ones in peace. A picnic is a way to spend good moments, away from everyday life. Taking time out for picnic is very important.

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Essay On Picnic In English