Essay On My Favorite Game Volleyball In English

Essay On My Favorite Game Volleyball In English

Essay On My Favorite Game Volleyball In English - 1500 in words

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Essay on Volleyball (My Favorite Game Volleyball Essay in English)


Who doesn't like to play sports? From childhood till growing up, we definitely play some game or the other. We play this game from school to college. One of these sports is volleyball, which is a favorite sport of many people. The game of volleyball is considered to be an American sport of the nineteenth century. But it is also true that no matter what the game is, the fun that is in playing the game cannot be done in any other work. Similarly, the game of volleyball is different. Playing it provides both physical and mental wellness.

How to play volleyball game?

Every type of game whether it is cricket, football or kabaddi or kho-kho, in all types of game there are rules and methods and it is the first duty of every player to follow those rules. Similar rules are there for the game of volleyball as well, which is as follows.

volleyball game rules

  • In a volleyball match, six players play for a team in a turn. After that the coin is tossed for the toss. Which team will play first is decided. Unlike a team, the team only has to pass the ball back to the opponent in three passes. The player who lifts the volleyball first pitches it. The one he stands next to is called the bump set. The second player to touch the volleyball is called the setter. Who tries to reach the ball to the player near the net. The last player to touch the volleyball is called Spike. The final decision on foul play and service change rests with the umpire.

volleyball playground

The length of the volleyball playground is 18 meters and the width is 9 meters. The field is divided lengthwise into two equal parts. After that the boundary line of this field is made with a line of width 5 cm. To prevent any kind of obstruction in the field, it is necessary to have 3 meters around the field and 7 meters in height. On both sides parallel to the middle line, an aggressive line is drawn at a distance of three meters from it. along the back line of the field and on both sides from the side line and at a distance of three meters from the field of play, A line is drawn outside the field backwards. This is called the service area. The volleyball playground is the service area. Whose distances are fixed according to the systematic and accurate measurement. Do this with the whole field. So that the player playing does not face any problem and he should follow the rules of the game by staying inside that field.

major tournament of volleyball game

  • Federation Cup Asia Cup World Cup Shivaji Gold Cup Grand Champion Cup India Gold Cup Purnima Trophy

Other names of volleyball game

The game of volleyball is also known by other names. Like Volley, Deeppass, Over Lapping, Booster, Hook Serve and many more names.

Indian History of Volleyball

Volleyball game made an important place in India. Who has achieved success in the Asian Games equipped with big names. The Indian volleyball team had proved its name by winning three medals in the Asian Games. Then this game was highly appreciated in India and on seeing all the things related to this game achieved an example of earning respect in their country India. Volleyball game started being played in many states of India and keeping its identity today, this game has been more than 70 years in our country of India. It is a different matter that this sport never made any place in the Olympic Games. But at the regional level, the game of volleyball has its own identity. So the day is not far when volleyball will leave no stone unturned to make its first place in the Olympics as well. This game is not based on any woman or man. The one who touched the success is important. Volleyball game was played as an amateur in our country India. but Before independence, in 1936, the Indian Olympic Association organized the first Interstate Championship. After this the game was designed in 1951 and it was named Volleyball. The next year means in 1952, the first competition of Senior National Championship was organized. After this many youth showed interest in this game and India got to see new skills. Thus formed the Indian volleyball team, which worked hard to maintain its dominance. It is also true that hard work definitely brings success, it is only necessary to wait a little.

invention of volleyball

The game of volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan. who is the physical director of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Massachusetts. It was designed as an indoor game for businessmen who found the new game of volleyball too vigorous. Morgan called the game mintnet, until a professor at Springfield College in Massachusetts noticed the nature of the game and proposed the name volleyball. The original rules were written by Morgan and appeared in the first edition of the Official Handbook of the Athletic League of Young Men's Christian Associations of North America (1897). The game soon followed in schools, playgrounds, the armed forces, and in the United States, It proved to have wide appeal for both sexes in other organizations and was later introduced in other countries. The rules were issued jointly by the YMCA and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in 1916. The first nationwide tournament in the United States was organized by the National YMCA Committee on Physical Education in 1922 in New York City. The United States Volleyball Association (USVBA) was formed in 1928 and was recognized as the governing body that made up the United States. Since 1928, the USVBA is now known as USA Volleyball (USAV). During 1944 and 1945, annual national men's and senior men's (age 35 or older) volleyball championships were held.

Volleyball Game Mistakes That Can Beat the Game

The player should avoid the mistakes made while playing the game of volleyball. Otherwise you can lose the game because of these mistakes. Those mistakes are like this. While playing the game of volleyball, the ball should not be allowed to touch any part of the body below the waist, otherwise it is thrown out of the game. The ball must be avoided for a moment in the hands, as this is called holding. Hitting the ball more than once carries the risk of dribbling. Hitting the ball more than three times by the same team is called a mistake. Two people hitting the ball at the same time and making two sounds with it is called double foul. It is also a mistake for the service ball to touch the net and the ball to come from outside the net boundary. This leads you to lose the game. It is also a mistake for the net to touch any part of the net or any part of the player of the other team while blocking. Mistakes that need to be addressed include crossing the center line into another player's area, or the ball touching a part below the waist, or hitting the ball more than once by the same player. Otherwise it is completely possible to lose the game. While rotating, the back row cannot attack from the forward area. Wrong rotation or the back row hitting the net and blocking the ball falling out of bounds is a mistake. If the ball goes past the bottom edge of the net, it is considered a foul. Holding the game for more than a minute also constitutes a critical error of the game. You get points only when your service ball is made. Non-serving of service from the service area or touching the previous boundary line while doing service,


In this way all sports are excellent for our health. It gives strength and energy to our health. Not only men play a game like volleyball, but women also participate enthusiastically in this game. Who would not want to play a game like volleyball, so nowadays this game has started getting great achievements in the form of a big competition in schools and colleges. In which boys and girls all take part and illuminate the name of their college and school. The day is not far when this sport will achieve great achievements and the name of our country will be written in golden letters.

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Essay On My Favorite Game Volleyball In English