Essay On National Game Hockey In English

Essay On National Game Hockey In English

Essay On National Game Hockey In English - 1500 in words

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National Game Hockey Essay in English


Like many countries, hockey is played by most of the people in India. Hockey game is played in schools, colleges and many educational institutions. Hockey is an international sport. The game of hockey was started by the British people. Like cricket, the game of hockey is played in India and other countries. Hockey is played all over the world. It is a recreational sport, played in an open field. Hockey has a bright and deep history related to sports in India. There are many great players in India who have played hockey for the country. Hockey is the oldest sport in the country. Hockey is played with a curved stick. The purpose of the stick is to move the ball forward and score goals. The striker must be skilled at hitting the target so that their shots can successfully enter the goal post. The goalkeeper has the responsibility of stopping those goals, So that he can not allow the opposite team to score. Big and small children alike like to play the game of hockey. Hockey teaches us the importance of playing unitedly together and supporting each other. Playing the game of hockey requires hard work. The game of hockey became so famous that the game of hockey was played all over the world.

Players and time to play hockey

There are two teams in this game. There are eleven players in a team. This game is played for about 60 minutes. The game of hockey is played in four quarters. A ball and a stick are used to play this game.

characteristic of the goal

The team that scores more goals is said to be the winner. Hockey was recognized in the Olympic Games in the year 1908. The first hockey game was played in Greece and Ireland.

Dhyanchand the magician of hockey

Major Dhyan Chand popularized the game of hockey. He is called the magician of hockey. He has won India six gold medals in the hockey game. He made the hockey game popular in his country India. Even today, when the name of hockey comes, his name is also taken as well. The people of the country still remember that golden era of hockey.

different types of hockey

Hockey is a different type of game. Such as field hockey, sledge, roller and ice hockey. Field hockey is played in most places. Many types of hockey are played by people. Such as Air Hockey, Box Hockey, Deck Hockey, Floor Hockey, Foot Hockey, Table Hockey, Gym Hockey, Mini Hockey, Under Water Hockey, Rock Hockey, Pound Hockey, etc.

lag in the game

The game consists of a strong ball and a curved stick. The goal is scored by hitting the ball with the help of this stick. There is an interval of five minutes in this game, so that the players get a chance to rest a bit and play again with enthusiasm.

old fashioned hockey

Earlier, when the hockey game was started, there was a stick. Which was made of wood. The ball was very mediocre. Earlier the hockey stick was not bent. Now the hockey stick is bent.

Rules changes and developments

Change and development in the rules of the game of hockey took place in England. Earlier, when players scored a goal from fourteen meters away, it was not recognized. A lot of changes have been brought in the rules now.

Essential Rules of the Hockey Game

A change has been made, according to which the hockey game is now 60 minutes. Which is divided into three-quarters every 20 minutes. The object of the match is to hit as many goals as possible into the opponent team's goal post. The team that successfully scores more goals wins the match. Apart from this, the dimensions of the stick and the rules for the weight of the ball are already mentioned in the books. If on the field he finds the dimensions and weight to be wrong, that player is kicked out of the match. Most of the rules of the game are like football and there are some penalties for rule violations.

Establishment of Hockey Association

Hockey Association was established in the year 1886. After that the interest of the people towards the hockey game started increasing. Hockey game was given priority in every country and it started being played in every country.

hockey game in india

Just as there are fans of the game of cricket, so are the fans of the game of hockey. Hockey players also get the same admiration and respect as cricket players. Hockey game was becoming famous in the country at that time. Hence the hockey club was built in the city of Kolkata. In 1928, the Indian hockey team won three gold medals. For the first time, the Indian hockey team played in Amsterdam in the year 1928.

India's best performance in hockey game

At that time India performed best in the world of hockey game. Because of this, India made its place in the international hockey game and the respect for the hockey players of India increased all over the world. The country had won the gold medal six times under the leadership of Major Dhyan Chand. This happened between 1928 and 1956. At that time India had won so many gold medals in hockey and this is the reason why this era is called the Golden Age.

equipment needed to play hockey

To play the game of hockey safely, there are different types of equipment, which protect a player from serious injuries. His equipment includes a helmet, pads, neck guard, jockstrap, elbow pads, hockey sticks and a ball.

popularity of hockey

India was world victorious in hockey game for many years. Hockey game has become very popular in other countries like Holland, Germany, Pakistan, Australia etc. In the game of hockey, there are important positions like goal keeper, right back, central forward and left back, which players have to handle.

Some of the best players of the Golden Age

Ajit Pal, Dhanraj Pillai, Ashok Kumar, Udham Singh, Gagan Ajit Singh, Balbir Singh, etc. were excellent hockey players, who contributed to hockey. Indian hockey got seventh place in Montreal Olympics.

national sport hockey of india

The players of India gave their wonderful performance in the International Hockey Games. This is the reason why hockey was chosen by India as the national sport. From 1928 to 1956, India had won continuous victories in hockey. That golden age is still proudly remembered today. In the Tokyo Olympics and the Moscow Olympics, India had won the gold medal.

future of hockey

India had seen a lot of good times after the great performance of the hockey game in the Golden Age. Today, due to lack of qualified players and lack of proper facilities, good players are not available. Due to the love of hockey, it is believed that the golden age of hockey will return again. Indian Hockey League is making good plans to encourage the game of Hockey.

importance of hockey game

Hockey game is one of the oldest and well known sports. The history of hockey is large and extensive in India. Earlier it was played in different ways. Field hockey people play in most places. Ice hockey is also played in snowy places. Hockey was previously played in English schools. It was mostly played by the British. After this the London Hockey Association was formed, so that the rules of hockey could be standardized.

promotion of hockey

Hockey game should be encouraged in schools. Good hockey coaches should be appointed, who can teach the rules of hockey to the children in a good way. Children who play hockey well, they should participate in hockey tournament at school level. The government should support those students who play hockey well and the students should get financial help from the government.


Hockey youth love to play. Popular sports like hockey and cricket are very much liked by the youth. Hockey is said to be the national sport of India, but it is not officially confirmed. Today hockey players will have to revive that golden era once again. By doing this, hockey will be brought back to the place from which the country's head was held high. Doing so would definitely make hockey officially declared a national sport. The government should encourage hockey players so that they can play with more enthusiasm.

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