Essay On Philanthropy In English

Essay On Philanthropy In English

Essay On Philanthropy In English - 1300 in words

In today's article, we will write an essay on philanthropy (Essay On Paropkar in English) . This essay on charity has been written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this essay written on charity (Essay On Paropkar in English) for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on Philanthropy (Paropkar Essay in English) Introduction

There is no religion in the society more than charity, it is such work by which even the enemy becomes a friend. If the enemy is benevolent at the time of adversity, then he becomes a true friend. Science has made so much progress today that even after death, our eye light and many other organs can work to save the life of another person. It is a great favor to donate them while they are alive. Closeness to God is achieved through charity. It has great importance in human life. God has created nature in such a way that till date benevolence is working at its core. Benevolence is embedded in every particle of nature. Just as the tree never eats its fruit, the river never drinks its water, the sun leaves us giving light, In the same way nature gives everything to us. She gives so much to us but does not take anything from us in return. Any person is identified by charity. A person who sacrifices everything for charity is a good person. The greater the spirit of helping others in a society, the happier and more prosperous that society will be. This feeling is a natural quality of man.

meaning of charity

Philanthropy is made up of two words, but + favor. It means doing good to others and helping others. Helping someone is called charity. It is the spirit of benevolence that separates humans from animals, otherwise food and sleep are found in animals like humans. Those who do good deeds are neither destroyed here nor in the hereafter. One who does good deeds does not get bad luck. The one who helps others is the one who helps without feeling of reward. As human beings, it becomes our moral duty to introduce humanity to all of us. Only man can save humanity. No one else can come for this work.

importance of charity

Charity is very important in life. There is no religion greater than charity in the society. God has created nature in such a way that till date benevolence is working at its core. Benevolence is embedded in every particle of nature. Just as the tree never eats its fruit, the river never drinks its water, the sun leaves us giving us light. Charity is the epitome of a perfect ideal. But nothing is as inferior and inferior as pain.

Foundation of Indian culture and ideal of life

The life of a person who is benevolent is considered ideal. His mind is always calm. He always gets fame and respect in the society. Philanthropy is the basis of the spirit of Indian culture. At the root of kindness, love, affection, compassion, and sympathy, etc. is the spirit of altruism. We had many such great men, who got fame and respect from the society due to charity. The names of Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri are taken with great respect. These great men had left their homes and families for the betterment of mankind. All these have become worthy of worship because of public welfare. Gandhiji had taken a bullet, Sukrit drank poison and Jesus Christ was crucified to seek the benefit of others. Charity is considered to be the biggest means for the progress of any country or nation. When someone sacrifices himself for the sake of others, So he becomes immortal in the society. The person who makes life worth living for other people in this life has a long life. Any philanthropist is respected more than a rich person in the society. Love and charity are two sides of a coin for a person. The best religion of man is charity. Humans have a developed mind as well as a sensitive heart. A man becomes sad seeing the suffering of others and sympathy arises towards him. He tries to remove the sufferings of others, then he is called benevolent.

benevolence in nature

Nature is constantly engaged in the welfare of human beings. We should also take some lessons from nature, such as trees flourish for charity, streams flow, sun and moon illuminate the path of human beings by throwing light, clouds make the atmosphere green by raining water, which Gives relief to animals. Every particle of nature teaches us about charity. Rivers flow for charity, trees give us shade by staying in the sun, coolness from the moon, rain from the sea, milk from cows, life energy from the wind.

benefit from charity

Peace and happiness reside in the heart of a philanthropist. The heart of saints is like that of Navneet. He did not have any hatred or jealousy towards anyone. There is no bitterness in the heart of charity. The whole earth is his family. Guru Nanak, Shiva, Dadhichi, Jesus Christ etc. such great men have incarnated who sacrificed their lives for the sake of charity. Philanthropy is given more importance in the society because it identifies man. After the death of millions and crores of people, only that person is able to make his name permanent in the society, who has dedicated this life time to others. It is also good for yourself. People who help others, they support them when the time comes. When you do something for others, your character becomes great.

Why should you do charity?

If you have something then you should consider yourself lucky that you have that thing. Whoever needs someone else and he has to ask for that thing from you. If life goes for charity then you will not have any shortage. All your wishes will be fulfilled and if you live only for yourself, not a single wish will be fulfilled. Because that method will not let you sleep at all.

Peace of mind and joy from charity

Doing charity gives great peace to the mind and soul. Philanthropy also increases the feeling of brotherhood and universal brotherhood. The happiness that a man experiences in helping the poor is not achieved by doing any other work. Those who live for the happiness of others, their life is filled with happiness and happiness. Only the person who does charity is recognized in the society. The fame of those who are selflessly ready for the benefit of others spreads far and wide. It is a noble act to get the victim out of trouble. Bringing happiness to sad faces is the biggest religion. Having a feeling of expectation in return for the favor done does not come under the category of favor. One should be a philanthropist. The benevolent person is worshiped everywhere. There is no age fixed nor fixed classes for this.

purpose of humanity

The aim of humanity should be that it should think about the welfare of others as well as itself. If you have strength, then rely on the weak. If you have education, then distribute it among the uneducated. A person who does not feel sad seeing the sufferings of others, is not a human being, he is like an animal. There should also be a spirit of sacrifice and sacrifice in our lives.


A philanthropic person does not engage in the interests of anyone out of a desire for revenge or attainment. As a human being, he does good to others. The spirit of philanthropy is the reward behind “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Niramaya”. Charity is synonymous with sympathy. It is the virtue of gentlemen, philanthropy is the basis of human society. Social life cannot progress without charity. The religion of every person should be that he becomes a philanthropist. Do your duty towards others and never have inferiority complex towards others. So this was the essay on charity, hope you liked the essay written in English on charity (Hindi Essay On Paropkar) . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Philanthropy In English