Essay On Mirabai In English

Essay On Mirabai In English

Essay On Mirabai In English - 1400 in words

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Essay on Mirabai (Mirabai Essay in English) Introduction

Meerabai's place is the best among the poets of Krishna Bhakti Kavyadhara. His poetry becomes deeper by coloring in the color of Krishna devotion. Meera Bai was an important devotee poet of Sagun Dhara. Saint poet Raidas was his guru. Mirabai was a devotee of Krishna ji since childhood. When we study the poetic form composed by Meerabai, we see that the heart of Meerabai flows through various forms of poetry. It has simplicity and openness. There are different expressions of devotion in it. There is a sense of self and an intensity of loyalty. Meerabai being a great worshiper of Shri Krishna, she used to consider only Shri Krishna as her everything. She had kept the idol of Shri Krishna ji in her mind and considered her everything. She even considered Lord Krishna as her husband.

Birth of Mirabai

Mirabai was born in about 1498 in the district of Merta under the princely state of Marwar in Kudki village of Rajasthan. Meera Bai was the only child of Ratna Singh, the younger brother of Merta Maharaj. When Mirabai was two years old, her mother had passed away. That's why his grandfather Duda Rao brought him Merta and started taking care of Mirabai under his care.

Mirabai Devotee of Shri Krishna

It is said that the image of Shri Krishna had settled in Meera Bai's mind since childhood. Once upon a time, Mirabai had accepted the idol of Lord Shri Krishna ji in the game itself and accepted it as her bridegroom. Since then, Meerabai used to consider Shri Krishna ji as her husband for the rest of her life. Moreover, to celebrate Shri Krishna ji, Meerabai used to sing melodious songs. Meerabai, who had spent her entire life considering Shri Krishna as her husband, had to face many hardships in her life. Still, Mirabai never turned her back on this unwavering devotion.

Meerabai's childhood incident

Meerabai's love for Krishna is a childhood incident in her life and due to the climax of the same incident, she got absorbed in Krishna Bhakti. One day in his childhood, a procession came to the place of a wealthy person in his neighborhood. All the women were standing on the terrace watching the procession. Mirabai also went to the terrace to see the procession. After seeing the procession, Mirabai asked her mother who is my groom. On this, Mirabai's mother jokingly pointed to the idol of Shri Krishna and said that Shri Krishna is your bridegroom. This thing got absorbed like a knot in Meerabai's mind since childhood and since then she started considering Shri Krishna ji as her husband.

Mirabai's marriage

Mirabai Aditya was full of qualities and seeing those qualities, Mewar King Rana Sangram Singh sent a marriage proposal to Meerabai's house for his eldest son Bhojraj. This proposal was accepted by the family members of Meerabai and Meerabai ji got married with Bhojraj ji. But Mirabai had already refused for this marriage. But she agreed to the marriage on the strength of the family members. She started crying foot by foot, but at the time of farewell, took away the idol of Shri Krishna ji with her. Whom his mother had told him as his bridegroom. Mirabai ji showed her unique love and devotion by renouncing shame and tradition.

Mirabai's husband died

It was only ten years after Meerabai's marriage that Meerabai's husband Bhojraj Ji died. After the death of her husband, Mirabai was subjected to many atrocities in her in-laws' house for her devotion to Krishna. In 1527 AD, Meerabai's father was also killed in the battle of Babar and Sanga and almost then her father-in-law also died. After the death of Sanga, Bhojraj's younger brother Ratna Singh was placed on the throne. Hence Mirabai became a widow during the lifetime of her father-in-law. Rana Ratna Singh died in 1531 AD and then his half-brother Vikramaditya became Rana. Meerabai being a woman, being the daughter-in-law of Chitor's dynasty and because of her husband's premature death, Meerabai had to endure as much opposition, hardly any other devotee would have had to bear it. Not only did he have to endure torture because of his Krishna devotion, Rather, he had to leave his home. He has mentioned this in many places in his poetry.

attempt to murder meerabai

After the death of her husband, Meerabai's devotion to Krishna started increasing day by day. She used to worship Krishna ji in front of Krishna devotees by going to temples. And in front of him, Krishna used to dance absorbed in devotion. Seeing Meerabai's devotion towards Krishna ji, on the behest of Meerabai ji, many Krishna devotees used to get the temple of Krishna ji built in their palaces. And there the coming and going of sages used to start. Mirabai's brother-in-law, Rana Vikramaditya, felt very bad about all this. Udha ji also used to explain to Meerabai, but Meerabai forgot the world on the day and got engrossed in Lord Krishna and had assumed dispassion. After the death of Bhojraj, Vikramjeet, who sat on the throne, did not like Mirabai to sit with the saints. Then he tried to kill them and two of those attempts are depicted by Mirabai in her poems. Once a venomous snake was sent to open the flower basket, But instead of the snake in that basket, the idol of Shri Krishna ji came out. It is said that God himself protects the true devotee. On another occasion, she was given a cup of poison to drink in the form of kheer, but even after drinking it, nothing happened to Mirabai. Such was Meerabai's devotion to Krishna.

Meerabai's poetic forms

Meerabai's poetic feeling is subjective and exclusive. There is seriousness in it with ease. She presents herself completely with the devotion of her Ishta Dev Shri Krishna. Mirabai has got the name of her Ishta only by the grace of her Sadguru. Meerabai's devotional poetry composition is excellent and interesting from both worldly and transcendental point of view. Meerabai's poetic composition is woven with cosmic symbols and metaphors. But his purpose is compatible with the transcendental thought stream. Therefore it is acceptable from both the point of view. Meerabai's poetry is under Bhavapaksha. The expression of Mirabai's poetry is very touching and alive. The language of the art of Meerabai's poetic form is simple, comprehensible and complex. The main reason for this is that in the poetic language of Mirabai ji, Brajbhasha, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Khariboli, Passing etc. Along with this, Mirabai adopted the popular form of proverbs and idioms. Mirabai has made proper use of ornaments and rasos in her poetry.

Mirabai's death

There is no concrete evidence of Mirabai's death and her death has been told a mystery. It is said that Meerabai was a great devotee of Krishna ji and it is said that in Dwarka in 1547, she got absorbed in the idol of Shri Krishna while doing Krishna devotion.


Thus we see that Mirabai was a virtuous poetess born from the source of a simple and simple devotional stream. Whose creation has influenced the writers of many poems in the world even today. Mahadevi Varma of modern times was so much impressed by this extraordinary poetess of Bhakti period that she was given the name of Meera of modern age. Thus Mirabai's influence was amazing and Aditya, Which is followed even today. The poems written by him explain all the pastimes of Shri Krishna. His poetry shows that Meerabai worshiped and worshiped Shri Krishna ji as her husband. Moreover, it is even said that Meerabai was a gopi of Vrindavan in her previous birth and in those days she was a friend of Radha ji. She used to love Shri Krishna ji in her heart. Even after the marriage of Shri Krishna, his attachment towards Shri Krishna did not diminish and he gave up his life. It is said that the same gopi took birth again in the form of Meerabai and got absorbed in Krishna devotion and finally got absorbed in Krishna ji.

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Essay On Mirabai In English