Essay On Newspaper In English

Essay On Newspaper In English

Essay On Newspaper In English - 1500 in words

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Newspaper Essay in English Introduction

The usefulness of newspaper in our life is undeniable, because we all are connected to each other in some way or the other on this whole earth. Whatever happens in the world can affect us or our family in future and this is absolutely true. We all live in a society and society makes a country, similarly many countries together make up the world. Therefore, we all need to be aware of this world and about each other and not only social life but we are also connected with the country and abroad and this whole world economically and politically. Therefore, the news paper means that the newspapers keep bringing every little big news of this world to us. Today we will tell you about newspapers in detail and will also give you many interesting information about them. Newspapers are articles printed on paper, These articles contain news on topics related to the whole country and the world. These mainly contain details of current events or news related to politics, sports and industry and advertisements are published on paper of low value. They are an important means of communication. It has been told in a website called Wikipedia that the maximum number of newspapers are read and printed in India. About 78.8 million newspapers are sold here daily. Newspapers provide employment to many people. 8 million newspapers are sold. Newspapers provide employment to many people. 8 million newspapers are sold. Newspapers provide employment to many people.

types of newspapers

All the news agencies publish the newspaper according to their convenience, but mainly it is published and read daily.

  1. Daily – It is published regularly on a daily basis. Most of the people like to read the latest news daily, so it is quite popular. Weekly – It is published once a week and carries the main news and information. Half Monthly / Fortnightly – It is printed once in 15 days. Monthly – This type of newspaper is published once in a month. Half Yearly / Six Monthly – It is published in 6 months. Annual - This news paper is published once in a year and in it the main news, events and advertisements etc. of the whole year are published.

e paper

Everyone likes to read newspapers, everyone reads the news according to their wish. But many times we are not able to read the news paper due to lack of time, so nowadays most of the news agencies are providing e-news. Wherever you are, wherever you are, you can read online newspaper in mobile or computer at your convenience. In today's internet age, with the help of information technology, e-newspapers are being read more than published newspapers. Because with this everyone gets the benefit that everyone can read the same day's newspaper free of cost anywhere in their mobile phone, computer or laptop or tablet.

The beginning and history of the newspaper

In the very old times, when newspapers were not started, then the King Maharaja and other people used to send the main news and information through some person or with pigeons etc., and used to know each other's condition. First in 59 BC The newspaper made in is 'The Roman Acta Diurna'. It was sent by Julius Caesar to the main places of many cities to inform the general public about important events happening in politics and society. In the 8th century, the practice of sending handwritten newspapers by the country of China started. The newspaper began in the 16th century in the city of Basin, Italy, to send and receive various information. After that its development continued. Then as everyone started reading them, they came to know their features and uses. In this way newspapers were printed in all the countries. When it was the beginning of the 17th century, Then news paper started being used in England and then they developed rapidly. Everyone loved to read it and newspapers became famous everywhere. India was a poor and slave country, so it took time for newspapers to come here. But in the 18th century it was exposed by the British in India also, because in a country like India, the British did not have any means to transmit information. When the Christian priests saw the fame of the newspaper in India, Raja Rammohun Roy edited a newspaper to propagate his religion and then to establish the Brahmo Samaj after seeing it. This was followed by the publication of a newspaper by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, whose name was "Prabhat". It became very famous and it was printed in different languages ​​which became very famous. The first Hindi newspaper in India was Uddand Martand.

Role of newspapers in freedom struggle

When we were the slaves of the British, no one could publish the news according to their own accord in the newspapers. At that time there was no freedom to write fearlessly while remaining independent. At that time, they did not even contain entertaining articles nor did they earn money from them. When the freedom struggle was going on, people did not even have the means to send and receive information among themselves, in such a time newspapers and magazines became their support. The writers made the pen their weapon and made the public aware. Mahatma Gandhi started newspapers named Harijan and Young-India and Abul Kalam Azad started a newspaper called Al-Hilal. At that time, these newspapers also used to incite the flame of revolution in the hearts of the people. The heroes of freedom took the help of these to make the public aware, so the role of newspapers was very important in the freedom struggle.

importance of newspaper

They have a lot of importance in our life, because with them we can get all kinds of information related to politics, society, economic, sports, entertainment, employment and business, science and weather related, market etc. happening in the country and abroad at one place. can read. These can be read by all categories of people, as they are not expensive and are available everywhere. These are printed on light paper, so it is easy to carry. It is also very beneficial in industry and trade, because industrialists advertise their shop, show room etc. and their business in the newspapers. Along with this, many people also give advertisements for jobs, which makes it easy for everyone to find jobs and jobs. Newspapers have information about all types of government and private jobs. So that young people who want to apply can do it. Students and teachers get all kinds of new information from them. They can also read articles and discussions on many types of contemporary problems in it. Newspapers are also important for the farmers, because they keep getting information about the weather from them and they understand and grow their crops accordingly. Not only this, they also get information related to the market and seeds and fertilizers in it, which increases both their yield and profit. Whatever important schemes and laws the government makes, they are known to the public through newspapers. For women who do household chores and do not do jobs, they also get to learn a lot of information related to household chores, cooking methods, sewing, knitting, new fashion etc. Children who are also printed, All the elders and elders enjoy reading. These newspapers are not thrown away after reading them, but when we sell them in the trash, we get some money and their paper is used to make many types of things like boxes, cardboard etc.

disadvantages of newspaper

Just as the news published in the newspapers bring benefits, they also have disadvantages, because many times some people of the news agency print false news by being biased and for their own benefit. The results of which can be very bad. Incorrect news published in the newspapers and news of any one caste class can spread casteism in the society and can also lead to fights and riots. People and castes maintain enmity with each other and as a result of which anarchy spreads in the country, therefore news should be published in newspapers with correct information by being impartial.

popular newspapers of india

Some of the famous newspapers published in India are Hindustan Time, The Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, The Economics Times, Amar Ujala, The Hindu, Dainik Jagran, Lokmat, Rajasthan Patrika, Indian Express, Punjab Kesari etc.


We all should read newspapers daily, so that we can be aware of new information and news. We all should be fair and get good articles published in magazines. So that everyone gets guidance and a sensible and strong society is built. So this was the Essay on Newspaper, I hope you liked the essay written in English on the newspaper . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Newspaper In English