Essay On My Village In English

Essay On My Village In English

Essay On My Village In English - 1600 in words

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Essay on My Village (My Village Essay in English) Introduction

Our country is nothing without village. More than half of the people in our country live in villages. Village plays an important role behind the progress of our country. Farmers grow crops living in the village. After producing the crops, it is sent to the vegetable market of the cities. From there we get grains, fruits and vegetables. If there were no villages, crops could not be grown. The natural beauty of the village captivates everyone's mind. Away from air pollution and amidst greenery, the beauty of the village is made on sight. My village is also like this. My village is a little far from the Ganges river. I live in the city of Kolkata and as soon as the summer break comes, I go to the village with my family to visit my grandfather. Me in the fields of the village, It is very nice to sit near the pond. Nowadays people are troubled by the busyness and congestion of the cities and want to spend a few days in the village. The fresh air and peace of the village brings peace and happiness to everyone's mind. The calm and fresh cool air of the night calms the mind and the mind. The village is a great place away from the hustle and bustle of cities. By experiencing the natural beauty here, all the troubles inside us get removed.

Farmer's residence

My grandfather also has a farm. He eats vegetables and fruits grown in the fields. Most of the farmers and their families live in my village. However, people working in small and cottage industries also live in the village. Farmers make their daily living by doing agriculture and animal husbandry. Cows, buffaloes and chickens earn their livelihood by rearing fish.

agricultural country

In my village, mainly people make their living by doing agriculture. The farmers of our country are very hardworking. He cultivates in the fertile land of India. We don't sleep hungry because of farmers. Nowadays science has contributed a lot to the agriculture sector. This has brought great benefits to the farmers. In my village farmers are adopting new methods of irrigation. India is an agricultural country in true sense. This has been possible due to the hard work of the village and the farmers.

clean mind of village people

The people of the village serve the guests wholeheartedly. His mind is clean. He is helpful by nature. He trusts people quickly. That's why sometimes bad people and moneylenders cheat them and exploit them in terms of money. Most of the people living in cities are selfish, but people living in villages always help others. Now the people of my village are getting educated and have become more aware than before. The people of the village wear country dress. Their lifestyle reflects the Indian culture and traditions.

village daily life

In my village and almost every village people get up early in the morning. All the people of the village leave for their work in the morning. They feed cows and buffaloes and start working in the fields. His life is simple. He is very straightforward.

away from modern life

The people of my village depend more on natural materials. The people of the village live far away from the artificiality of modern life. He depends on agriculture. For some months people earn their living by working in cottage and small scale industries. Villagers do not fall ill as quickly as urban people. They have a habit of hard work and hard work. The people of the village do their own work. The people of my village drink fresh fruits, vegetables and pure milk. He stays healthy. There is no pollution in the village, so it is obvious that people do not fall ill in a pollution-free life.

lack of facilities

Amenities are less in villages as compared to cities. There are not so many job opportunities available here. Many types of facilities are not there in my village. The people of my village still lead a happy and contented life. Some people nowadays get affected by the urban glare and migrate to the cities. The government should provide additional facilities to the farmers, so that they do not lose their trust in agriculture. Unfortunately, my village or any other village has not progressed as much as the cities. The country will progress only when the village develops.

Village Development Hospital

My village is more developed than before. The hospital was built by the government and the gram panchayat. Free medical service is being provided in the hospital. Medicines are given free of cost to the needy people. The health workers here talk well with the villagers and provide good medical treatment.


A few years back a good school has been built in the village for primary and secondary classes. Here free education is provided to the children till the primary classes. The government is now trying that no one remains illiterate in the village.

public sector bank

For the financial assistance and security of the farmers and all the villagers, the bank has been built by the government. Farmers can open their personal accounts and if they want a loan for their small business, then they can get it from the government bank.

irrigation and electricity

For good crops, there is better and better irrigation facility in my village than before. Tube wells were also built in place for irrigation. Many years ago there was no electricity facility in my village. There is electricity now and there is no problem at night. Recently a water tank has been constructed to supply water to the entire village. From here water supply is provided to the entire village.

village education

As the people of my village are getting educated, they are understanding the difference between right and wrong. He does not believe in superstitions like before. As the country is progressing, there is a change in the thinking of the people of my village. Now no one will be able to fool innocent people. That's why the people of my village are getting educated. There are still many such villages which are facing the problem of illiteracy. Now the people of the village also want to be educated.

Pucca roads and means of transport in the village

Now the roads of my village are not unpaved. Now paved and strong roads have been made, so that there is no inconvenience in traveling. Now a bus stand has been made in my village, which is nearby. Now there is no need to walk that much. Roads have been made on the main roads of my village. Here we can go to the cities if needed.

Indian culture still alive in the village

The village has a big contribution behind keeping the Indian culture alive. The people of my village still celebrate the festivals according to the old customs. Many types of cultural programs are organized in my village. The glimpse of the old culture is still visible in these programs today.

village panchayat

There is a panchayat in my village. Sarpanch makes all important decisions of the village. Panchayat takes decisions related to justice and injustice in the village. Any kind of problem and dispute in the village is resolved by the Panchayat organization.

communication medium in the village

The means of communication in my village are telephones and mobile phones. Here people can easily talk to anyone with the help of mobile.

means of livelihood

The people of the village are of simple nature. The people of the village work hard. He is strong mentally and physically. Apart from animal husbandry, agriculture, small business is also done. In my village, the government has started the process of giving loans at low interest for the progress of the farmers. Now farmers can do their own small business apart from agriculture. The government has done a lot of work for the development of my village. Many types of schemes have been started by the government for the progress of my village. Women are also being encouraged to do handicraft related work in small scale industries.

Stress free life and feeling of belonging

Coming to the village, people get healthy in the right way. People do not have any problem in breathing in the pollution free environment here. By coming to the village, all my troubles and stress are removed. It gives me immense pleasure and a sense of belonging here to meet my family members.


People from far and wide come here to see and experience the simplicity of the village. Today the village is developing slowly. The villages should have been upgraded already. Still, the government has to do a lot for the progress of the villages. My village is also taking steps towards development. As soon as I go to the village, my heart becomes happy. I love my village the most. So this was the essay on my village (Mera Gaon Essay in English), I hope you liked the essay written in English on my village (Hindi Essay On My Village) . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On My Village In English