Essay On Mother Teresa In English

Essay On Mother Teresa In English

Essay On Mother Teresa In English - 1400 in words

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Mother Teresa Essay in English Introduction

Mother Teresa is one of those great people who, when born on earth, save the people of the earth. They spend their whole life on those creatures who say that we have not seen God but yes we know how God will be. Mother Teresa's name is written in golden letters out of that noble and holy spirit. My salute to such truly noble hearted personalities who considered service to humanity as the biggest religion and served everyone without any selfishness.

Birth of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was born on 26 August 1910 in Skapje, Macedonia. His father's name was Nicola Boyaju, a simple businessman. His mother's name was Drana Boyaju. Mother Teresa's real name was Agnes Gonza Boyajiju. Gonjha means flower bud in Albanian language. When she was only eight years old, her father died. After which his mother took care of him. In this way all the responsibility fell on his mother Drana Boyaju. Mother Teresa was the youngest of five siblings. At the time of his birth, his elder sister was 7 years old and his brother was 2 years old. The other two children passed away in infancy. She was a beautiful and hardworking girl capable of reading and writing. Along with studies, he loved singing. She and her sister were the lead singers in the church near their house. It is believed that when Mother Teresa was only 12 years old, It was then that she realized that she would devote her whole life to human service and at the age of 18 she decided to join the Sister of Loreto. After that she went to Ireland, where she learned the English language. It was necessary for them to learn the English language, Because Loreto's sister used to teach children in India in this language. Mother Teresa was very interested in Christianity and the service work being done by her preacher since childhood. He had learned in his teens that the Christian missionary service in a city called Dajeeling, India, is doing the work with full enthusiasm. Mother Teresa became a nun at the age of 18 and came to India and got involved in the service work run by Christian missionaries. Along with this, she started taking interest in Indian languages ​​and soon started teaching at St. Mary's High School located in Calcutta. Since then, he devoted his whole life to serving others and improving their condition. Mother Teresa is one such name, whose name makes our heart bow with reverence.

missionary of charity

Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity and she has established this charity in 120 countries. In 1950 Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, which is in Calcutta. It is a Roman Catholic voluntary religious organization, which is contributing to various humanitarian works. It has a congregation of more than 4500 Christian missionaries. To join this, after nine years of service and trial, you have to meet all the Christian religious values, you are included in this organization only after you have rendered your service in various works. Each member has to have firm and full faith in the four resolutions. Which is purity, poverty, obedience and service from the heart. Missionaries around the world poor, sick, Contributes to the service and help of the oppressed and the underprivileged. They also have to be dedicated in the service of leprosy victims and AIDS victims. Mother Teresa became the helper of the orphan and the guardian of the handicapped, whom no one wanted to adopt. Mother Teresa's doors were open to him forever. This was the secret of the success of the Missionaries of Charity, due to which Mother Teresa was honored in India and she was also awarded the Nobel Prize in the world.

Special feature of this organization

This organization provides education and food to orphans and homeless children. She also runs orphanages, old age homes and hospitals. Mother Teresa's fame was world famous, her empire of service was very wide. His workers were active in six countries of the world. The Missionaries of Charity was established in 1950. Since then, 244 centers have been established in the world till date. 3000 sisters and mothers are working in this center. Apart from this, thousands more people are associated with this mission. Those who do service work without any pay. In India, more than 10 lakh people are treated free of cost in 215 hospitals established by Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa's favorite place

You people hardly know that Mother Teresa also had a favorite place and the information about this place was asked by any of America's news channels. He asked which is your favorite place, then he said that my favorite place is Kalighat and I like that place very much. This place is the name of a street in Calcutta where Mother Teresa's ashram is. Mother Teresa used to bring her to her ashram, among those who are poor, those poor people who did not have any means of food and drink, nor could they buy any medicine for the treatment of disease. He gave shelter to 54 thousand people in the history of Kolkata at that place. Out of this, 23 thousand people died, because they were hungry and thirsty for a long time and were suffering from some disease. But still he liked that place very much. He used to experience happiness and joy by working there. Serving the poor was what gave them pleasure.

Honours and awards

Mother Teresa has received many international honors and awards for her service to humanity. In which Padma Shri Award in 1962, Nobel Prize 1979, India's highest award, Bharat Ratna in 1980, Medal of Freedom 1985. Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her missionary work spread all over the world. He was given this award for helping the helpless and poor. He decided to use the Nobel Prize money of $ 192,000 as a fund for the poor. Nobel laureate Bharat Ratna Mother Teresa was one of the few personalities who left her homeland Yugoslavia and made India her place of work. He made selfless service of the Dalit destitute people his main goal on this day. Even these awards fall short for personalities like these. Who dares to act,

Mother Teresa's service work

The work done in the field of service of Mother Teresa ji is an inspirational and honorable example for the world. The work done by him in the form of a mother for the poor and sick of the country of India generates great respect and respect for our country India. Out of 140 schools, 80 schools were opened in India by Mother Teresa. One of the important works of this organization is to provide free food to sixty thousand people by the Missionaries of Charity, setting up seventy centers for orphans, looking after eighty one old age homes for the elderly and distributing medicines worth fifteen lakh rupees to the poor every day. Organizations like Nirmal Hriday and First Love were created for the elderly. In which about forty five thousand people are living now. To honor Mother Teresa where Padmashree has been conferred by the Government of India in 1962, The same Philippines government also gave Magsaysay Award. With this prize money of ten thousand dollars, a leprosy home was established in Agra by Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa's name will always be taken with respect and reverence in our country.

Mother Teresa's death

Mother Teresa went to meet rom-pop John Paul II in 1983 at the age of 73. There he suffered a first heart attack, followed by a second heart attack in 1989, due to which his health continued to deteriorate. He died on 5 September 1997. Mother Teresa was still in Calcutta at the time of the last moment of her life and that was the end of her life.


A person like Mother Teresa is rarely born on earth. We should spend time only under his guidance. If we can't do much, then give food to one person for a day. Because the poor person may or may not give anything to us, but he will not even give badua. We cannot become great like Mother Teresa, but we can improve our life by taking the thoughts of her life in our life. Just as Mother Teresa had devoted herself to the service of the people without any selfishness. In the same way, we should save our life by awakening the spirit of help and help in our life. So this was Essay on Mother Teresa, I hope you liked the Essay on Mother Teresa in English . If you liked this article, then share this article with everyone.

Essay On Mother Teresa In English