Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English

Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English

Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English - 1400 in words

Today we will write an essay on my favorite teacher (Essay On My Favorite Teacher in English) . This essay written on my dear teacher is written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this Essay On My Favorite Teacher in English written on my favorite teacher for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

Essay on My Favorite Teacher (My Favorite Teacher Essay in English) Introduction

The teacher is considered above God. Teachers bring light in our life like a candle. Roshni means to show the right path to the students through education. Teachers teach tolerance, discipline to live a disciplined life, to differentiate between right and wrong and good and bad. If there were no teachers, there would be no school. If there were no schools, we would not have become civilized citizens. A student is incomplete without his Guru. The teacher does not only give knowledge of the subjects to the student, Rather, it also gives inspiration to become a good and true person in life. Some teachers teach so well in schools and colleges and mix with the students that they become their favorite. Some teachers become so dear to us that they become our role models. The style of teaching and the personality of their beloved teacher are imprinted on the students. A student is unable to complete his education without a teacher. Because of the teacher's teaching and following the path shown by him, his disciples get success. The place of teacher in life is paramount for a human being. This is the reason why the teacher is placed above even God.

Dear teacher's first introduction

My dear teacher is Sunita Madam. She used to teach me chemistry from class IX to class XII. She first explains the chapter to the whole class. Then she explains her important points by writing them on the blackboard. She is very serious. Sometimes when the chapter is over, she asks us questions related to the chapter. His personality is unmatched. All our classmates are impressed by his personality. He has a PhD in Chemical Sciences. Nowadays it is very difficult to find such good and settled teachers. All the students are present in his class. She is also currently the Vice-Principal of the school and fulfills all her responsibilities very well.

treat everyone equally

She never discriminates between us. She talks politely with everyone. I used to get good marks in chemistry. She always inspired me to pursue further studies in chemical science. She is my ideal teacher for me. Not only me, everyone appreciates his teaching. She treats everyone well. He is one of the best teachers in the school. I feel proud that I am his disciple. She clarifies every important point of the chapter. She does not start a new chapter until the students have finished the old one. She takes care of every student in the class and makes sure everyone understands the lesson. She gives everyone a chance to sit in front, keeping the rotation in mind. She does this so that no one is left behind in studies.

test over time

Sunita madam always tests us all when a lesson is over. It is very important for a good teacher to know how much the children understood. The teacher checks that how many children have understood the chapter well. Teacher ji teaches us with a lot of hard work, so that we can give our good performance.

Notes Distribution

For an ideal teacher or teacher, it is necessary to give the notes of each chapter to the students. We can also read from books. The teacher explains the things written in the books very simply and gives notes to all of us accordingly. The chapters are better understood by reading their notes. There is magic in his given notes.

clear doubts

Sunita madam clear any doubt easily. She always maintains restraint. She performs her duty well. Many students also like Sunita madam very much.

Source of inspiration

Sunita madam's personality is very unique. She always encourages me to do better. She encourages all the children. She always inspires us to be positive in troubles. She herself is like that. He has achieved success in his life by overcoming the difficult situations of life. He is truly an inspirational source. I want to be like them too.

boosts enthusiasm

Along with teaching Sunita Madam, she encourages all the students to participate in all kinds of competitions. She always teaches us no matter what difficulties or adversity we should never give up. The one who gets up in life wins.

preparation for exam

Teacher ji starts preparing for the exam very early. It gives us to solve the question papers of last many years. Asks us to solve difficult questions. This boosts confidence and there is no difficulty at the time of examination. Expresses all the concepts related to the subject. This makes things easier to understand. When a student performs well, the teacher gives them prizes. This makes everyone feel good.

good relations with all

He has a good relationship with the students and all the teachers in the school. She is a true friend of mine with whom I share my problems. She listens calmly and tells me the remedy. I have a close relationship with them. That's why she is my favorite teacher. I give gifts and cards for teacher ji on teacher's day. She wishes and blesses me.


My dear teacher always teaches us to make good use of time. She always tells us not to let our free time go to waste. In free time we should complete our studies, homework and project work. With the passage of time, the pressure of studies on the students increases. Sunita ma'am asks us to schedule the time. If a student does not complete the homework, he/she gets punished. We can never learn to live disciplined if we are not punished.

friendly nature

She teaches seriously. She treats all the students like a friend. With this, students can share the problems related to their subject with the teacher. There is always a smile on his face. Whenever a student does wrong or bullying, he also punishes him.

use of new teaching techniques

Sunita madam always use new teaching techniques, so that we can understand the chapter in a better way. She rejects the rote method and prefers practical knowledge. She teaches us all the practicals related to chemical science in the laboratory. It simply explains the actual chemical processes, so that we can remember them for the rest of our lives. She also teaches us using online learning methods. She never gets tired. She completes her work with complete devotion.

organize extra classes

Whenever we do not understand some things in our chapter, the teacher arranges extra classes for us. This is called extra class in English. She teaches so well that everything is understood in the class itself. No tuition is required.

organizing various events

Teacher ji enthusiastically participates in all kinds of programs along with all the students. Takes active part in celebrating all the festivals in the school. All the teachers also respect and love him equally.

encourage weak students

She never differentiates between weak and intelligent students. She helps the children who are weak in studies. She always explains to all of us that there is nothing in this world more powerful than education. She always tells to take studies seriously. She also teaches poor children free of cost at her home.

life experiences

The teacher tells about the experiences related to her life. She narrates these experiences, so that we can make the right decisions in life and choose the right path. It is our dharma to keep facing the difficulties of life. Teacher is our guide.


Teacher ji is preparing the students in her life in such a way that she can become a capable human being and a good citizen. I consider myself lucky that I got such a good and quality teacher. Good and hardworking teachers make students capable human beings. Teachers get success when their students score good marks and become a capable and responsible citizen in life.

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Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English