Essay On My Favorite Fruit Mango In English

Essay On My Favorite Fruit Mango In English

Essay On My Favorite Fruit Mango In English - 800 in words

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Essay on My Favorite Fruit Mango (My Favorite Fruit Mango Essay in English) Introduction

Mango is called the king of fruits. Mango is very tasty to eat. I enjoy eating raw mangoes too and there is no answer to sweet ripe mangoes. Mangoes are found in many sizes in the market. This fruit is on trees. Mango fruits are eaten with great taste from children to old people. Apart from being delicious, it is also rich in nutrients. Talking about the scientific name of mango, its scientific name is Mangifera indica.

mango production season

Mango fruit is found in the summer season. Along with me, my father also likes mango fruit. That's why my father starts buying mangoes as soon as he comes to the market. Ripe mangoes are consumed in the form of fruit, while raw mangoes are used to make pickles and chutneys. This fruit grows on trees and ripens on trees. You will find people fond of eating mango fruit all over India. Nowadays people use chemicals to cook mangoes. But such common ones are harmful to health. Pure mango is the one that ripens on the trees. There are many varieties of mango. Some mangoes are small in size and some are large in size. Mango is the largest producer of mango in India. Talking about the yield of mango in India, it is about 60%. Mangoes from India are also exported to other countries.

mango fruit king

There are many reasons behind calling mango the king of fruits. One of the reasons is that many vitamins are found in it. In which vitamins A, B, D are found. Apart from vitamins, mangoes are also high in iron and minerals. By eating it, we get carbohydrates, which gives energy to the body. Mango is also rich in protein, calcium, potassium and sodium. This fruit is very beneficial from the point of view of health. Nowadays you also get mango juice in the market. Its taste is very good, but you should drink pure mango juice only. Mango juice prepared from chemical is not good for health.

Mango species

Many species of mango are found. For ordinary household ladies, making mango pickle and selling it in the market can be a better option. Due to this, women sitting at home get employment opportunities sitting at home. India is considered to be the largest producer of mango in the whole world. In which species of mango such as Dussehri, Chausa, Badami, Langra, Totapari, besides other species include Himsagar, Malda, Alphonso, Banganapalli etc.

mango a national fruit

Mango has been given the status of being the national fruit along with being the king of fruits. Apart from India, mango is also considered as the national fruit of Pakistan, Philippines. Mango tree has the status of national tree in Bangladesh. National Mango Day in India is celebrated every year on 22nd July. Not only in India, people from all over the country like to eat mangoes with great fervor.

beneficial to general health

In case of heatstroke, drinking water from raw mango gives immediate relief to the person. Digestive power is strengthened by eating mango. It also helps in reducing your weight. Its nutrients strengthen your immunity. Mango is high in potassium and magnesium. Due to this, the level of sodium in the blood was brought under control. Mango is dried and made into powdered mango powder, which we use in vegetables. Apart from this, Indian people like to eat raw mangoes cut into pieces, cooked in lentils. Women should keep using mangoes. This is because a lot of iron and calcium is found in it. Vitamin A is considered good for eyesight, which is present in mango. Consuming mango also proves to be very effective for weight loss and keeping it balanced.


This fruit found on earth has a close relationship with our health. Mango is a very pure fruit. By consuming it, our body gets special benefits. Mango leaves are also used for religious purposes. By now you must have understood that what is the secret behind mango being called the king of fruits.

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Essay On My Favorite Fruit Mango In English