Essay On Mother's Day In English

Essay On Mother's Day In English

Essay On Mother's Day In English - 1100 in words

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Mother's Day Essay in English Introduction

Mother's existence is very much in the life of all of us. Mother is the first teacher for a child. Because from birth till most of the life time, the child finds the guidance of the mother to get the solution of all the problems, from small to big. This is the reason why mother has been given special status. To understand the importance of mother and to honor the mother, there comes a day in a year which we know and celebrate as Mother's Day. The hand of the mother is behind the complete development of the child. Mother sacrifices her life for the children. There are many forms of mother, which keep changing with time. Sometimes she plays the role of mother to take care of the child, Sometimes she becomes a friend and a true teacher throughout her life. A mother does everything possible to make her child happy. Being such a big role of mother in our life, it becomes our responsibility to respect our mother at all times. Take care of them as much as you can. We celebrate Mother's Day every year to make them feel special and to honor all mothers around the world, to thank them for their motherhood and contribution to society. Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May, so that everyone can know the importance of mother's role in our lives. Many children celebrate this day by giving gifts to their mothers according to their interests. Apart from this, by making delicious dishes with their own hands, they feed the mother with love. The mother is considered responsible for the progress of the child. Because she sacrifices a lot to educate them. A mother does not allow any hindrance in the education of her children by cutting off her needs. The whole world of a mother revolves around her child. Although she keeps on showering affection on her children all the time, but she does not fail to stop when the child makes a mistake. Children should never forget their mother's sacrifices. Always give love and affection to mother. We should not do anything in life that hurts their mind in any way. Mother has many responsibilities. Even after this, she continues to fulfill all the responsibilities small and big towards her child. So if we ever get a chance in life, then do something so that they can realize how special they are. To move forward in our life, mother takes care of us at all times, whether it is morning, Evening or afternoon. Similarly, we should not celebrate Mother's Day just one day, but we should make mother feel special throughout the year. Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. By the way, Mother's Day is meant to make all the mothers of the world realize the existence. Life cannot be imagined without a mother. The whole life of a mother is devoted towards the future of the children.

Mother's role in raising children

If there is any relationship in this world beyond the selfless, it is the relationship between mother and child. A mother has great affection for her child. A mother is like a protective shield for her children. She spends her whole life just looking at the children. A mother keeps on doing all the work from morning till evening. A mother works the whole week without taking any leave.

Why did Mother's Day begin to be celebrated?

There are many beliefs about why Mother's Day started being celebrated. Some older scholars claimed that the practice of maternal worship originated in Greece and that Cybele was the mother of the Greek gods, in whose honor the day is celebrated. So on the other hand, the official Mother's Day holiday is said to have resulted from the efforts of Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis, in the 1900s. After Anna Jarvis' mother's death in 1905, she envisioned Mother's Day as an honor for the sacrifices all mothers make for their children. Mother's Day was started by Anna Jorvis of Grafton West Virginia to honor the proud motherhood of all mothers.

mother's day celebration

This day is dedicated to the mother. It is a practice to celebrate this day on the second Sunday of May every year. In the age of internet, you will find hundreds of Mother's Day posts on social media. People from the city to the village are also aware about Mother's Day. On this day people send messages to their mothers and also present special gifts to them.

gifts for mother's day

To convey their feelings to the mother on Mother's Day, some people give gifts to their mother, while some people take their mother to feed them outside. Some people express their feelings to their mother by speaking through words. So some of the same people express their feelings by giving cards to the mother. Everyone has a different way of expressing love and respect towards their mother. Some people help their mother by taking time out in household chores on Mother's Day. No matter what the method is, it is important that we always respect our mother and try to keep her happy always.

Reasons for celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday

It was started by the US President Woodrow Wilson by passing a law on 9 May 1914. According to which he had ordered that every year Mother's Day would be celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Since then, apart from America, India, many other countries started celebrating Mother's Day i.e. Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May.


Mother plays a very important role in the overall development of the child. In view of such a big role of mother, we should give respect to our mother. They should be made to realize that their position is the highest in the whole world. We can never repay mother's debt, but with small efforts, we can definitely keep her happy for some time.

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Essay On Mother's Day In English