Essay On Nari Shakti - Woman Power In English

Essay On Nari Shakti - Woman Power In English

Essay On Nari Shakti - Woman Power In English - 1200 in words

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Essay on Nari Shakti Essay in English Introduction

Women have qualities like tolerance, love, patience and affection. No society can be imagined without women. When a woman decides to do anything, she does it. The courage and tolerance of women is more than that of men. The woman does not go back on her promise. The woman fulfills her responsibilities and is seen showing her strength in difficult situations. Many women in the country have shown their courage and wisdom in various fields. Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi fought fearlessly against the British. He had sacrificed his life for freedom. Woman in all her forms has proved that she is not a bad woman. When the time comes, she can even fight with her situation and bring it under control. Whether a woman is a mother, or a sister, or a wife, she should be respected in every way.

housekeeping and caring for loved ones

Life begins from the womb of a woman. Women play many roles in their life. She works tirelessly for hours in a day. She takes care of her family members. Gives good advice to family members. Whenever any member of the family falls ill, she takes care of him. When a member of the house comes home tired, women serve food and any family member's worries and fatigue are removed with their words. She becomes the teacher of the children and teaches them and also treats the family members with her home remedies. She does all the work unconditionally and keeps her loved ones happy. She also makes sacrifices to bring happiness in the lives of others.

Women are no longer weak

Today women are not weak. She is getting educated. She fearlessly keeps her thoughts outside the house. She knows how to live with respect and dignity. She follows the rituals. If anyone disrespects her, now she does not remain silent. Women have recognized their rights and are playing their strong role in every field.

inspirational source

Great personalities like Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Sarojini Naidu not only proved themselves in their field, but they also became an inspirational source for the people.

self-reliant and self-determination

In earlier times it was not considered good for girls to read and write. They were imprisoned in the four walls of the house. She could not take any decision of her own. Today women are getting educated. There is no sector where women are not working. Today women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men. He is no less than men in any respect. In some places women have outpaced men. Nowadays women are working in high positions and running the household. She is taking care of both home and office equally. Women are standing on their own feet and running the household expenses.

live life with confidence

Women have become educated and today campaigns are being run for the progress of women in the country. The woman is moving ahead by facing all the difficulties with confidence. She is getting success in every field.

raise voice against tyranny

In a country where Goddess is worshipped, there are some people who disrespect women. Women are still subjected to atrocities in some homes and societies. In today's era, women have become more aware and intelligent than before. She also knows how to protest against him when the atrocities on him increase. Stupid are those people who consider women weak. Now the time has come that men should also respect women's thinking and their ideologies. The society and home must give them the respect that women should get.

Woman power

When the atrocities on women increase, she assumes the form of Kali Maa and annihilates the criminals. Those who do not respect women and consider them weak, they are not aware of the powerful power of women power. There are many examples of women power and in the present era, women have also given their power and strength from time to time.

woman and her nature

Woman is very simple and sweet natured. As much tolerance is there in women, there is no tolerance in men. She handles every situation thoughtfully and with patience. In earlier times, a girl was considered only a burden. In earlier times people used to engage women in household chores. The family members used to think that what the girls would do by reading and writing, they have to go ahead and get married and take care of the house. In those days, the thinking of girls was not given importance.

power to fight

Women have immense power to fight. She adapts herself according to every situation. Whenever difficult situation arises in the house, women take care of all the members and give advice to all with restraint. When someone wants to test her restraint and harass her excessively, she assumes the form of feminine power. In earlier times, women had to stay in their in-laws' house and listen to taunts. She was stunned. She was compelled to be illiterate. But today in the twenty-first century the situation has changed. No longer a burden on women, she is seen as an influential feminine force. Rani Laxmibai is a living example of women power. He was married at a young age. She knew how to fight against injustice since childhood. When her husband died, Then he took over Jhansi and fought against the British till the last breath. He showed his courage while fighting against the British.

today's woman

Today's woman is strong and she has many dreams in her eyes. Today's woman is educated and she has come out from the evil practices of the past. Today a woman is a doctor, an engineer and a teacher. He is neither weaker nor less than men in any respect. Nowadays atrocities and injustice are being done to women in many places and she is tolerating it in silence. Women are moving ahead and making their country proud in many fields. Now the time has come that all men should respect women and their thinking.


Woman is considered to be the form of Mother Goddess. Now families and society also have to respect woman and her existence. Today women are proving to be better than men in every work and are making their own identity. She is taking a new flight of spirits by breaking the evil practices that have been going on for centuries.

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Essay On Nari Shakti - Woman Power In English