Essay On Mobile Phone In English

Essay On Mobile Phone In English

Essay On Mobile Phone In English - 1900 in words

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Essay on Mobile Phone (Mobile Phone Essay in English) Introduction

Mobile phone has become a necessity in the life of all of us. People's morning is from mobile and night is also from mobile, without mobile like there is nothing in people's life. From small children to big people, mobile will be seen in their hands. Many parents have become such that if their children harass them, then they hand over the mobile in their hands. This habit becomes the addiction of children, which is not right. It is okay to always keep mobile with you, because people need it. But from the point of view of their health, they are not right. There will be hardly any rare in our country India who does not have a mobile. In our country, every person may not have anything, the mobile will definitely be visible.

Mobile phone

Mobile phone is the medium of mass communication. Various types of mechanical means, instruments and mass media such as radio, television, cinema, books, teleconferencing satellites, mobile phones, etc. participate in mass communication. This is the only way to convey some message or information to the general public. Any person who lives in any corner of the world can participate in mass communication.

definition of mobile phone

A mobile phone is an electronic communication device that operates at the MHz frequency level without any wires or any physical activity. Which has become a very good means of communication for us humans today.

mobile flower form

Mobile – Modify Operation Byte Integration Limited Energy Mobile Name in English – Telephone Device

mobile phone types

Smartphones in mobile phones Nowadays, smartphones are getting involved in the lives of many people. Their price has come down much less than before. Nowadays buying a mobile has become really cheap. Today there is no such person who does not have a mobile, its price has reduced so much and the need is so much that even a poor person may not have food to eat, but mobile will definitely be there. After all, its price which is so low. Nowadays is the era of smartphones and their cost is also less. Today it becomes difficult to say how many types of smartphones are there and which operating system is most famous. Because in a few days new operating system comes. Nevertheless, the most used operating systems are given below. (1) Android (2) IOS


Both the systems are very good in their own place. But it is necessary to compare these two. That's because there are some differences between the two. Android is an open source operating system that can be used by anyone.

Came. O. s. (iOS)

On the same ios operating system is available only for iPhone. No company can use it. If we talk about security, then the security of ios is excellent, but ios is available only in apple's phone and it is also very expensive. Anyone who has a lot of money can buy it. On the other hand, Android phones are just the opposite. Along with being expensive, it is also available at an affordable price. That's why people consider it better to take an Android phone.

inventor of mobile

We all use mobile phone. Now smart phones have become Android phones. 4G is there, now 5G is also about to come and you have come to know. But have you ever wondered who made the world's first mobile phone? how much was it worth How much was his daughter backup? So let us tell you that the inventor of the mobile phone was American engineer Martin Kuper. The date of its invention is 3 April 1973. Then the mobile was used for the first time and Motorola is the company which launched it for the first time. Martin Cooper joined the Motorola company in 1970. The world's first mobile was made by Martin Cooper weighing about 2kg. The big daughter of that mobile had to be carried hanging on her shoulder. Once charged, it could only be talked about for 30 minutes. Then it took 10 hours to charge it. At that time i.e. in 1973, the cost of a mobile was 2700 US dollars. Meaning its price in India is around 2 lakh rupees. So from this you can get an idea of ​​how many people will be able to buy it. This mobile made in 1973 was first called 0G mobile phone and Motorola first launched the mobile phone in the market for the first time for the common people in 1983.

Mobile phone arrival in India

The arrival of mobile phones in India took place on July 31, 1995, after the creation of the world's first mobile. It was first used in telecommunications on 20 February 1997. Then the day also came when the mobile phone arrived in our country India and it was started by Bhupendra Kumar Modi in the year 1994. His company Modi Telstra started the first mobile in the country. The first call was made from Kolkata to Delhi.

advantages of mobile phone

The advent of mobile phones changed the medium of mass communication. Telephone communication was further improved in the 20th century, as a result of which mass communication went on getting better. With the advent of mobile phones, a new form of electronics and technology was seen. In the olden days, the medium of mass communication was done by pigeon. But now the medium of communication has become gramophone, telephone, mobile phone, smartphone, etc. The medium of communication has made progress over the years. Now mobile phones, smartphones, have come in the market, through which the use of communication has increased a lot. Due to mobile phone, you can talk to anyone anytime and anywhere. Earlier, if you had to talk to someone, there were only two ways, either you had to send a letter or you had to go yourself. But mobile solved this problem. Mobile phones have developed so much today that you can not only talk to mobile, Rather you can sms each other. SMS is the same function as sending a letter, the only difference is that it takes time to receive the letter and the SMS is received immediately. Internet is also being used in mobile today. Today you can send email to anyone from mobile using internet. It is completely similar to SMS. Through email, you can also send any information to a person living abroad in a moment. Sending email is free, only you need to have internet in mobile. Mobile phones have advanced a lot. Using today's mobile phone, you can get a picture of yourself or something. Not only this, you can also make video calls. In a video call, not only do you hear the voice of the other person, Rather you can see that person in your mobile at that time. Mobile phones are not only used for communication. Mobile phones have become a means of entertainment today. You can watch TV, listen to songs, watch movies in mobile today. Entertainment does not end there only, you can entertain yourself by playing video games on mobile. There are many advantages of mobile phone, One of which is that you can see the news of any place in your mobile in a pinch. You don't need TV or newspaper for this. You can watch the news of the country and abroad from the mobile itself. Today in mobile you can know the time of any corner of the world. You can also know date and day like calendar in mobile. Earlier, when we had to buy something, we had to go to the market. But with time the world changed and mobile phones are being used by the whole world today. In such a situation, today we can order anything at home using our mobile. For this we do not need to go to the market. The biggest advantage of mobile has been in education. It completely depends on us how we want to use the mobile. Today, because of the Internet, we get all the information on the Internet. For example, if you want to know about a subject, then you can easily find that information on the internet in a few moments. can obtain. Whereas before the advent of mobiles, before the advent of computers, if we had to get information about anything, we had to read entire books or ask a knowing person. Mobile phones have completely changed it today, the work which used to take a lot of time before, is done faster than mobile today.

mobile phone damage

Today we may have achieved a lot of progress, even if you talk to your loved ones from any corner of the world from one place. But you know that due to this mobile phone, distance has come in the relationship today. Today, like before, sitting for two hours, do not share happiness and sorrow among themselves, because now the mobile has taken their place. Radiation emanating from the use of mobile for hours is very harmful, which harms our health. Nowadays, be it youth or children, all are seen wasting their time in mobile itself. The learning done using it is not as successful online as it is by taking instruction from your teacher in front. With the introduction of banking facility in mobile phones, some people get information related to credit cards and many banks in a wrong way and due to this, cybercrime has arisen, Which is very harmful. By sending spamming and virus in the phone, activities like terrorism also arise in the phone. Today's parents, getting upset with their young children, give mobiles in their hands, which takes the form of addiction from a habit. Which is wrong in every way for the life of the children. Nowadays, sitting for hours, work is done on the computer in the office etc. All the details are kept on the computer itself. As before, files made by hand are no longer to be seen anywhere, but you know that computer is also just a machine. Similarly, today we have started doing all our work with mobile, today we are using mobile phone so much that we do not even remember small things. Like before, whenever we went to buy something in the market, we used to remember it. But nowadays we write the list of all things in mobile. Due to this it is becoming difficult for us to remember things. This is because of the increasing dependence on mobile phones. In the same way, we have started using mobile phones to do small calculations. Which is making our mind even more dull.


We believe that mobile phones are the need of modernity. But too much of everything is bad, even if it is a mobile. Therefore, we should avoid its excessive use and keep ourselves, our eyes and our body away from this mobile disease for some time. Nowadays, if someone does not have a mobile, then he is seen as if he is not a human of this earth. We have to avoid becoming a puppet of this machine made by humans. We should use mobile phone not by making it an addiction but where it is needed and used.

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Essay On Mobile Phone In English