Essay On My Grandmother In English

Essay On My Grandmother In English

Essay On My Grandmother In English - 1400 in words

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Essay on my Grandmother (My Grandmother Essay in English) Introduction

I am the closest to my grandmother. I have nine members in my house. In which mother, father, me and my sister, uncle - aunt and their two children i.e. two brothers and grandmother, we live in a two-storey building. Grandmother is the cutest. I love my grandmother very much. She takes care of everyone equally. When she has free time, she plays with me. Saves me from papa's spit. I, My sister and two younger brothers all play with grandmother in the garden. Grandmother is always in a happy mood. She always helps mom and aunty in the kitchen. Grandmother has a stick and puts glasses on her eyes. We all love them very much. My grandmother is very tolerant and adapts herself to any kind of environment. She has unwavering faith in God. My grandmother is 71 years old, yet she does not forget anything. Even at this age, his memory is very good. Grandmother does all the work with great speed. He is very fond of reading stories and religious books. She quickly recites the Gayatri Mantra after finishing her work. We all have our meals together and spend family time when we are at home. All this has been possible because of Dadiji. Dadi ji shares interesting incidents of her life. This keeps everyone's heart happy. Then they have their meals together and spend family time. All this has been possible because of Dadiji. Dadi ji shares interesting incidents of her life. This keeps everyone's heart happy. Then they have their meals together and spend family time. All this has been possible because of Dadiji. Dadi ji shares interesting incidents of her life. This keeps everyone's heart happy.

Grandmother is the foundation of the family

Grandmother is a strong minded woman. She takes all the decisions of the house after discussing with the other elders of the house. She is always busy with her work. The foundation of the family is my grandmother. Dadi ji discusses the problems with all the members once a week and also tries to solve them. We all respect all the decisions of Dadi ji.

Waking up in the morning Grandma's work

Waking up in the morning, Dadi gets ready after taking a bath. She worships the Lord early in the morning and waters all the plants in the garden. She then helps make breakfast with mom and aunty. Then she reads Ramayana for some time. We prepare all the children for school. Grandmother takes care of us. She looks after each and every household work smoothly since morning. She also instructs the servants properly and her rapport with everyone is very good. My grandmother cooks very delicious food. She prepares everyone's favorite food keeping in mind their preferences. I love the laddus, pulaos, paneer and pickles made by my grandmother. I take it everyday in tiffin.

Importance of Grandma's advice

Dadi ji is very experienced and her experience is excellent in all walks of life. That's why all the elders of the house take advice from him regarding important works. She follows both new and old ideas. She does not impose her views on others. After listening to everyone's words, she then gives advice to everyone.

Grandmother and the importance of time knowledge

Dadi ji does all the work from morning till on time. She does not miss a single moment of her routine. She also always explains the importance of time to her family members. By working on time, a person leads an orderly and successful life.

dutiful and religious woman

Dadi knows all her duties very well and performs them non-stop. She serves the guests who come to the house. No one pretends. She reads religious texts like Ramayana and Mahabharata etc. at her scheduled time. His life is simple. Everyone is greatly influenced by his religious views. Everyone in our locality respects him and all the children like him very much. Grandmother gets along easily with everyone. Grandmother always visits Devi Maa temple twice a week for the well being of her family. She also keeps on doing charity work. She takes great interest in religious activities.

Grandma cooks very nice dishes

There is something else about the tea and milk shake made by grandmother in the evening. Grandma makes great tea and coffee in winter. Grandma cooks great food. There will hardly be any dish that Dadiji does not know how to make. She cooks Indian food as well as English dishes like Pizza, Burger for all of us.

love of animals

Grandmother loves animals like dog, cat very much. She always has compassion for animals. She loves and cares for Tommy very much at our house.

Humanity and a true patriot

Grandmother is a very kind lady. Seeing any person in trouble, she cannot live. She tries her best to help such people. She loves her motherland even more. The feeling of patriotism is ingrained in them.

Workout and believe in home remedies

Waking up in the morning, she exercises and tries her best to keep herself fit. They love morning walks and fresh air. She also takes my mother and aunt for morning walk. She believes more in home remedies. She knows that it cures the disease in the right way.

telling stories

Everyone is well acquainted with grandmother's stories. Everyone loves to hear an inspirational story from Grandmother. Grandma also tells me different types of interesting stories. This gives me and my brothers and sisters a lot to know. Before sleeping at night, Grandmother tells us children stories full of entertainment.

observance of festivals

Grandmother actively participates in all kinds of festivals. His enthusiasm is seen in Diwali, Holi and all kinds of festivals. Grandma likes to do all the festive shopping together with everyone. A different enthusiasm is seen in the grandmother. Dadi ji gives gifts to everyone on all festivals. She knows very well what she likes. According to her, she gives gifts to everyone. Together we all do not forget to give surprise gifts to grandmother. We all celebrate Grandmother's birthday with great pomp.

always cares

Grandmother cares for every member of the family. She wants every moment that the people around her are happy. She always shows the right path to everyone. The house also teaches all the rituals to run the family. He has kept his family comfortable and has given good values. This is because their future generations should also carry forward the same rituals and customs. She gets upset if father and uncle are late in coming from office. They keep worrying until they come home.

going to a fair with children and women

She gets excited whenever she has to go to the market during fair and festival time. She goes with everyone. We feed all the kids chocolates and ice creams etc. We all have great fun.

Living with Grandmother transmits these qualities

Dadi ji teaches us to maintain relationships with strength. He is punctual on time and discipline. These feelings also develop in all of us. He has taught that one should always walk in life with good and positive thinking. Proper rites and respect, etc., are developed by living with grandmother. A child's golden childhood is faded without a grandmother.

parental responsibility

Those who do not live in a joint family due to any reason, those parents should bring their children to their grandmother. Children spend time with Grandmother, so this makes Grandmother happy. It is the responsibility of the parents to let the children talk to the grandmother through phone and video call, if they live far away, this keeps in touch.


We live in a joint family with great love. This love and understanding of grandmother has kept this whole house connected. May Grandma's blessings continue forever. Our family is incomplete without them. All the members of the house keep their problems in front of Dadi ji. Grandmother removes those problems. Grandmother is the life of our house. We all should respect our grandmother's feelings and always give her love.

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