Essay On Monkey In English

Essay On Monkey In English

Essay On Monkey In English - 1100 in words

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Monkey Essay in English Introduction

A monkey has two arms and two legs. This is a very naughty animal. It can jump from one tree to another. Humans are said to have originated from the species of monkeys. Monkeys have a long tail. Monkeys like to live in herds. They are always together. He eats fruits, vegetables and leaves. Nowadays, due to the continuous cutting of forests, monkeys enter villages and some areas of cities and create ruckus. According to Charles Darwin, humanity originated from monkeys. They are in all shape and present, like humans. World Monkey Day is celebrated on 14 December. About 264 species of monkeys are found. Monkeys have two ears, two eyes and 32 teeth. Monkeys should never be teased, otherwise they become more aggressive. For the first time, a monkey named Albert was sent into space.

match with humans

The head and face of monkeys are like that of men and they used to walk like them. Researchers say that both belonged to the same ancestor. Monkeys have their own unique fingerprints like humans. Monkeys live on trees. They can climb a tree quickly and easily. They can easily jump from tree to tree and are bullied. They lie on tall trees all night long. They often live on trees bearing wild berries or fruits.

Monkey's contribution

Monkeys play a big role in keeping the forest environment balanced. While eating their food, they drop fruits and flowers from trees on the ground, from which the herbivorous animals living on the ground like deer, rabbits and birds get food. Being on tall trees, it is also suitable for monitoring the forest. By sensing any impending danger, they alert the entire forest. Especially when a predator is around, they warn other animals of the forest of danger with their noise. Monkeys are very inquisitive in the habit of imitating monkeys. It attracts them to try anything new or strange. Thus they are easily trapped in cages. He imitates and instigates people. In addition, they are known for their imitation. Monkeys are mischievous by nature.

Monkeys are divided into two parts

Old monkeys that live in Asia or Africa and new monkeys are found in South America.

close relatives

Monkeys are considered close relatives of humans. Like humans, monkeys are also social and family creatures. Like humans, different types of emotions are found in them. Usually the age of a monkey is up to 15 - 35 years. Monkeys are vegetarians. Monkeys also eat small crawling insects.

Where are monkeys found?

At present there are 250 species of monkeys. It is found in mountainous areas, plains and forests. Sometimes monkeys are found on the roof of the houses. Due to the continuous cutting of forests, they do not get a place to live and do not get food to eat. That's why he enters the nearby village or town and creates a ruckus.

monkey teeth

Ancient monkeys had 32 teeth. At present, new monkeys have 36 teeth.

good training

Monkeys can be trained well. That is why in many places Madari trains the monkeys, so that they can perform various tricks. The age of monkeys ranges from fifteen to thirty-five years.

anatomy of monkeys

The monkey uses its two claws as a hand. The monkey has a big and long tail. When monkeys live in a herd, they use gestures to communicate with each other. Monkeys always feel safe to be in the herd. He is also the head of the herd. Monkeys do not like to live in water at all. Monkeys have many habits like humans. Like he can eat the banana peel by himself. Man has evolved from monkeys. Human DNA matches that of monkeys. Monkeys can be taught a lot. as they are taught, He does the same thing. Monkeys are very intelligent and therefore can be easily trained. Humans misuse this nature of monkeys. For their entertainment, the monkeys are taken captive and make them do various tricks. Often, the monkeys who perform feats have to suffer from the misbehavior of humans and they tolerate everything with helplessness.

worshiped as hanuman ji

People worship monkey in the form of Hanuman ji. Monkeys are also very intelligent and clever. As we all know, all the monkeys were in the army of Lord Rama. We are familiar with the fact that monkeys always live in herds. They can also be seen at some religious places. There people give him food and he gets a lot of respect in the form of Hanuman ji. People of Hindu religion worship him as Hanuman ji. They believe that Hanuman ji resides in all the monkeys. This is the reason why people feed monkeys. Monkeys love to eat bananas and gram.

use of claws

Monkeys use their paws to walk and sit. He also uses his tail to sit on trees. Some of their actions are like human beings. Monkeys are masters at imitating someone.

cunning creatures

Monkeys are very clever and do everything well. Whatever Madari teaches them, they learn immediately. Monkeys perform well in front of people, for which they get money. Monkeys provide entertainment to the people. Some monkeys sometimes become so uncontrollable that they attack humans. By attacking he expels the human skin. Monkey's claw is very strong and dangerous. He gets what he wants to get. Stones should not be thrown at monkeys or else they take a violent form. He always likes to live independently.

lethal nature

Monkeys should never be touched. It doesn't feel good to him. We should keep distance from monkeys. Because he is very mischievous. Whatever food the monkeys see in the hands of the people, they snatch it. Some monkeys are also good-natured, but most monkeys cannot be trusted. Because he can attack us anytime.


We should have love towards monkeys. Most monkeys are found in the continent of Asia. The monkey should not be disturbed at all. Monkeys entertain in many programs by dancing, which makes children especially happy. That's why we should have sympathy for the monkeys. He cannot speak, but talks to us in gestures.

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Essay On Monkey In English