Essay On Oil Conservation In English

Essay On Oil Conservation In English

Essay On Oil Conservation In English - 1100 in words

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Essay on Petroleum Conservation (Oil Conservation Essay in English) Introduction

Petroleum and all fuels are available on earth in limited quantities. Due to the continuous increase in population, human needs are increasing and petroleum is being used more than necessary. Many things are extracted through mining, in which petroleum is the main. If we keep on using valuable fuel like petroleum without thinking in this way, then one day it will be exhausted from the earth. Therefore conservation of petroleum is very important. Depends on important departments of the country like industries, agriculture, petroleum. These sectors are greatly affected when a resource like petroleum declines. Today everyone needs petroleum. Everyone has to drive his personal vehicles for his daily activities. The rise in petrol prices is proof of this. The country's billions of money is being spent on petrol. Petrol conservation is very important, otherwise the situation to come may be even more difficult.

petroleum conservation

Saving petrol for the future and using it wisely is called petroleum conservation. We should use non-conventional energy to save petrol. Such as wind gas, biogas, biodiesel, water energy etc. Petrol, diesel and kerosene are still being used more in most industries and domestic sectors in the country. Time has come that we should reduce the use of petrol in vehicles. We should use more battery powered vehicles. In India, most of the money goes to buy crude oil. This affects the progress of the country. Petroleum conservation is essential for the progress of the country. Several measures have been taken by the government for petroleum conservation. Crude oil is being used more in India. Earlier, the consumption of petroleum was about four MMT, which increased to 159 MMT by the year 2014. If crude oil was used on this scale, So the air pollution will increase more. Continuous use of crude oil releases deadly gas, due to which humans fall ill.

promotion of petroleum conservation

The government is making a lot of efforts to promote petroleum conservation. Many machines are run by petrol. Due to this harmful fumes are released, which causes air pollution. This pollution is harmful to the environment and us. We are suffering from many types of diseases due to pollution. It is the responsibility of all of us to try to stop pollution. For which we need to make limited use of petroleum.

increase in the amount of petrol

Most of the petrol is sold in our country. Man is running every day after industrialization and progress. Because of which he is traveling and oil is being used too much. We should not use more private vehicles and use public transport means. We should use only as much petrol as we need. It is the duty of all of us to reduce pollution.

need of human vehicle

Human beings need vehicles all the time, but this resource is exhausted due to excessive use of petrol.

use of petroleum

Petroleum is used for many purposes, such as electricity generation, plastic manufacturing, road oil etc. In the year 2019, more than 200 million metric tons of petroleum products have been consumed.

Where is petroleum found?

Petroleum is found in Assam, Gujarat, Mumbai, Godavari and Krishna river basins.

Petroleum is found in these countries

India is the third largest consumer of petroleum in the world. India's population is so high, that is why the demand for crude oil is high. More oil is imported into the country from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia.

Another name for petroleum is black gold.

Petroleum is manufactured underground for many years. The land is excavated where petroleum can be. That's why it is called Black Gold. Petroleum is one such resource, which is extremely important to us. It is a non-renewable resource, which cannot be recovered. Therefore it should be used wisely.

Advantages of Petroleum Conservation

When we use non-conventional energy, we will be able to save petroleum for the coming generation. Conservation of petroleum will reduce diseases. Petroleum conservation is necessary for the progress and economic condition of the country. This allows us and our family to live a better life.

change in industries

Some important changes have been made in the industries to promote petroleum conservation. Efforts are being made by the government to reduce petrol-powered vehicles. For this, the government has made suitable schemes. The government is trying to use electronic vehicles in place of vehicles run by petrol. It has already started in many places. Diesel and petrol are used more in the transport and agriculture sector. To reduce this, non-conventional energy sources will have to be used. This will reduce pollution. The government has provided electricity to every village, so that the farmer uses less petrol or diesel.

pollution should be reduced

Farmers earlier used diesel to run motors and pumps. Now the government has provided electricity to the village, so that farmers can also use electricity to run motors and pumps. This will reduce the use of diesel. If we want to stop pollution, then resources like diesel, petrol, LPG have to be used less. Traditional energy like solar energy, wind energy will have to be used. We should use more solar cooker, solar light, battery.

Awareness of Petroleum Conservation

The government of the country wants to spread awareness about petroleum conservation. For this, he has also made plans for many programs. Many public awareness programs are issued, so that petroleum conservation can be promoted. The government also takes recourse to the media to promote petroleum conservation. Through this, the information about the pollution caused by the use of crude oil is made available to the people. The importance of petroleum conservation has also been explained to the people through drama. Petroleum Conservation Research Association and the government of the country have run many campaigns to make people aware.


Petroleum conservation is very important. If the use of crude oil continues in this way, then this resource will be exhausted. Various programs should be organized in schools and colleges to promote petroleum conservation. We all should join petroleum conservation awareness campaign.

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Essay On Oil Conservation In English