Essay On My Favorite Sport Cricket In English

Essay On My Favorite Sport Cricket In English

Essay On My Favorite Sport Cricket In English - 2000 in words

In today's article, we will write an essay on my favorite sport cricket (Essay On Mera Priya Khel Cricket in English) . This essay written on my favorite game cricket is written for kids and class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. You can use this essay written on my favorite sport cricket (Essay On Mera Priya Khel Cricket in English) for your school or college project. You will find essays in English on many other topics on this website of ours, which you can read.

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Essay on my favorite sport cricket (Mera Priya Khel Cricket Essay in English)

Cricket is the most popular and favorite sport in the world. Not only in the world but also in India, we will find cricket fans in the streets and neighborhoods. Cricket game is played in open space using bat and ball. Cricket is a game in which two teams play against each other. There are eleven players in each team. This game is played in a huge open field. Cricket is one of the most famous outdoor sports played in India at the national and international level. Although the national sport of India is hockey, but cricket is more preferred in the country. Eleven players from the team enter the field while bowling first. Two batsmen of the opposite team enter the field with the aim of scoring runs. The first team, while batting, challenges the second team to runs, following which the opposing team has to score more runs than that. If he succeeds in this, Only then he is called the winner of this game. If the other team is unable to chase down the runs, the first team is declared the winner. The one who scores runs by picking up the bat and hitting the ball is called a batsman. The person who puts or throws the ball towards the batsman and tries to get the batsman out is called a bowler. In the game of cricket, if the batsman hits the ball with the help of his bat and sends it out of bounds. If the ball crosses the boundary through the ground, it is called a four. If the batsman throws the ball in the air and sends it out of bounds, then it is called a six. The team that manages to score the most runs is declared the winning team. The batsman cannot hit fours and sixes, so fielders are present in the field to catch the ball. There are many types of cricket matches, such as test matches, one day, T20. Nowadays most of the people like to watch T20 matches more. T20 matches are played for only twenty overs and the decision is also made quickly. This match is full of thrill. Currently cricket is very popular in countries like India, Australia, England, Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. The first international cricket game was played between the US and Canada in 1844. The match was played at the St George's Cricket Club ground in New York. Cricket was started in France, then cricket was played in a different way. According to sources the cricket that we play today, That game originated in England. From England this game spread to all the countries of the world. Cricket in India was first played in 1848 at the Oriental Club of Mumbai. A test match is a match that lasts for a long time. In One Day, the match ends in one day. The different enthusiasm of the One Day match is seen in the people. In this type of match, both the teams had to play for fifty overs. Now generally people have become more fond of watching T20 matches, Because in this, both the teams have to play only for twenty overs. T20 matches are decided very quickly and are full of thrill. Nowadays the craziness of Indian Premier Cricket League i.e. IPL matches is often seen among the youth. It is played every year in the month of April or May. The game of cricket was started by the people living in England. Cricket was the first sport to be played in India by the wealthy Englishmen and Maharajas. The game of cricket in India was started by the East India Company. As soon as the match between India and Pakistan takes place in India, So people like to watch cricket by leaving all their work and taking leave from offices. The enthusiasm of the people is visible only by seeing them during the match. Indian cricketers go to other countries to play cricket and players from other countries also come here to play cricket. To play cricket, a pitch is constructed in the middle of the ground. Wickets are placed on both sides of the pitch. The distance between the wickets is about twenty two yards. The players of the cricket team bat until the over is over or all the players who are batting are not dismissed by the opposing team. Important decisions of the cricket game like whether the player is out or not, whether there is a no ball or not, etc. are taken by the umpire. There are two umpires in the cricket field and in necessary circumstances the decision of the special umpire is also taken, which is called the third umpire. Calcutta Cricket Club, The name of the first cricket body of India was A professor founded the Indian Cricket Club in the year 1878 under the name "Presidency College Cricket Club". Some of the names of famous cricketers of India are as follows: Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli etc. The current captain of the Indian cricket team is Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma is the vice-captain. Fans of popular cricketer Sachin Tendulkar are present not only in India but all over the world. People gather in the ground to watch Sachin Tendulkar's Master Blaster shots and make long queues to buy tickets. There are fans and fans of Dhoni's helicopter shots everywhere. Cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Rohit Sharma are such Indian players, Who has scored the most centuries? Mahendra Singh Dhoni is called the king of IPL. His team has won the most matches in IPL. India won the Cricket World Cup on Saturday 2 April 2011. India defeated Sri Lanka by 6 wickets in the final. This final match was played at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. In 1983, India won its first World Cup by defeating the West Indies. Overall, India has won the World Cup twice. Apart from this, India has won many championships and made a name for itself in world cricket. Sometimes matches are canceled due to excessive rain. There are many types of outs in the match, such as catch out, run out, lbw, hit wicket. Let us tell you that the match of cricket is played according to the over. There are six balls in an over. Every team has good fielders. Those who try to stop the ball being hit by the batsman during the match. They do this so that the batsmen of the opposing team cannot score runs. There are good fast bowlers and spinners, who keep trying to get the batsmen of the opposing team out by putting a good ball. The batsmen of the opposing team try to hit fours and sixes, so that they can challenge the opposing team by scoring more runs. Maiden over is the over in which no run is scored. At the beginning of a cricket game, the umpire toss the coin first. The team that wins the toss, the captain of that team decides which team will bat first and which team will bowl. After that the match starts. The team that bats The batsmen of that team stand on either side. The bowlers and fielders of the opposing team take their places to stop the ball. The ball is thrown to the batsman from the side of the bowling team. Then the batsman strikes the ball and starts taking runs. This process continues till the end of the over or the team of the batsmen is out. As we know that the team which scores more runs is called the winning team. Both good bowling are important with good batting, only then the team can win the cricket match. If the batsman scores long runs on the field, then the bowlers are under immense pressure. This is because the more runs there is, the more runs the opposing team will have to score. If the batsmen are dismissed one after the other, Then there is no pressure on the bowlers and the chances of winning the match for the team that is bowling increases due to the low target of runs. Various types of cricket competitions are organized in India under the name of Ranji Trophy, Rani Jhansi Trophy, Bazi Trophy, Irani Trophy, Duleep Trophy and Abdullah Gold Cup. This is a good way to encourage youth to play cricket. One day match i.e. one day match is decided on a single day. A Test match, that is, a five-day match, lasts for five days. The number of overs in a one-day match is fixed, while the number of overs in a five-day match is indefinite and sometimes unlimited. In a test match, sometimes the game ends without a win or loss. One day matches are decided in one day. There is a score board for systematic calculation of runs. Which is seen by the players and spectators in the field. As soon as the bowler dismisses a player, another player comes into the field to play. This process continues until ten players are out. After that the second team plays and starts completing the target of the runs scored by the first team. If the bowler takes three wickets in three balls, ie three batsmen, then it is called a hat trick. Sometimes bowlers get aggressive and use bouncers to get the batsman out. For which the opposing team gets one more run. Similarly, even if there is a wide ball and a no ball, the batting team gets one more run. Such decisions are made by the umpire. There are some special signs of the umpire, which can be understood by all the players and spectators. For example, if a player hits a six, the umpire raises both his hands up. If the umpire moves his hand forward, Then understand that the batsman has hit a four. No player can oppose the decision of the umpire. There are certain rules of the game of cricket, which they definitely have to follow. A player of cricket has to be alert every moment, because even the slightest mistake can cost him dearly. Till the last moments in cricket, the dilemma remains which team will win and which team will lose. We will meet cricket fans from all walks of life, whether it is a leader or an actor, a boy-girl, an office worker, etc. Everyone is included. Every second man in India is a cricket lover. How famous cricket is, it is estimated from the fact that people use mobile phones while going to the office. Desperate to know cricket scores on radio etc. If there is an important match to be seen, some employees take leave from their office by making excuses. While walking on the way, if TV is seen anywhere, then people gather there and start watching cricket matches. Where cricket matches are played, there are long queues of people to buy tickets. Cricket is such an international popular sport that people like to play and watch. Sports like cricket are beneficial for health. Nowadays cricket is played in schools, colleges, street neighborhoods. Children play cricket in the school grounds from an early age. Cricket is called a gentleman's game. The credit for taking cricket to the heights in India goes to cricketers Sachin, Sunil Gavaskar, Dhoni, Virat and Kapil Dev etc. Cricket is a fun game Which keeps the player mentally and physically healthy. Indian cricket team is very popular in international cricket. So this was my favorite sport essay on cricket, I hope You must have liked the English Essay On Mera Priya Khel Cricket on my favorite sport . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On My Favorite Sport Cricket In English