Essay On My Father In English

Essay On My Father In English

Essay On My Father In English - 1100 in words

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Essay on My Father (My Father Essay in English) Introduction

There are people in our life who surround us and give a new direction to our life. The main role in this is played by our family. As we all know, our father is the head of our family. Who carried our life forward with full responsibility and without whom it is difficult to imagine our family.

my father's contribution

The biggest contribution in my life became my father. Who always showed me the way to move forward and never taught me to bow down to wrong. Whatever I have learned in life, I have learned it all because of him. All the credit for the position I am in today goes to my father. From my childhood my father supported me step by step. Whenever I had to cry about going to school, my father would love to hold me in his arms and always smile. Which inspired me to smile too. Even after growing up, my father always supported me and did not allow any kind of lack. When I expressed my desire to go out and study, at that time also my father supported and explained to the other members of the family.

my idol my father

Whenever the children in school were asked about their role model, my father's name would always come up as my idol. I always saw qualities like patience, self respect, honesty in my father. And accordingly it would be correct to call my father my role model. There came a time in my father's life when he stood alone. But even then he kept moving in the right direction. I felt lonely in my life too, so my father stayed with me at that time and this is the biggest achievement for me.

father also suffers

Often we talk our heart out to our father and feel like he will understand everything we say. Unknowingly, many such things happen to us, which hurts our father. But we never think about it. In such a situation, we should always take care of these things, so that the father does not get any kind of sorrow. Because there is only a father, who sacrifices his dreams and takes his children forward and the children do not even know. In such a situation, it is always necessary to respect the feelings of your father, so that the father also does not lack anything.

qualities of my father

My father is a good person. They have some bad habits, but they also have a lot of good habits. There is some quality in my father, which is as follows. My father is a guide, inspirational midwife, honest, conscientious and a true friend.

my father is my friend

My father is my true friend. In this way it is not easy to be a friend of any father. But my father has always been my guide by becoming my friend. Who like a true friend told my shortcomings and also highlighted my strengths. We consider ourselves blessed to have got the love of such a father.

duty of a father

Any father always wants the happiness of his children. Whether the children cared about them or not. Despite the discrepancies in life, a father always stands firm for his duty and stands up for his children. No one in the world supports the children or not, but a father always moves ahead by supporting his children and also gives them inspiration to move forward. If the child is suffering in the sun, it is always his father who comes forward to give him shade. In such a situation, one should always respect his father and never let him bow down in front of anyone.

head of the family

Father is always the head of his family, who saves the family from any crisis situation. Along with this, even if there is any kind of problem, they take full care of the family members. Many times it also happens that adverse circumstances come on the members and in such a situation the members feel themselves alone. In such a situation, being the head of the family, the father goes ahead and puts his hand on his shoulder and always showers his love on him. Due to which family members move ahead and gain their patience. Being the head, all the responsibility of reducing the turmoil going on in life is on a father. Sometimes we do not understand the feelings of our own father and this is the reason for our mistake.

Take special care of your father

There comes a time in every father's life when he himself needs his children. In such times, one should always take care of his father and he should not let anything be lacking. We should never forget that it is because of the father that we have reached this position, that we can prove ourselves and move ourselves in the right direction. In such a situation, whenever we feel that our father needs us. So in such a situation, while fulfilling your responsibilities, you should give full support to your father and take special care of him. This will make our father happy and we will get his blessings.


Father is the pillar of our family. In such a situation, it is our special responsibility to always take care of their feelings. I have also tried my best to give my father all the happiness that he deserves. So I decided to take care of them too. It is always the hope that we continue to get the blessings and love of our father throughout our life and we keep moving forward by taking inspiration from him. Because the Father has not changed himself for us anywhere, so we should also keep him happy.

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Essay On My Father In English