Essay On National Bird Peacock In English

Essay On National Bird Peacock In English

Essay On National Bird Peacock In English - 2300 in words

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  • Essay on National Bird Peacock (Short Essay On My Favorite Bird Peacock in English)

Essay on National Bird Peacock (National Bird Peacock Essay in English)


Many species of birds are found in India, which includes many birds like sparrow, wasp, parrot. Apart from this, the peacock who goes to the king of birds also comes. Peacock is also the national bird of India. It is the largest bird of the pelt species. There are two types of peacocks in India, one peacock the other peacock, it is male and female. Peacocks are blue in color and peacocks are brown. The special thing about a peacock is that it has long feathers and a tail with golden feathers. When the peacock spreads its wings and dances during the rainy season in the month of Sawan, it is very pleasant. As if all the events are telling him to dance. The female peacock does not have a tail, its neck is brown. It is easily seen in open forests and fields. The beak of a peacock is thick, due to which it can easily kill and eat snakes and rats.

history of peacock

Among the bird species, the peacock is tall and large, ranging in length from 100 cm to 115 cm. Its tail is 195 to 225 mm long and weighs up to 7 kg. The color of peacock is blue which looks very lovely. There is a crown on the head of the peacock which is called peacock crown. The crown feathers are curly and short. Peacock has black arrow-like and red feathers on the crown. There is a white stripe on the eyes of a peacock. In the beginning, the color of their feathers is brown, but later their color becomes almond or sometimes it becomes black in color. There is also a small crown on the head of a peacock. Which is light brown in colour. The length of the peacock is not much because their tail is short. It appears brown with golden color. Their neck is brown in color and the color of the neck of peacock is blue. Due to which the person is attracted towards the peacock. Their voice is different, as if they are calling someone. It makes different sounds from birds, sounds like drink drink. Indian peacocks are of different colours, but most of the blue colored peacocks are found here. White colored peacocks are also seen in many places, but they are hardly visible. The species of white colored peacock is negligible. But they are hard to see. The species of white colored peacock is negligible. But they are hard to see. The species of white colored peacock is negligible.

peacock abode

The peacock of India is a prolific resident who lives in arid environments such as Sri Lanka. It is mostly found at high altitudes. It makes its habitat on hills at least 18 m or 2000 m. Many peacocks prefer to live in a pleasant place, such as in cultivated areas or in areas of human habitation. Often we have seen peacocks in our surroundings. Peacocks become accustomed to humans and live in harmony with them. You will see many peacocks in religious places because people get food and drink there. Most of the peacocks are found in the village, they eat snakes, rats, squirrels etc. in the forests. Their beak is thick and long, due to which they kill and eat any animal. Although they also eat paddy, but sometimes they eat small animals in the forests.

peacock nature

Peacocks are mostly calm natured. They are long and have a long tail like a rail, inside which there are many wings. When they are intoxicated, they dance by spreading their wings. Similarly, peahen is brown in color but it is smaller. Which most people do not like, but to see a male peacock do not do as much as people like to see a peacock. Most of the peacock lives alone but the female peacock is seen in a herd. This peacock appears at the time of breeding in herds, After that only peacock and peacock remain. Every morning peacocks are found in the open, but during the day, during the summer, they prefer to stay in a shaded place. Peacocks love to bathe in the rainy season. They dance with wings spread and enjoy the rain. Most of the peacocks walk in a line to reach the water point. Peacocks make their flight only by staying in one place. When they are upset, they are not fond of running away and flying. Most of the peacocks fly by running. It has been found in the nature of peacock that peacocks make loud noises at the time of breeding. When neighbors hear birds making sounds, they get upset and start making sounds like them. The sound of a peacock sounds like an alarm. Moro likes to live on tall trees, They sit in the form of people on trees. Peacocks can often be seen perched on rocks and on pillars. On the banks of the river, Bhima chooses only tall trees and most of them make their shelter on twilight, bel trees.

peacock food

Where is the peacock a carnivorous bird, because it eats insects, small mammals, snakes, squirrels, rats etc. Although peacocks also eat seeds, fruits and vegetables. But they have to eat insects and small creatures in the forests. They stay away from big snakes because they cannot kill big snakes. The peacocks that are found in the vicinity of the fields eat all herbivorous vegetables like thaws, groundnuts, peas, tomatoes, bananas. But in human settlements they depend on discarded food.

Reason for decreasing peacock population

Peacock is a beautiful bird and at the same time it is also the national bird. Sometimes they have to face hunters. It mostly sits on trees to escape from predators. But leopards hunt them on the trees. Peacocks often live in groups to escape and feed water in the group itself. Many hunters keep their eyes on them, sometimes big birds like eagles and eagles hunt them. In the forests, they are killed by poachers and raptors. Due to which their population is slowly dying out and due to living in human areas, they come to the forest either due to hunting dogs. Or are killed by people. The reason people kill peacocks is that peacock oil is used for healing. The life of a peacock is mostly up to 23 years, but in the wild it can live only up to 15 years.

people's Choice

Peacock is famous for its golden feathers. People like his golden feathers very much, people decorate their feathers in their homes. When the peacock dances with its feathers spread in the month of Sawan, people are in awe of it. Peacock dance is a golden dance. When it dances, it spreads its wings in full circle. The color of the peacock is blue and the feathers have crescent shaped balls which look very beautiful. According to the old civilization, the peacock is depicted in the old painting and in many temples there is a painting of peacock and in many places the artwork of peacock remains.


The species of peacock is slowly disappearing in India. But for the protection of the group by the government, attention is given to their safety in large sanctuaries. The government has also brought out a law to protect the peacock. If a person kills a peacock, he is legally punished, as the peacock has been declared a national bird. The number of peacocks is decreasing very less. Just as the peacock has attracted people towards itself, in the same way people should also give love to them. In many human areas, both peacock and human have been seen together. It is also our responsibility to save them, if these birds remain, then we will be able to see them for many years and our coming generations will also be able to enjoy seeing them.

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Short Essay On My Favorite Bird Peacock in English

Peacock is considered to be the king among the birds of the forest, peacocks are found in almost all parts of the country and abroad. They are mostly found in South and South East Asia. Peacock is very beautiful to see, it is the most special and beautiful of all birds. Its wings are also somewhat odd. There are many colors in a single feather. When the sky is covered with black clouds before the rain, the peacock dances with its wings spread. This makes the peacock's outstretched feathers look more attractive. It is a flying bird. The feather of a peacock only adds to its beauty. This is because its wings are very big and two or three bright colors are found in it. Due to which when the peacock opens its feathers, it seems that it has been decorated with diamonds or by painting, that is why it is called the king of birds. The shape of peacock is very attractive. Its shape is somewhat like a swan, But its feathers are very different from that of a swan. There is a circle of white color under the eyes of a peacock. It also makes his eyes look attractive. The size of the female peacock is small and the color is light brown. The length of the female peacock is about 50 cm, and the male peacock has bright small feathers on the neck and many large feathers of dark green color. Its length is about 125 cm, that is why male peacock - looks better and more attractive than female peacock. The female species of peacock (peacock) lays eggs twice a year and lays about 8 to 10 eggs at a time. After taking care of this egg for about 25 to 30 days, babies come out of it. Peacocks can save their eggs and young very little, because the carnivorous animals of the forest like lions, dogs, when they come to know, they eat its young. There are two species of peacock in particular. Where is the blue peacock also known as the Indian peacock and there is a green peacock, Which is also called java peacock. All peacocks try to fly as high as possible to avoid their enemy and peacocks also fly high. Peacock is considered auspicious in many texts and in Hinduism, eating peacock is considered a great sin. Because it is believed in the Hindu texts that seeing the peacock dancing, we were also inspired to dance. And when there was a cloud in the sky and the peacock used to dance by shaking feet, then we all learned to dance by seeing the same peacock dancing. Peacock is a bird living in the forest, it mainly fills its stomach by eating gram, wheat, corn and tomato, brinjal, guava, papaya. Some insects and snakes living in the peacock farm, lizards also eat all these, That is why it is also called omnivorous bird. The most beautiful and attractive species of peacock are found in our country of India and due to its beauty, our Government of India declared peacock as the national bird of India on 26 January 1963. Peacock is the national bird of India as well as many other countries. Peacock is called the national bird and the king of the birds of the forest, which also adorns it. Because God has made his figure in such a way that a crown is made on his head. The size of the crown made on the head of the male peacock is large and the size made on the head of the female peacock is smaller, due to which it is easy to identify the male and female. Huh. The earlier old kings - Maharajas also considered it auspicious to keep peacocks and also used to keep peacocks. Nowadays in our country it is very difficult to see a peacock in the nearby forest. Because its numbers are slowly disappearing. In view of this, our Government of India enacted the Peacock Protection Act in 1972 to save the number of peacocks, which punishes those who hunt peacocks and this has reduced the hunting of peacocks significantly. We should not hunt peacocks, This will enhance the beauty of the forest around us and whenever someone goes to that forest or forest, he will get happiness after seeing a bird like a peacock. Nowadays, the number of this bird has come down so much that even after searching a lot, we do not see peacock in the forest. We have to go to the bird house to see it. As we all know that the peacock feather is attached to the crown of Lord Krishna. During the reign of Chandragupta Maurya, there was a picture of a peacock on one side of the coins running his kingdom. From this we can understand the importance of this bird. We should save all this animal bird as much as possible and if anyone is not aware of its importance, then he should be explained and told. Because it is good for our nation, the more birds there are in the forest around us, the more the beauty of the forest increases. Whenever we go for a walk,

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Essay On National Bird Peacock In English