Essay On My Family In English

Essay On My Family In English

Essay On My Family In English - 1100 in words

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Essay on My Family (My Family Essay in English) Introduction

Without family our life is incomplete. Every person needs his family. Whenever a man has problems, the family always stands by him. Mostly every family has mother, father, brother, sister and grandfather, grandmother. The family always stands together in sorrow and happiness. Some people live in joint families and some live in small families. Nowadays, as the population is increasing, the prices of everything are increasing, so most of the people prefer to live in small families. Nowadays families have become so small that children are not able to understand its importance. If anyone supports you in difficult times of life, it is only family. The child learns manners and good manners from his family. So my existence is nothing without family. I love my family very much. Whether you give or not support in life, But family always stands with us. When I go to the village with my family during the summer vacations, there is a different joy and relaxation. If a person does good work, then the name of the family shines. It is because of the family that man forgets all his troubles. It is the family that brings us out of difficult situations.

Family members

Each member of the family has its own importance. I consider myself lucky to have got such a loving family. Grandmother, parents, me and my sister live in this family. Every member of the family maintains the balance of the family. It is a privilege to be born in a good family. I consider myself lucky. Today I am safe with the blessings of my parents and there is no dearth of anything in life.

lack of joint family

Nowadays joint families are rarely seen. My father grew up in a joint family. Due to the job, he had to come to Kolkata with my mother. For the prosperity and progress of the family in life, father has done a lot for himself and the family. He never shied away from responsibilities. As soon as any member of the family is in need, he immediately helps them. We often go to our village to meet the rest of our family members during our school holidays.

Mother's love and her values

Mother cherishes her family. My mother is a teacher and also takes care of the house. I am closer to my mother. She takes care of our happiness day and night. He has taught us to make good use of time, follow discipline and study diligently. He has always taught us to respect elders and follow their orders. The values ​​given by the mother help in maintaining the family values ​​from generation to generation. Indian family is made up of rituals.

parent's blessing

Whenever I fell weak at any point in my life, my parents always gave me courage and encouragement. If the support and blessings of parents always remain like this, then I will overcome the biggest difficulties of life. My father has always taught me to walk in life with restraint and understanding.

Grandmother's love and her stories

I was only ten years old when Grandpa passed away. We used to play a lot in childhood with Grandfather. If we did mischief, he used to scold us. His love was hidden in his scolding. I still remember the stories of grandmother. Now I study in college, but as soon as I get time from studies, I listen to grandmother's stories with my sister. The mind gets a lot of peace and gets a good sleep. Grandmother is the foundation of the family. She is active in everything. She helps my mom in her kitchen. Everyone loves the evening snack prepared by grandmother's hand. Dadi ji gets up early in the morning and does all the work on time. She is punctual and always takes the right decision for the family.

sister my friend

My sister is younger than me and studies in school. We understand each other a lot and she is like my best friend. I share my mind with him whenever I want. She always supports me. Although she is small, but she performs her sister's duty well.

Supporting family in life's goal

I am recently pursuing post graduation. I want to do PhD in future and my parents are with me in my decision. I teach children four days a week. Everyone in my family understands me. My parents always understand my problems and solve them. Whenever I get confused in life, my parents show me the right path. When a person gets hurt or lives in some difficulty, the family always supports him. My family is like that too. Family takes us out of troubles in life.

Family is the most peaceful and safe place in the world

If a person feels safe anywhere in the world, then it is a home and a family. With family man lives with happiness and peace. There are many people who do not have family, so one should never forget the importance of family. The family is the first school of the children. With the support of the family, even the toughest phases can end. I love my family very much.

free time with family

One day in a week everyone tries to spend some time together. By the way, at the dinner table, we all talk and discuss each other's topics. On Sunday we all go out for a walk for a while. All the members of the family should take out time for each other. It is important to give time to the family. This increases the love in the relationship.


Today, in this part-time life, the joint family has changed to become the original family. Native family means small family. All round development of a person takes place in the family. In the difficult situations of life, my family always stands by you. Relationships and families are built on love and trust. The love and affection of family never let us go away. Children learn good and good conduct from the family. The family plays an important role in the formation of the country.

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Essay On My Family In English