Essay On My Dream In English

Essay On My Dream In English

Essay On My Dream In English - 1600 in words

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Essay On My Dream in English Introduction

It is my dream that in my country all the excellence, goodness and divine form should be presented above all. There are many basic reasons for calling this country the Guru of the world and the country of the top. The greatness of our country can be summarized in such a way that our country is situated in the courtyard of the Himalayas. It is gifted by the first rays of the sun. We Indians have given the light of knowledge first of all to the world. It is my dream that my country of India should be at the forefront of all the works like the rays of the sun and keep progressing.

My dream is to keep the nature of my country flourishing

In fact, if seen, the nature of my country India is the most beautiful in the whole world. It should be as if Prakriti Devi herself has presented her entire art with her own hands. I dream that the plains of my country, its mountains, its valleys, its forests, its vegetation, its rivers, its springs, its glaciers, its minerals, its crops, its fruits and its flowers, its seasons, etc. are all around the world. Have a uniqueness. Not only this, it is my dream that all the living beings, living beings, variables and constants etc., of my country, should present their importance very easily by showing their superiority, defying the superiority of the whole world. My dream is to become a unique creation of my country's nature i.e. the creator and keep it safe and steadfastly like a lion, making its own strength and greatness and presenting itself the proof of being the best in the world.

May my dream be my country and I have immense stamina

It is my dream that the people of my country should have immense power and good examples of this can be easily told by looking at today's time. When my country has successfully won the battle against a dreaded disease like Corona, today its vaccine has been created which is a cure for the disease. Which is the tolerance power of the people of my country, due to which they have taken steps towards victory today. It is my dream to keep winning my country like this. Along with this, I have a dream that my country and countrymen keep away from various natural troubles like many storms, storms etc. We have to remain strong and humble with patience to fight these troubles. I have a dream that we can not see anyone unhappy, we should always have compassion for the sad day in our mind. Our collection is for sacrifice only. We consider guests as gods and we have always followed this policy, this is my dream. Just as our ancestors are truthful, We have been stunning in the same way we have become. It is my dream that we should increase our culture and civilization in all the countries of the world and remain intact. It is my dream that the Ganges of our Veda Upanishad's knowledge will flow everywhere. Just as Shri Krishna ji preached the Gita, in the same way, we should live our life and do good deeds and leave its fruit to God.

my dream is that women should be given importance

Today we are seeing that in the field of politics, in the field of social service, in the field of education, in the field of medicine and in the development of many other industries, women are making an important contribution. It is also my dream that women should keep waving their dominance in every field. He drives away the fear from him, don't let it dominate you. Today there is no such office where the woman has not shown her efficiency, despite all this, there are some people in the Indian society who give priority to the boy than the girl. Special arrangements are made for his upbringing and education. And they ignore the development oriented talent of the girl. This is an unfair and partisan practice. In today's era, it has been proved that boys and girls are equal. If the dowry system is completely abolished, So the value of woman will increase even more with respect and confidence. Only then will it be called the India of my dreams for the upliftment of women.

May the birth of my dream daughter be full of happiness

It is the wish of every parent that they have a child here. In the absence of children, the family remains incomplete. The house in which the cries of the children do not reverberate in the courtyard, that house looks like a flower without fragrance. This child is received in two forms. Boy or girl In ancient India, words like family planning or population control were not heard in India. Therefore, if a girl is born in the house at that time, then the boy was awaited. Today's circumstances have changed. In the house, parents wish for only two children, if there is a boy and a girl, then satisfaction is felt. If both become girls, then dissatisfaction prevails in the family. My dream is that this thread of discrimination which has been going on for a long time, It should end now and even in the birth of girls, parents celebrate with happiness. After all, it is the daughters who give birth to the lamp of your homes. So why hate that girl? My dream is that this discrimination should end.

My Dream Influence of Western Civilization on Women

My dream is that the women of my country should gradually change their lives due to the influence of western civilization and the spread of education. Throw him off the ancient swamp, which smelled of stereotypes, and he walked side by side with the men. My dream is that he should show success in every field. As a result, there was a change in the ideology of the conservative socialist. He realized that if proper arrangements are made for upbringing and his education and initiation, So she can prove herself as capable as the boy in the field of talent and skill. Because the power and strength of women is not obliged to anyone's favor and today's women are more independent and powerful than the earlier women. The ability to fight everyone is reflected in him. She has the ability to speak wrong as wrong and right as right. The women of my country may adopt western civilization but are not lagging behind in any work. That is why many great personalities were born in our country and named our country. That's why my dream is that the women of my country should be on top in every field, no one can shake it and neither can back it. So adopt western civilization but this is my dream for progress. No one can shake it or turn it back. So adopt western civilization but this is my dream for progress. No one can shake it or turn it back. So adopt western civilization but this is my dream for progress.

my dream to be a good citizen

It is my dream that my country India should progress in every field day in and day out, no matter what the area is, never take its steps backward and forward and every citizen here becomes a good citizen. He should properly perform his rights and duties, and also use his vote well. So that evils like corruption, crime and terrorism are eradicated from our country, as well as paying taxes on time and having faith in the country etc. should also be taken care of. Every citizen should respect the rights and religion of others. A good citizen is loyal to others and he should follow the law strictly, that is my dream. Every person of my country should become a good citizen, because a democratic country depends on the excellence of its citizens. If citizens take interest in politics and are aware of their rights, So the characteristics of a nation increase and the country becomes more powerful. It is my dream that every citizen of my country should love his motherland with all his heart and always be ready to lay down his life for it.


It is my dream that my country of India should always be a spiritualist and peaceful nation. It is certain that the happiness and prosperity of the world is possible only in a peaceful environment. And India has always been striving for this. My India is a nation wishing for the country Vasudev Kutumbakam and Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Niramayah. Whose basic spirit is to establish peace. A country having the spirit of Bahujan welfare can never even think about the loss of another country. It is my dream that the country of India should remain a strong supporter of world peace. He has always been opposed to any kind of war, destructive use of nuclear power. Stay away from mutual differences. Therefore my dream follows peace and will.

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Essay On My Dream In English