Essay On Morning Walk In English

Essay On Morning Walk In English

Essay On Morning Walk In English - 700 in words

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Morning Walk Essay in English Introduction

Walking in the morning is considered very good for health. This is the reason that people are seen running in the morning. A small run or walk in the morning proves beneficial for your body in many ways. In the morning the atmosphere is quite calm and cool. In the morning the mind is focused. Taking a walk in the cool environment in the morning gives energy to the body. People who walk in the morning feel refreshed throughout the day.

mind happy with body

My day starts with morning walk. I go for walks regularly. Morning walk brings joy to both my body and mind. People conscious about their health, people of almost all ages see me while walking in the morning.

health benefits of walking

In the morning, when the bird is seen on the chirping trees, the mind becomes happy inside. Seeing the blooming fields, it seems as if one has experienced heaven. The wind that blows during the morning walk is considered very good for our health. Along with walking, I also like to exercise in the morning. It strengthens my muscles and bones. By taking a walk in the morning, all your diseases disappear. Along with this, your appetite also increases. When you walk barefoot on green grass, your eyes get special benefits. Morning walk inspires us to get up early. The fresh air of the morning removes all the dirt and lethargy from our body. Our good health is involved in giving importance to people's morning walk and exercise since ancient times.

beneficial for lungs

The morning time is known as Brahma Muhurta. However, scientists have also accepted this fact. They have confirmed the fact that peepal trees give oxygen to the environment for 24 hours. At the same time in the morning, it releases twice the amount of oxygen. If one chants Moolmantra or Gurumantra during this time, then oxygen reaches every part of the body. This is the reason why morning walk is given a lot of importance.

importance of exercise with walking

In today's race-filled life, people have been seen suffering from various diseases due to stress. One of the reasons behind this is their wrong routine. Along with wrong eating habits, they neither go for walks in the morning nor do they like to exercise. His body has to bear the brunt of this.

morning scene

While walking in the morning, the chirping of different types of birds gives great relief to your ears. During the walk, the green green crop makes the mind happy when it passes through the fields. Morning walk is such a workout for you, by which various diseases of your body disappear and you can lead a healthy life. You can never pay the price for a morning walk, which benefits your health.

Morning walk beneficial for all

People have the illusion that the morning walk is done only by the students or the sick person. While it is not so at all. Morning walk is very beneficial for everyone. People who laugh with laughter during the walk, they exercise their lungs. Therefore, including exercise in the morning walk is considered good for your health. Along with pure food and water, you must also take natural air in the morning. It is my belief that by visiting in the morning, I feel energized in my body throughout the day. You too should take advantage of this.


Morning walk is useful for us in many ways. If you want a long life, then for this you should make a habit of walking regularly. Along with walking, if you give importance to exercise, then there is no doubt that you will definitely be able to keep yourself healthy throughout your life.

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Essay On Morning Walk In English