Essay On My Brother In English

Essay On My Brother In English

Essay On My Brother In English - 1300 in words

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Essay on My Brother (My Brother Essay in English) Introduction

I have two brothers. One elder and one younger brother. I love both my brothers very much. Where the elder brother takes care of me, he ignores my every arbitrariness as a small one. The same my younger brother harassed me with his mischief. Sometimes I like his pranks and funny jokes too. Brother is elder or younger, after all a brother is a brother.

personality of my brother

My elder brother's name is Rakesh, who has a very different personality. Everything about him captivates me. There is also a feeling of love in their scolding. My brother has been a very influential person in my life. It is said that most of the fights happen in most of a brother-sister or brothers-sisters, they do not do any work together. But in me and my elder brother this does not happen at all. He helps me in all my work. In a way, he has been my role model. I want to be successful and talented like him. That's my dream. Since I was 7 years old, I am seeing that my brother has taken care of me like my parents take care of me. My brother gives me the understanding of my studies, my food and drink as well as the stories I should talk about, not the stories. While my brother is only 6 years older than me, yet when does the elder brother reach maturity towards the younger siblings, We do not even know this ourselves. Such is my elder brother. I pray to God that every younger brother and sister should get such an elder brother.

my elder brother my perfect guide

My elder brother has always given me the right guidance. He always told me what I should do and what not. When I was in 11th class, I was facing a lot of difficulty in choosing the subject. I was thinking what should I do or not, I was starting to feel very sad. At that time I did not understand what to do, then my brother showed me the way. My brother asked me to choose a subject of my choice. I am telling the truth, after such good guidance, I did not have any doubts about the subject at all. I did what I thought was right. Due to my brother's guidance, I was able to choose my subject and today I am able to study with all my heart.

my brother my friend

First of all my brother is a good friend of mine. I can tell everything to my brother without hesitation. My brother is also very smart looking. His personality is no less than a hero. Apart from reading and writing, he also mourns for playing sports and traveling. Also my brother takes us for a walk and to feed good food. He not only respects the elders but also gives a lot of love and affection to the younger ones. My brother is just as nice as my other friends. Like a good friend, he helps when needed and also gives good advice and guidance when needed.

my brother's love and affection

My brother loves me and my younger brother very much. He plays with my younger brother. My brother beats me and my younger brother too. He goes to drop my younger brother to school every day and also brings him from school. My brother also takes great care of my younger brother. My parents say that we are blessed to have such a son. When my younger brother was 6 years old, my elder brother used to take the younger brother with him wherever he went. My elder brother introduced me to many things. My brother always taught my younger brother that at this age when you go out on your own, then your friends will tempt you with wrong things like cigarettes. But never in your life stay away from such friends and such wrong things, because these wrong things not only spoil your health, but also have a wrong effect on your personality. That's why it should never be done like this.

my brother's dream

My brother's dream is that he should become a big officer by writing. He also works hard for this. He studies day and night, while the boys of his age roam around, keep playing. But she is not like him at all. My brother is of the opinion that we can do this later on playing, walking. But you should give importance to your dreams and career first. My parents want him to become a very big officer and he is working day and night to fulfill those dreams. My brother teaches the same to me and my younger brother. When he helps me with my studies, So any problem goes away instantly. Like it is said that we understand the way of teaching and the way of explaining only one of those who teach us. So is my brother whose way of teaching I like very much. He makes us understand by giving examples in a very simple and easy way. This is the reason that our friends also want to fall with them and my brothers also make them fall. His teaching skills are amazing. which is liked by all. He tells all of us to give importance to studies first, do the rest later. We also obey our brother. After all, it is our duty to assimilate his right words.

our unique relationship

Man is a social animal. It is the duty of every person to live in the society and follow its rules and our family comes in this society. His relations come. In the same relationship, there is a relationship between me and my brother, which is a very unique relationship. The feelings in this relationship. Such feelings cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, I believe. One is our country India, where even today family relations are strong. Our festivals are copied by other countries, but no one can break the strength of these relations. With love and affection, my brother always blesses me to move forward and progress. Really for me my brother has a very important place after my parents.

bond with my brother

My brother is not only a brother but also a foster parent like a father. This happens in the relationship of all brothers, no matter how small the brother is. Similarly, sister is not only like sister, she also scolds brothers like mother, reprimands her brother and decorates, caresses, cuddles all her younger brothers like her sons. In this way the relation of brother is also visible in the form of emotional responsibility. My brother's relationship with me is a relationship of dedication, which is prevalent in us till today. I am proud of my brother. Every relation whether it is with younger brother or elder, the relationship is never more or less, all are same. Similarly my relationship is also same for my younger and elder brother. If I give love and affection to a brother, I get love and affection from a brother.


I am younger than my brother, but have always been in competition with him. I am proud of my brother. My brother is an inspiration for me, which gives us the courage to do something in life. It is my wish that God should give such a brother to everyone. Having a good brother makes life's difficulties easier.

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Essay On My Brother In English